Ways to be awesome at your job

be awesome at your job

Professional life is definitely another place where people will judge you for your actions and your work nature. Well, we know that this professional set up could be kind of intimidating and scary for the lot of you out there. There is alot of pressure in being good at the work you do and there is also this constant pressure of being your best. Well, while all this may actually be true, it is easy to keep your head high and walk straight and look confident at the workplace. All you need to do is just step ahead, look people in their eyes and smile. Doing that as one of the first things will let you be a better person at work. Also, it is kind of easy to be awesome at your job. So, we are basically going to give you the confidence and some hacks that will easily chill you down and make you a better person at work and make you do your job perfectly.

Ready to be all professional? Then here you go, these are some of the most important things you need to know about how to be awesome at your job.

Top Things to Know About Being Good at Work

1Spot on with time

Spot on with time

Time sense is very important and you need to be on time at least for the first year of your work life. Not that after that you have to be late, but after that you get the levy of being a little late now and then. We of course don’t ask you to be the first one to come to the workplace. It’s all about time management and managing to be in office at least 10 minutes before the prescribed time.

Why is this a criteria? Because, I am sure not many like late comers. Late comers are generally frowned upon and looked at as a ‘don’t care’ person. So, if you want to set your foot in the right place at the right time, then be time conscious and time sensitive. This will definitely earn you the much needed brownie points.

2Work a little extra

Work a little extra

It’s not always that opportunities knock at your door step in the form of exciting projects. You might have to do some extra work that could be totally unrelated to the work you do. But that’s how you learn to earn your knowledge and that’s how you impress your authorities. It is good to be focused about your job, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to your desk and not move around at all.

You know who gets rewarded towards the end of everything? A person who likes to take up challenges and new opportunities. These are the kind of people who are enthusiastic about their job. So, learn to be that kind of a person.

3Take feedbacks

Take feedbacks

Even if your managers generally don’t give personal feedbacks, it’s fine to go to them and talk to them about your work and how you have been performing. Even though they are not intended to tell you all that, they will at least have an opinion that you are willing to know your mistakes or your growth in the company. Always take the feedbacks in the most positive manner and don’t try to put off what you are doing. Always lift your head high and enjoy the negative and positive feedbacks. Use them at work and perform better if you haven’t been performing well enough till now.

4Your opinion matters

Your opinion matters

You are a part of an organization, no matter how small or big the place is. So, always have an opinion on things around you. If they ask you of something, don’t shy away or think you are too young to raise your concerns or your opinions. If it is asked of you, don’t hesitate at all.

A good and legit opinion will make you look strong and confident in front of your seniors. But of course you need to do your research and other backup options as you are speaking in front of a group of well knowledgeable people. So, have your research well intact and in place.

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5Develop relationships

Develop relationships

It is very important that you develop some kind of relationship with your office colleagues. Why? Because they are going to be there for you or with you throughout your work life in that particular organization. Don’t just stick to your table. Move around, talk to them, get to know their work and make friendstoo. It is always good to move around and be friendly with your team-mates to be one of the strongest team players.

6Confidence + Sense of humour

Confidence Sense of humour

No one likes a serious head always. You need to be confident as well as funny to make people turn their heads towards you. Just funny and no confidence or only over confidenceand no fun makes you a poor worker. So, always try to imbibe some fun elements in the picture. Make jokes when it is appropriate. Remember, timing is very important.

– Pavithra Ravi

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