Therapeutic Use Of Garlic For Skin Care


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Garlic For Skin Care

‘Allium sativum’ or what famously known as ‘garlic’ is an amazing herb that basically belongs to the onion genus. Other types of species in these family also include shallot, chive, onion, leek, as well as rakkyo. It is believed that garlic originated from the central Asia. This herb is also known for not only for its culinary but also for its medicinal purposes for more than 7,000 years.

It is because garlic have many amazing benefits, many people use it as an effective treatment for various types of ailments. Garlic is believed to be good for health, skin as well as hair. It is because garlic have various benefits for health, it is considered a good idea to include it in the everyday food. Moreover, people also store garlic powder or even dried garlic in a cupboard to use them frequently.

But along with all the benefits, there is also some cautions including in garlic, like by the over-consumption of it can lead to many health problems as well as allergies. Adults must not consume more than one clove of garlic everyday and children must not eat more than one quarter to one half clove of garlic.

As it is known, there are many types of proved benefits of garlic for your health, skin and hair. So here, are some therapeutic use of garlic for skin care to get a gorgeous and beautiful skin.

Garlic For Skin Care

1Treatment Of Acne, Pimples And Spot

Treatment Of Acne

Allicin which is present in garlic has antifungal properties, which can also help you to get rid of stubborn acne.

a. Cut some fresh piece of raw garlic and then apply with a little pressure on the pimple to release some juice. Rub this garlic pod on the affected area. Now leave this treatment for about five minutes and then wash it off with some cold water. You can see the reduction in the redness as well as swelling within a day. Also, this can help to prevent acne leaving behind mark on your skin.
b. Another technique to get rid of the acne by using garlic is mixing the juice from two to three pods of garlic with an equal proportionate of white vinegar and then apply the mixture to the affected area. The white vinegar can help to maintain the skin’s pH level while garlic can help to fight with the infection.

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c. For those people who cannot handle the sting that a raw garlic can cause when it is being used alone. You can peel a few of the garlic pods and crush them well. In it add half teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of yogurt. Later apply this mix on all over your face and then wash it within 20 minutes. You can also use garlic oil or even garlic powder. These variants are also quite easily available in the market. Try to never use more than two to three drops of garlic oil as well as not more than a half teaspoon of garlic powder.
d. If you want to get rid of acne scaring and its leftover blemishes, then you can make a paste by peeling four to five pieces of raw garlic and then carefully whacking each of them with a mallet so that it can break open. Try not to mince it completely. Later boil 250 ml of water and when the water comes to a boil, add these whacked garlic. Boil the garlic for about 30 to 35 minutes and be sure that the garlic is submerged in the water. When finished boiling, let the water to cool down to lukewarm. Now use a rolling pin to make the garlic paste and then apply this paste on your entire face properly. The boiling will ensure that the garlic is not too strong on your skin.

2Blackhead And Whitehead Removal

Blackhead And Whitehead Removal

Another one of the most common skin problem is the appearance of blackheads. Their occurrence is very high when you are having oily skin.

a. Take at least of two to three garlic cloves and then crush them. In it add one tablespoon of oatmeal, one to two drops of tea tree oil as well as a half teaspoon of lemon juice. Then mix these ingredients with some honey to make a thick paste. Then spread a very thin layer of this paste on your clear skin. Then after letting the paste sit for two to three minutes, slowly exfoliate the face followed by a rinse with some warm water. Try to use this mask thrice in a week to see a reduction in blackheads.
b. Add a few drops of garlic juice in a homemade scrub that is made out of chickpea flour as well as turmeric.

3Anti-aging And Pore Minimization

Anti-aging And Pore Minimization

Beauty benefits of garlic includes at aiding for anti-aging. The presence of strong anti-oxidants in garlic can help to reduce free radical that is build up in your skin thus keeping it firm as well as youthful. It also have sulphur, which can help the body to produce collagen, which in return can help to fight wrinkles. Garlic also have quite a large number of skin-protective polyphenols. By crushing some garlic pods and then adding the juice from the pods to your regular face masks can add goodness and prevent premature aging.

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a. Enlarged pores are considered as a most common problem in aging skin. To minimize the pores, first make a paste by mashing half a tomato and in it add three to four pods of garlic. Then spread a very thin layer of paste on your face. Then after 20 minutes, wash the face with some lukewarm water to seal the pores with a final splash with cold water. Tomato as well as garlic have antiseptic qualities which can help to unclog the skin, minimizes the pores and then tighten the skin.
b. By consuming some pill-size pieces of garlic every single day can work great to protect the skin from the damages that is caused by the free radicals, oxidation, as well as environmental stressors that eventually results in the wrinkles.

4Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Mark Removal

There aren’t many things that can be done to prevent the stretch marks from appearing, but garlic can help to get rid of them. Stretch marks are also known to reduce as well as sometimes vanish if you use garlic regularly.

a. A hot oil massage is considered as one of the most suggested home remedy for this type of problem and to make the massage more effective, you can add crushed garlic pod juice in the hot oil. Try to use this oil regularly on the stretch marks for a noticeable difference in few weeks. Instead of just using the juice, you can also use garlic oil. Also remember not to add more than a half tsp. of garlic oil.
b. The increased consumption of the allicin and sulphur, that is, garlic in your diet is known to increase the elasticity of your skin which can also prevent the stretch marks from further occurring.

5Garlic Benefits For Nails

Garlic Benefits For Nails

The garlic benefits is not only being restricted to the skin or hair. Garlic can help to get rid of dull as well as brittle nails. As because of its anti-bacterial properties, it can help to prevent any type of cuticle infection.

a. In order to get rid of the yellowness from your nails, you can do the following procedure. First whack some garlic clove by using a mallet to release its juice and rub the clove all over the fingernails. Then repeat it twice in a week and you will get a long as well as strong nails in no time.
b. You can add a few drops of garlic oil or its juice in the regular cuticle cream or the lotion to reap the benefits of garlic that it has to offer whenever you will apply these on your nails.

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