7 Foods That Cause Excessive Sweating


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Sweating is a very natural body reaction due to temperature or emotions. Excessive sweating is different from normal sweating. It can be a symptom of various health issues. Though is a symptom of health problems, the food you eat can be a cause. A few foods cause excessive sweating. If you are sweating more than normal or more than others then you must focus on your diet.

Your diet influences your body and health conditions. So, it is natural that more sweating is caused with a few foods. It also depends on your body heat which causes excess sweating.

Don’t you think, you need to have more knowledge on this. Of course! You need to know more to avoid excessive sweating and related problems. We have given a list of foods that cause excess sweating which you need to stay away from or eat less from now. Have a take to follow it from today.

List Of Foods That Cause Excess Sweating

1. Fatty and processed foods

Fatty-and-processed-foodsThe foods that are difficult to digest cause sweating excessively. Your body needs extra energy to break down the processed food. As it becomes difficult to digest the processed food, it results in perspiring. You need to burn more calories when you eat processed food compared to unprocessed food.

Another reason to reduce the consumption of processed food is- lack of fiber and nutrients. These foods are unhealthy and cause health issues like obesity, high blood pressure which develop in the future.

Fatty products like cheese have been observed as a cause for facial sweating. Cheese is a high stimulant for sweating. Some of the foods that you must avoid as they fall in the processed food category are- bread, pasta, chocolate, fast food and other junk.

How to work on this?

You may not be able to completely ditch all the unhealthy foods. So, start with smaller steps. Slowly reduce eating processed foods. Most of us tend to crave processed food during snack time. Having healthier foods for evening snacks is a good habit.

You must replace processed food with healthy snacks. Nuts, seeds, corn, roasted chickpeas are some of the healthiest snacks. These foods contain vitamins and minerals that your body needs. These options help you avoid junk and processed foods. So, keep shuffling these foods to gain all the nutrients.

2. Sodium


Taking extra sodium can result in fluid retention and bloating. You need to maintain sodium balance in your body. When there is extra sodium, your sweat becomes more salty.

As your body needs to flush out the sweat somehow. Sweat is the main process through which your body gets rid of salt. This process is important for you to maintain healthy weight and blood pressure. The more sodium you intake, the more difficult it becomes to maintain healthy weight and blood pressure.

You must note this fact that over 500 milligrams of salt releases through a pound of sweat. Mostly, the athletes

How to work on this?

It is believed that extra water consumption washes out the salt in the body. This is not the solution to balance the sodium in your body.

Make a habit of reducing salt in your food. You wouldn’t achieve this change as soon as you start. You must keep reducing the salt consumption, lowering the doses. If you can make a stable habit of eating less salt it will become a benefit for you. You will find the processed food salty for your taste and automatically you will stop eating processed foods.

3. Hot peppers


If your skin was dripping while you were eating peppers then it is because of a chemical called capsaicin. The chemical reaction triggers the nerves which results in making your body warmer and then sweat. The reactions when you eat hot peppers are runny nose, watery eyes due the chemical.

If you are excessively sweating while or after eating spicy foods then you could also be sensitive to spices. You must have noticed, a few people sweat overly and few don’t eat the same spicy food. It also depends on the body temperature.

Sweating with spicy food is not the cause for all. In a few cases, the nerves in the mouth cause excessive sweating which is a medical condition.

How to work on this?

If you are sweating whenever you are eating spicy foods then you must reduce eating species. You must notice the reaction to know the difference and limit it.

4. Caffeine

CaffeineCaffeine is a stimulant of sweat especially during summers. It stimulates our adrenal glands which cause sweating in palms,feet and underarms.

Caffeine also triggers the nervous system that increases the heart rate and raises blood pressure. This is the effect of sweat glands to shed more sweat than normal. Up on this, if you are adding the fatty milk and high sugar then your body drips more sweat. Hot or cold, both types of coffee can trigger the central nervous system to sweat.

How to work on this?

Coffee is the world’s popular beverage in any season. Coffee lovers, switch to cold coffee in summers and hot coffee in winters. But both are the unhealthy options. Replace coffee with healthy soups, fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Drink herbal teas which suit your body type.

You have many healthy substitutes of coffee that keep your body functions normal. So it is easy to get over the caffeinated drinks.

5. Alcohol

AlcoholIf you are particularly sweating in nights then alcohol consumption could be one of the main causes. After alcohol consumption, the heart rate rises which widens the skin blood vessels. Then your skin feels warm and starts flushing out the sweat. This process is called vasodilation.

How to work on this?

If you have a habit of consuming alcohol for years then keep it limited. In case, you cannot get over the habit completely, then at least control it to an extent. Then you can also try to stay away from it totally with the repeated practice.

6. Ice cream

Ice-creamYes! Ice cream causes sweat like other foods in the list. Eating ice cream regularly can heat up your body. Ice cream is a high fat content food which needs more energy to digest. You need to work twice compared to not eating ice cream.

Agree that ice cream is an ultimate treat in summers. But it is just for instant cooling effect which has the further risk of sweating a lot.

How to work on this?

Instead of having ice creams, keep eating fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, oranges in summers. Make low fat milk shakes with banana, kiwi, apple.These foods keep you cool and there will be no side effects like over sweating like with ice cream. You also gain vitamin and nutrients as a daily dose for your body.

7. Carbohydrates


Carbohydrates are a cause of night sweating. If you are consuming more refined carbs and high sugars in combination with fewer fibers or proteine then it will cause sweating. The uneven diet of less fibers but more carbs can lead to imbalance in the levels of blood sugar. This leads to adrenaline and cortisol that cause sweat. The diet habits before sleeping can highly affect your health.

How to work on this?

To regulate your body sugar levels, you must have foods that are rich in fibers and healthy fats. Almond butter, oatmeal, nuts and seeds are a good sources of fibers and proteins.

You need not be worried or panicked with over sweating. As it depends on the season, body temperature and diet habits, you must have a check on the causes. We have seen food as a cause of excessive sweating. Hence, we have mentioned the list of foods that cause more sweating for you to be a little conscious with your diet and diet habits.

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