10 Indian Wedding Games For Bride And Groom – Ways To Generate The Fun

Wedding Games For Bride And Groom

A wedding function looks like a festive time with extended families. You see smiles and hear laughter all over. The wedding floor is always rocked with the enthusiasm of celebrating the occasion. The joy of getting two souls together for life is not all about culture, traditions and rituals. There must also be some fun added.

The fun can be added better with the wedding games. The joy of celebrations go the heights with some fun games. Some of the games are super interesting when bride and groom play it. It is entertainment for the crowd. It is also a great chance for the bride and groom to cheer up together on their very special day.

The bride and groom need enthusiasm for starting a new phase. There are certain Indian wedding games for the bride and groom. It recharges all the guests and family members as well. The Indian wedding games for the bride and groom are short to play but generate the fun.

Fun Wedding Games for Bride And Groom

1.Test For The Couple – Fun Check


The bride and groom must play this fun and helping game. It shows the compatibility and bonding between each other. It keeps the guests and audience in a thrill to see the answers. This is a game that shows the chemistry between a couple as well.

How to do?

You can give the bride and groom, pen and paper. Give them some interesting and funny questions. As them to answer the given questions. See the answers and you will know the compatibility. You can give some simple questions like favourite colour and birthday or favourite food.

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2. Ring Game – Ring Fishing


It is the most traditional game played by an Indian bride and groom on the wedding day. Even though the game is all about winning and losing but the excitement and joy in playing this is game high. Family members watch the game with full excitement to see who wins the game.

How to do?

You can simply add a pinch of turmeric in a big deep pot or a bowl. Then ask the bride and groom to fetch the ring. Whoever finds the ring will be the winner. The winner wins the right to be a sweet dominating partner for lifetime.

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3. Mehndi Game -The Special Name


Mehndi is a fun loving and sweetest game that must be played by the bride and groom. It is also a game that needs no introduction as it is a traditional game. This game is simple and takes a few minutes but the moment stays with you as a memory. Bride and groom can make their wedding day special with such short and sweet games.

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4. Shoe Game – Right or Wrong


This is a well-known game in western weddings. This easy game can generate fun that is needed on a wedding day. Bride and groom to get to play and relax just by sitting after tired hours.

How to do?

Both the bride and groom need to sit on the chairs facing each other back. They need to hold each other shoe in the hand. There must be a host to conduct this game. The host can ask the questions and the bride and groom need to raise the shoe up and answer the questions. The one who gives the maximum right answers will be the winner. Do not forget to gift the winner!

5. Guess the Family Member – Fun In Guessing


A game that is all about guessing simply. The guessing game is fun to play. The whole family can have cheerful by laughing over the funny guesses. This guessing game is short to play and may take a few minutes and nothing more. The games must be simple and fun but not exhausting. So, you can add such games to have entertainment that is needed on the day.

6. Paper Dance – Get Closer


Bride and groom can have fun and romantic dance. This tough task for both the bride and groom makes them get closer as a couple. This is a game that let the spark of a relationship start with supporting and balancing each other. It is less dance with more fun. You can conduct this game for all the couples on the wedding floor. The laughter goes on watching and playing this brilliant game.

How to do?

Get both brides and groom a big piece of paper and play a song. After every song, fold the paper and ask them to dance. The couple with the smallest paper will win the game.

7. Identifying the Belongings – That Is My Wife’s!


Identifying the belongings is a guessing game again. This is a lively game that makes every bride feel special. You will see the bride blushing when playing this game. But it also gives the groom a tough time in a sweet way. To know what the game is all about- Read on.

How to do?

You can place the belongings of all a few women from the wedding floor. Ask the groom to identify the bride’s belongings.

Isn’t it tough but sweet to play this game?

8. Eating Competition – Not to Fill the Tummy


The bride and groom need to play an eating competition. This is a common game that is conducted all over. But it is something different when the bride and groom play it. It is more to generate fun while eating than checking the eating capacity. The eating competition can be conducted for all the couple on are present on the wedding floor.

How to do?

Just give some simple food to both bride and groom. And whoever completes the food first, they will be the winner.

9. Treasure Hunt – Go In Search


Let the bride and the groom play the treasure hunt game. Finding out the hidden things gives the thrill. Not only to the new couple the guests and family members who are watching will love this game.

How to do?

Hide the leads for treasure and fix the treasure in a place. Ask both the bride and groom to hunt the treasure with the help of leads. Whoever finds the treasure will be the winner You can also conduct this game for other couples along with the game. The couple who find the treasure will be a winning couple.

10. Pop the Balloon – Be A Team To Win


This is an amazing game that every couple must play and it is apt for the bride and groom on the wedding day. As it involves all the couples on the wedding floor, it is going to be super fun.

How to do?

Give a set of balloons to each couple and ask them to pop as many as they can. It sounds simple? Then add a twist to make it more entertaining. As the couple to pop the balloons keeping the balloon in between their backs and it is without using the hands. Now it is fun! The couple who pop more balloons will be a winning couple of the day.

The wedding games for the bride and groom make them feel special. They also start a cheerful life playing these fun games. As the wedding floor can be calm and boring, you will get to cheer and make some noise for the couple.

All the games make the wedding floor a rocking one with laughter and smiles. It will also be a memorable day not only for the bride and groom but also the family member and guests.

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