How To Select A Bridal Saree


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Select A Bridal Saree

Have you started shopping for your wedding? Have you selected any bridal wear yet? If no, then no matter whatever you go for, be it Kanjeevaram or Banarasi there are certain things that you must look for a while, before you buy a bridal wear for your wedding. I know how difficult it is to select a perfect bridal wear, and how choosing a single bridal saree is so difficult. So here are some tips on how to select a bridal saree, perfectly for your dream wedding.

Select A Bridal Saree For wedding



Always remember that selecting a bridal saree can also enhance the beauty of the special day. The very choice of the fabric can also make you look bulky or slim. For a perfect bridal saree, silk must always be the first choice. Fabric can also determine the comfort level during the long hours of sitting during the rituals.

It can also determine on how long will the garment hold without messing up. It is because silk can really be expensive, you can also try chiffon or brocade to. This is completely a matter of personal choice.

Top Bridal Lehenga Designs



Indian brides do get a freedom on the aspect of selecting a perfect bridal saree. Despite the natural fact of the availability and popularity of red and pink, you can also go for other equally beautiful colours. However, whatever colour you select, it must go well with the complexion.

For a fair complexion; try out any kind of bright coloured saree. However, if you have dark complexion; try to go for some darker shades, like fuchsia, maroon green and many more. As it can make you look slim as well as can really complement your tone. But also keep in mind that the colour must not hold your jewelry down.



This is basically a matter of personal choice, but you must not forget that the heavier the design is the more uncomfortable you will be. Heavy designs like embellishments, embroidery and sequins, can make you look beautiful, but not much suitable for longer periods as it is quite heavy. Also, dazzling and heavy designs do not go well with any dark complexions. Try not to settle down with anything too common or expensive.

4Don’t forget the blouse

Don’t forget the blouse

Try to go for a matching blouse or even a contrasting colour. Backless as well as deep neck blouses is much better to be avoided, unless you are from a liberal family background. Blouses can also be heavy embroidered or can be heavy embellished with sequin, stones, and many more. But, the rule of thumb is that the more heavier design you select, the more uncomfortable you will be. The fabric of the blouse can also determine whether you look slim or bulky. Also, do remember the season, as some fabrics can be good for winter, and some for summer.

Bridal wears of Indian states

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