Signs that say you just can’t live without Eyeliner


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There are some signs that prove that you are not a makeup girl, but you are definitely a Kajal girl! Kajal for you is makeup and it just ends there. You could be a tomboy kind of a person when it comes to blush, lipstick and all other makeup products, but you own the name – Kajal Rani! You love Kajal because it is quick, fuss free and highlights the best feature of your face – Eyes! Every person looks at your eyes first, so you feel the need to give importance to only that. If you are everything that was just described, then here are a few more signs that say you just cant stay without Eyeliner – Kajal!

Top Signs That You Are a Kajal Freak

1You can never forget to carry it

You can never forget to carry it

You may even forget to at times carry your wallet or phone, but when it comes to your kajal kit, it is always there. You will never forget the kit because you know that some urgent situation may arise where you might have to look dressed. So, you carry it like a little puppy, in your bag to all the places you go!

2You have two sets

You have two sets

No matter what you have, you make sure that there are two sets of Kajal kit. One at home and one in the bag you carry. That way you know that, even if the other one is lost, you can use this. Though you are insanely protective about both the kajals, you make sure you have at least two sets to be on the safer side.

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3You are obsessed with not sharing

You are obsessed with not sharing

If your friends, relatives or even if your sister asks you for the eyeliner, you think a million times before sharing. You are scared if your kajal would be over used, broken or lost, if you give it to them. Even if you share, you make sure, every stroke and line of it is used in front of you for you to see and approve of it.

4You are a pro

You are a pro

No matter what you are good at, at this, you just would pass with distinction. Kajal or eyeliner strokes, lines or even a normal streak could give you the most satisfaction since you are great at it. Even if someone comes to you with a kajal mess up, you can easily solve their problem by making it alright for them. You need not have a mirror or a steady hand for this because you have done it a million times. You are already a super pro at it!

5Kajal gives you confidence

Kajal gives you confidence

There is an instant confidence in you if you apply kajal. Even if one day you don’t wear kajal, people would end up asking, if you are unwell or if you have cried. Your face may never look normal without kajal. You feel naked and so the obsession keeps you going.

6Mirror check

Mirror check

Every time you pass through a mirror, you check your eyeliner, your kajal and everything around your eye area to make sure you have it intact and in place.

7Different colors

Different colors

Trying different colors and different brands would have become your mantra. But you always come back to the color black and your favorite brand. If people advise you on the color, you know how to shut them up with your over knowledge on this particular subject matter. Not many dare to talk to you about Kajal.

8Panic Panic

Panic Panic

You immediately hit the panic button if you are out of kajal even for one day. You just can’t live without it. Kajal is your identity and you feel left out and worn without it. You may skip office or college just because you don’t have your Kajal/eyeliner with you. It is even worse if your shopkeeper tells you that your favorite brand has stopped coming to his shop. You start finding other shops or better products.

9Make up Rani

Make up Rani

You smirk at people if they say kajal is makeup! Yes, Kajal is definitely makeup, but you just can’t accept the fact because you see it as a part of your existence. So, it doesn’t look any different for you.

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