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places to visit during Dussehra

‘Dussehra’ or ‘Durga Puja’ or ‘Navaratri’, anything you say, is one of the biggest festival in India. These ten days in India are celebrated and honored as the win of truth over evil and demonic power. ‘Dussehra’ also symbolizes the victory of ‘Ma Durga’ over the demon ‘Mahishasura’ that takes the shape of a buffalo. This celebration starts basically with ‘Navaratri’ and ends with ‘Dussehra’

As these ‘Dussehra’ holidays are near, we may have been, started planning where to visit for holidays these ten days. Where to go and where not to go. Which can be the best places for an amazing celebration. So, here are some list of states or the best places to visit during Dussehra holidays.

Places To Visit This ‘Dussehra’



Somehow, we all knew that this state is going to top the chart for ‘Dussehra’ holidays or as Bengali’s say ‘Durga Pujo Chuti’. The‘Durga Puja’ festival in Kolkata, is the most looked forward events in the whole country. The excitement begins months, before the actual date. ‘Durga’ idol is beautifully adorned and decorated with the jewels and is taken into possession all around the city.

This city is also famous for Bengali sweets and snacks and you cannot afford to miss out the festival special blog. With all the devotees, dancing around in ‘Dhunuchi Naach’ while sharing the joy, the city is completely lit with lanterns and lights which you cannot afford to miss the experience.

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Gujarat at the time of ‘Navaratri’ brings only one thing on our mind, that is, ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’. Hundreds of people dance to these ‘Garba’ tunes with lamps on their hands. The lamp on their hand represents feminism,which is an ode to Goddess ‘Durga’. Gujaratis dress up in their traditional attire, that is, ‘Chaniya Choli’ while taking part in the festivities and dance to the beats of ‘Dandiya’ Sticks. In ‘Dandiya’ nights we can also zest to some delicious Gujarati cuisine that consists of dhoklas, chakras, and theplas.



The city of Mumbai comes to life in these nine festive days. Men and women dress colourfully and participate in the festivals. ‘Navaratri’ symbolizes new beginnings for Maharastrians. On the last of ‘Vijayadasami’, huge idols of Ravana ten headed are burnt to the ground which expresses the dawn of good.



‘Nadahabba’ is the preferred term for ‘Navaratri’ in Karnataka. The Mysore Palace is illuminated with nearly 100,00 lights which is the most beautiful moment and an awesome visual treat. Elephants are taken on a possession with various musicians and dancers performing on the streets. ‘Navaratri’ is celebrated in Karnataka in a Royal affair.

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In Delhi ‘Navaratri’ is celebrated as Ram’s Victory over ‘Ravana’ and ‘Ramlila’ is the main event. Idols are being burnt of ‘Ravan’, ‘Kumakaran’ and ‘Megnath’, which are one of the most main attractions. Fireworks and colourful traditional dressed devotees make it a sight for everybody.

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This spiritual capital city does not need any reason to visit. It is one of the most epitome beauties during ‘Navaratri’. The ghats come to life with beautiful chants that can reverberate throughout. The city is supposed to be thronged by lakhs of pilgrims, who came to be the part of this festive season on a spiritual occasion.

7Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu ‘Dussehra’ or ‘Navaratri’ is celebrated by worshipping three goddesses – Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga. The tradition is keep Kolu at one’s home. Small figurines that are made out of clay are decorated at the staircase. People are invited to engage in some devotional chanting and storytelling session. Deeps and Colorful Rangolis are adorned in front of every household in this auspicious time.

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