Bridal wears of Indian states


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Bridal Wear Of Indian States

Don’t you love it, when you see brides from different cultures, dressed up in their own tradition? Being a bride is one of the most auspicious, as well as most beautiful experiences in every woman’s life. She always dreams and waits for that special occasion throughout her life, and when she is in that moment, she don’t want to miss that opportunity. We adore Different cultures in India, and how according to the cultures, the brides dress up and make the occasion more beautiful. So, here are few bridal wear of Indian states, in their traditional wear that made the occasion more beautiful.

Bridal Wear Of Different Indian States

1Sikh Bride

Sikh Bride

On the wedding day, a Sikh Bride wears a load of gems and jewels, including chooda and kalire. Mostly the brides always opt for lehenga or an anarkali suit, and keep the veil over her head, up to the forehead till the entire ceremony. The chooda can comprise of pink, white, red, peach, and many more colours. The kalire are mostly small golden or silver trinklets, which mainly serve as a blessing to the bride.

Handloom Wedding Sarees

2Punjabi Bride

Punjabi Bride

Punjabi brides mainly prefer to wear, pink, red, or maroon lehenga on their wedding day. However, there is no restriction in colours. She can wear anything she wants. The colours that are mostly avoided are black and white. The bride also wears a nose ring or nath, with her bridal dress, as an integral part of solah shringar. This beautiful blend of rich wedding tradition as as well as flawless beauty of Punjabi brides can be spellbound.

3Muslim Bride

Muslim Bride

The very first thing to notice in a Muslim bride’s attire is her jewellery, especially the jhoomar. Mostly Muslim bride’s wear floral garlands supporting the veil that covers her face. Muslim brides mostly opt for lehenga, or designer anarkali for the D-Day.

4Assamese Bride

Assamese Bride

According to Assamese wedding customs, the bride must wear the mekhla chadar, a traditional bridal outfit, which is given to her by the groom’s mother. Mostly it is a cream or off-white silk saree with plenty of gold work in it. Mostly Assamese bride goes, on low makeup as well as jewellery, which is also restricted to traditional jewellery. The maang tikka is mostly considered as to be the auspicious and the utmost importance.

5Bengali Bride

Bengali Bride

Mostly Bengali women wear white or off-white sarees which have red, pink or maroon borders for their various religious ceremonies. But, a traditional bridal attire, that is mostly common is bright red, pink or maroon banarasi silk sarees which also have zari work. Alta or bright red liquid, is also applied to the feet and hands of the bride, and is also considered as one of the major parts in a Bengali bride’s makeup. The bride also wears, a maang tikka, which is supported by a single layered matha patti, as well as a bright red bindi. In the area, above her eyebrows, including her chin and cheeks, is painted with beautiful designs with white and red sandalwood paste.

6Tamilian Bride

Tamilian Bride

The most highlighting part in a Tamilian bride is mostly her jewellery. Tamilian bride’s braid their hair in the most beautiful way, which is also decorated with many traditional jewellery. Many bride’s also wear, multi-layered neckpiece, that is mostly made out of gold. Even, the bride’s head is also completely decorated with heavy jewellery, which comprises of a single string maang tikka with matha patti. These beautiful jewelleries are mostly adorned with different coloured Kanjeevaram silk sarees with gold zari borders.

7Malayali Bride

Malayali Bride

Just like the other South Indian brides, Malayali brides too adorn a lot of metal jewelleries, despite having a simple lifestyle. For the wedding, the bride wears a white silk saree with golden border. These sarees are also known as Kasavu sarees. Malayali brides mostly prefer, floral jewellery, which can go with their outfit, which also includes gajra, bracelet, and necklace that are made up of rajnigandha flowers as well as jasmine flowers.

8Marwari Bride

Marwari Bride

Traditional Marwadi bride attire, mostly comprises of heavy embellished lehenga or saree which have gold as well as silk embroidery. The bride’s jewellery stands equal with her bridal outfit, and is also extremely heavy. A fingerlet, borla, golden nath, and a kundan neckpiece or chokers are one of the utmost important jewels for these brides. During the process of the rituals, the bride is mostly laden with bandhni odhni, which also acts as a veil to cover her head.

9Gujarati Bride

Gujarati Bride

Mostly a Gujarati bride’s wedding outfit is, most intricately designed keeping in mind the deep connection to her community. Unlike, the other brides, these Gujarati brides wear their saree with the pallu facing the front. During the ceremony, the bride changes into two sarees, a ‘Panetar’ and ‘Gharchola’.

‘Panetar’ is a richly designed saree in white with red, green, and golden dots handmade, which is also called bandhini. It is also considered, to be the last gift from the bride’s parents and relative. Whereas on the other hand, Gharchola, is a bright red saree which has silk and zari works in strips and check pattern, and is given by the bride’s in-laws affirming their acceptance.

10Maharashtrian Bride

Maharashtrian Bride

Maharashtrian bride wears a two-tone silk saree with golden border, that is known as Paithani. These bridal sarees are mostly worn in a dhoti style. But, the most attractive thing you will notice is the Mundavalya, which is a string of flowers or pearls. The hair is mostly adorned with mogra flowers. Traditionally the bride wears a half-moon shaped nath, which matched their crescent shaped bindi, and her jewellery mostly comprises of gold and pearl.

11Kashmiri Bride

Kashmiri Bride

In the traditional outfit of a Kashmiri bride, mostly comprises of Pheran, a raffle designed with an ari or an hook that is embroidered at the neck, edges as well as the cuff. It is mostly preferred in red, yellow and pink colours. The head wear for a Kashmiri bride include a Kalpush with a Zoojh, that is, a white loth with golden glaze paper. These entire things together are called Tarang. The bride generally wears either a saree or a lehenga, which has Kashmiri embroidery and the dupatta is worn like a head wear to accentuate the beauty.

Trending Colours For The Brides

12Oriya Bride

Oriya Bride

Traditionally an Oriya bride wears a yellow Sari with red border, but now-a-days, they also opt for a red, maroon or a magenta coloured, heavy embellished lehenga or a saree that has hand work. These bridal sarees, is usually made of cotton, silk, chiffon and many more. During the whole wedding ritual, the bride is mostly laden with a bright red dupatta which has gotta work, and the couple also wears a traditional head gear.

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