Things a girl should never say during sex to a guy

Things a girl should never say during sex to a guy

Sex is fun. Well, it should be, otherwise what’s the excitement? Right? There is a lot happening in the bed when you start off, where few things girls should never say during sex in bed. The initial kisses, the touches, the ‘I am doing the right thing’ kind of a feel and everything that brings the world around you to your bed. It is like sweet-little-sugar-pops in your head trying to tickle you. You are singing your favorite song and probably mind dancing. The best looking guy is right next to you trying to allure you into sleeping with him. You start off and it is going well and Ooops!, Word vomit! You say some of those things that can mean so many other things. The level of taking offense, of course, depends on the guy you are sleeping with, but the statements you use are, plainly inappropriate. You never knew your phrase could deserve a face palm!

Well, ladies, rule number one. If it is going great between the two of you, for the love of god, do not speak something that wouldn’t even closely relate to the situation. Rule number 2, concentrate! Concentrate on what the guy is doing to you, than blabbering something. Rule number 3, Read these phrases! If you have been saying any of this, JUST STOP! Shush! And do the ‘Ooooohh’, ‘Aaahs’. Someone once said ‘TALK LESS, WORK MORE’. Fits this bill, quite perfectly!

Top things girls should never ask/say during sex

1‘Do you really want to do this’?

How was the kiss

Why else on earth is a guy touching you if he doesn’t want to do it? Silly questions like this can be a turn off, in most cases. If you are trying to find out if the guy is interested in doing what you want him to do, try to show that in action. If he hesitates to do something, get your cue. The bottom line is, no matter what, a guy wants to do it. So, do not ask those questions that are already understood. If he didn’t want to do it, he would be probably sleeping to glory. Also, the stress on ‘really’ can be a real turn off. So, cut them off if you have been doing it.

2How was the kiss?

How was the kiss

Baam! One other wrong move. Never ask how things were, when you are in the process of doing something else. If he didn’t like it, he will know ways to tell you that he just didn’t like it. So, it is going to be a huge embarrassment for both of you, if you get a reply that you didn’t expect. He shouldn’t be put in a situation where he has to fill up a feedback form.

It is good to wait until you finish things to discuss about what you like and what made your mind blow. May be over a pizza or a couple of beers! The next day would be ideal which will tell him that you are concerned and you are not rushing to know what he thinks.

3NO, NOT there!!

NOT there

A Huge turn off! Huge!! There are certain things that are nice when you hear it. Accepted! But there are certain other things that are totally annoying when told. Like this one! When you want your guy to take it slow, try to whisper it in his ears or show him the signs that you want to take it slow. If he is reaching to your personals, do not say ‘NOT there’ in a tone which is not very appreciative. Not only will it keep the guy confused, but will also send him signals that you might not be interested.

4All men want, is just one thing

All men want

Well, yes! All men want the same thing! But what’s with the saying it aloud part? This is a big ‘NO’. You can never say these words aloud at all because you are directly targeting the guy as being a cheap prick. He will surely take offense to this. Why wouldn’t he? Not only are you totally side lining the men’s community, but you are also telling him that he is interested in only one thing – THE sex! Though, the truth remains, you are never supposed to talk it out loud. So ladies, THINK! Think before you talk.

5Isn’t it too early?

too early

Firstly, wrong timing! You are questioning yourself and the guy if it is too early for your relationship to move from dinner table to the bed, while it has already moved. This could be another phrase that could come across in a very sleazy manner. If you think it is too early, why are you giving in, in the first place’ would be what he would think. So, when you utter words out of your mouth, try to think if it makes sense to you.

6You are such a kid

You are such a kid

Though this may not be one of those awkward statements, you got to find out if the guy really wants to be termed as a kid. It is cute at times, but the tone matters. If you are giving him a ‘OH god, you are such a kid and you just don’t know anything’ tone, he sure will storm out. But if it is to tell him, how cute or sweet he looks, then that’s going to treat you. Tone matters, ladies!

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7Do you want to visit the restroom honey?

restroom honey

This could be one phrase that is way too much above the line. It is not only insulting, but you are also questioning the guy’s sexual prowess. So, try to tone it down. If he wants to use the restroom, he will. You do not have to push him through the edge and embarrass yourself.

8When was your last time?

your last time

This question might not be very awkward, but if the guy is very private about his exes, you should consider not opening the ego jar. But, if he is cool with it, you can always gain some knowledge. Often, this question may also confuse the guy. He may think if he didn’t do it right since you have a hook to the question. So clarify properly before he has assumptions.

Ladies, remember! A relationship is quite beautiful when you handle with care. Also, please know that you are dealing with a sword-neck situation here. Anything can trigger the guy’s insecurities. Make sure you have a clarity in the way you talk while having sex. It sure is a good relationship progress when you can easily communicate with your guy as to what you expect out of him, but make sure it doesn’t hurt him when you do so. If you remember not to say any of this, you are good to go!

-Pavithra Ravi

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