The struggles of being tall


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being tall

In a country like India, where everyone is not too tall or too short, there are some serious issues if you are too short or tall. Are you always standing tall in your group? Lambu is the common name given when a person is too tall. Are you one among the one who always has problems getting your correct sizes, whether it is clothes or footwear? Then, here are some things you will be able to relate to. There you go we present to you the struggles of being tall.

Top Struggles of Being a Lambu (Tall)

1Sizes are always an issue

Sizes are always an issue

You are always having problems with your sizes, whether it is the top size or your footwear. Tall legs come with giant feet. Hence, it makes it very difficult for you to find the right kind of size for your leg. 8 will be small and 10 will be too big for you. You will be out there in the streets searching for one shop that can offer you the right kind of size.

2Heels are a big No-No

Heels are a big No-No

It is almost immediately forbidden to wear heels if you are taller than your other friends are. There are two reasons for this. One, your friends will be a pain and ask you not to look taller than them. Two, even if you ignore their comments and try to wear a heel, you will look so tall and giant that you wouldn’t fit in the group easily. It sure is one of the most annoying things when you are going out with your friends.

3Leg space issues

Leg space issues

Wherever you go, bus, flight or even an auto, your leg space issue is never ending. Since you are a tall person, you would have to adjust to the space given to you and cannot stretch. It simply gets difficult when you have to adjust in all your journeys.

4You will suddenly be called an Aunty


Being tall is not only embarrassing enough for the already obvious reasons, but you will also face more of these by children and young ones. Suddenly, you will become the aunty. The neighbor’s kid will start calling you aunty in front of the guy you have been flirting with. Urgh!

5Sleeping diagonally becomes the new cool

Sleeping diagonally

It gets too hard for you stretch and sleep straight on your sofa or even bed sometimes. If it is your house, you are definitely used to the ways of stretching and sleeping. But, if it is other’s house, you will always have trouble finding the right position. Sleepless nights are more often your new thing.

6You are pushed behind almost always

You are pushed behind

Right from school lines, assembly or even school picture, you are seen behind. Even if you are the most studious student, you would be made to sit in the last bench. In India, the general assumption is that, last benchers are the naughtiest. Without your knowledge, you are branded as one of them.

7Hit Hit Hit

mind your head

You always forget to duck when you enter classrooms or office rooms. The walls or doors are not as tall as you and you end up having a permanent bump on your head. Also, you get ‘mind your head’ a lot from your friends, relatives and mainly your mother!

8You will never find a guy taller than you

You will never find a guy

Dating is a huge problem when you are taller than most of them. You hardly find any guy who is taller than you to date. Even searching a guy for you to get married will become a huge criteria for your parents. You will be sidelined for no mistake of yours! Being tall is sure a pain. Isn’t it?

9Your hand becomes the selfie stick

Your hand becomes the selfie stick

No matter what happens with your friends, you will always be their selfie stick. Since you are the tallest in the group, your friends would expect you to stretch your hands and take a pic of all of you. Yes, it is irritating to be the one always to click pics and the only one whose face is extremely close to the camera.

All said and done, tall people are always the easiest to identify and everyone asks you for help. It definitely is nice to help others. The feel of helping keeps all the lambus going. Here’s to every tall girl in India.

If you are a guy reading this, then know these things before you date a tall girl

-Pavithra Ravi