Four ways to make friends in the new office


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friends in new office

Starting a new job has its own perks because no one knows you, at your worst times, or no one has called you names yet. It can in fact be exciting to start working at a new place, but there are also those awkward silences, strange looks that are surrounded around you. Yes, your office mates will receive you pretty well in the first, but in many cases, building a relationship with the new office mates might get a little tricky.

Breaking through some people gets a tad difficult that you think. It is either, get along with some group or stay shy and observe for a while. In either of these cases, follow the four ways to make friends at your new office

Ways to make friends in office

1Get to know them

Get to know them

Like they say ‘Get those friendship juices flowing’, be a sport and be attentive to details that may seem small but would matter to you in later stages. Be an outspoken person who can manage asking open ended questions. Ask your cube mate about her family, talk to the person who helps you with the computer, ask your coworkers about his stay ,parents or even his favorite food. When you strike the first chord, make it simply personal and open. Try to create a rapport rather than sitting in the corner wondering if people would be open to talk or not.

2Ask yourself sometimes

Ask yourself

It is important to ask questions to yourself sometimes. Be the one you would love to hang out with. When you ask for a help or if you want to know something, ask it in a way that is pleasing and quite positive. If you know they aren’t replying properly, then you might want to check your questions or tone. You should ask yourself if you would be friends with a person with such a tone. If your answer is a no, then you have got your perfect reply on what others think about you.

3Take initiative

Take initiative

Kick your relationship to the next level once you know you have hit the first impression quite well. Try and make it look like you really want to do things that you are asked for. If your coworker wants to go drink a cup of coffee, but is looking for a known company (ones who have already worked with her), just raise up to the occasion and do the honors. Tell her that you wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee. This can be a good start for you to kick start, personally.

Team outs, clubbing arranged by office can also be a great way to talk to your teammates. It is important that you converse in the group, get to know each other and have fun without inhibitions. If you are nervous about making a direct personal approach, you sure can try the subtle approach. The next time your coworker suggests for a movie, pitch in your ideas and make it to the movie. Without a doubt, there will be a smiling known face welcoming you to the office. This will give him/her the compatibility level to trust you with small things even at the office.

4Remember, it is just a job

it is just a job

Whether or not you make it to the end of the tunnel of being the open-minded-talkative-newcomer, expect any kind of response from your coworkers. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, people do not see it in the right sense or might not want to see it. They may just consider you as another person in the office. It might take time in some cases, or your coworkers may just be too socially awkward, worried about the fact that there is another person they have to talk to, or too busy to invest in small talks. You tried your best and that is what matters. If you feel awkward sitting alone during lunch, take a break and get out, give yourself a pep talk about ‘This is just a temporary situation and I am awesome’, do street strolling and grab some food on the way or simply call your besties for lunch if they work near your workplace.

Most importantly, make sure to keep a smiling face and a cool mind. Moving to a new job is like getting into a relationship. You need to invest time, money, heart and soul to at least find a smiling face around you. So, just be professional and march ahead, the rest will just flow.

-Pavithra Ravi