Some problems only foodies can relate to


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Are you a foodie? Do you have this endless craving for food no matter how much you eat? Yes, there are times when you are craving for the last piece of sandwich when your friend just pounces and claims it is his! The obsession over the last piece is always a foodies problems. You are either associated with one of those who eats all day long, or the one who eats and never wants to share. You cannot control yourself nor can you just let go!

It has to be there for you and you are not only obsessed, but start getting restless if you cannot have it. Yes, we have been there! Not many understand that foodies are people who crave food! Simple.. It doesn’t matter how much they eat, it’s not the quantity or quality. It’s simply the food!

Here are some problems only foodies can related to

1The never ending thought of trying new food

trying new food

You may be thin, fat or may be one of those who needs to slow down on the amount of food you eat, but that doesn’t stop you. You need to try new food, no matter what! It is like a drug addict, but instead of booze and crack, its crackers and donuts. The compulsion of trying new food is like an art though. Not everyone can do this!

2You will never order the same thing again

never order the same thing

Sometimes you are so fixated on the idea of trying new things, even if you know the dish might not be as nice as the previous one you had, there is a compulsive habit of trying to order something that is totally different every time. You will not miss one occasion to show the people around you that you are ordering different things just because you are a ‘foodie’

3When you never answer where all your money goes

When you never answer

You confidently lie when you tell your parents that you spent money on shopping. You will never tell them that you spent 200$ on tasting new dishes at a new restaurant. It becomes a habit to lie about the waste of money.

4You risk your holiday by tasting street food

You risk your holiday

When you go to a new place, you are bound to taste authentic street food and then complain about stomach aches. It becomes a tradition for you. You ask ‘Is that meat, is that chicken’, ‘Then give me 2 plates, each’. There is no second thoughts when it comes to food. You just blindly order and then when its time to complain, its too late.

5People don’t appreciate your love for food

love for food

People around you never understand the love and passion you have for food. They just think you love eating. That’s it! There is nothing beyond that, they think. But it’s not only the food. You want to know the recipes and the various ingredients that went into the amazing dish you just had. There is an innate love towards making the dish. It is like traveling with your camera. The happiness of trying new things? Yes, but people around you never get that!

6You travel anywhere to eat the best dish

travel anywhere to eat

You would have a problem if your parents wanted a drop, but you wouldn’t mind if your friend asks you to come drive along with him to try that new dish that you ate, which is 50 miles away from your house. Yes, that’s the kind of person you are. You believe in trying all the best ones from the best restaurants

7You do not mind restaurant hopping

restaurant hopping

Well, all of us have heard of club hopping. What is restaurant hopping? It is what foodies don’t mind doing! You do not mind traveling from one restaurant to another just because you have the list of the numbers of the best food in each restaurant. Tacos in one, ice creams in another and then it continues.

8When your friends take hours to order something

hours to order

You are probably super hungry and that is when your friend takes more than 10 minutes (which feels like hours) to decide something like a salad! Argh, that moment when you really want to put that salad into her face and ask her to leave! Instead, you just impatiently wait for your food to arrive.

9Facing the fact that you will never be satisfied

never be satisfied

You know that no matter what, you will complain about something or the other when it comes and food and according to you, only you have the rights. ‘The gardening is not great, there is no salt, no enough mayo’, etc. You just cannot get satisfied and if you do, that will happen just once. So, you are on a constant search of the best and satisfying food!

10You never share

You never share

The angry look you give when some of your family members take a few pieces of what you ordered. You would not mind ordering the same dish again for them, but when it is on your plate, its only for you! This is a standard rule and people around you know that! So, they just stay away from the ‘angry young hungry woman’!

11Constantly checking for new recipes on the net

new recipes on the net

You know, for the hundredth time that you are checking out a particular recipe, but until you get the right kind of taste, you keep checking different versions of the same dish. It is quite literally an obsession, you see!

12Taking full advantage of the buffet

Taking full advantage

When you know that there is a buffet system, you take 100% advantage of it. You do not care who is looking at you, because that hardly matters. You do justice to the caterer and the tummy that is asking for more and more. Trying everything on the palate and in large quantities becomes your motto.

13Food dreaming

Food dreaming

Sometimes you dream about food and get cravings in 3 in the morning. You satisfy it having something close to the food you dreamt, or you pull your sleeves up and decide that your next morning is going to be the favorite dish you want!

-Pavithra Ravi