Beauty Tips And Hacks Using Lip Liners

Lip Liners

One may not realise, lip liner is a very valuable tool in your makeup kit. The major role of a lip liner is simply to keep your lipstick from bleeding. Apart from this, lip liner can be used in many other ways to give a better appearance to your lips. Here are some of the beauty tips using a lip liner.

Beauty Tips

1Hold in a Angle

Hold in a Angle

A lip liner is used in the outer portion of your lip. If you end up getting a harsh line it won’t look good. So, to apply your lip liner hold it at a 45-degree angle. Apply a light, short strokes on your lips. If you are applying more pressure but still your product is not coming out, your lip pencil has dried out and needs to be replaced.

2Teaspoon on Lips

Teaspoon on Lips

Are you a beginner in applying lip liner? Are you not able to apply lip liner perfectly? Then here are the beauty tips. Take a teaspoon and place it on the edges of your lips. Now take a lip liner of your favourite colour and apply it on your lips. The gentle curve of the teaspoon mimics the natural lip line and makes it so much easier to get that perfect lip line in just a few seconds.

3Border with Eyeliner

Border with Eyeliner

Take a pale pink or nude eyeliner to outline your lipstick application. This will make you look super clean and precise and neat. Now take a flat eyeshadow brush and blend around the edge of the eyeliner on your lips.

4Long Lasting Lipstick

Long Lasting Lipstick

If you want a long lasting lipstick, don’t use a lipstick at all. Instead use a lipliner. Apply the lip liner first on the edges of your lips and then fill the remaining part. If you feel that your lips have become dry after applying lipliner, then just apply a lip balm or lip gloss on top of it. Then you can see yourself how your lip colour will stay on your lips throughout the day.

5Lip Color on your Teeth

Lip Color on your Teeth

Now not everyone is perfect with applying lipstick. So, when you are applying lipstick, you tend to get your lipstick on your teeth. So, what you can do is put one finger inside your mouth, gently suck it and you will see the excess lipstick on your finger. Another way is to take a little piece of tissue, fold it up and close your lips onto it. After 5 seconds, release your lips and you can see all excess lipstick on the tissue.

6Dry Lips

Dry Lips

Do you struggle with dry lips that seem to look worse when you wear a lipliner or lipstick on top? All you need is a lip balm and a toothbrush. Firstly apply lip balm on your lips. Then exfoliate by brushing your lips with the toothbrush. Then take a tissue paper and wipe all that crust away. You will usually get rid of that dead skin on your lips and your lips will look fuller.

7No Sharp Tip

No Sharp Tip

The tip of the lip liner should be slightly blunt in order to get more natural and even look. If you draw a lip line with an extra sharp tip it will not blend well with the lipstick you apply on your lips.

8Warmer Lip Liner

Warmer Lip Liner

Before using a newly sharpened lip liner, slightly warm the tip over the flame for about 1-2 seconds. This will make the lip liner tip soft and get a smoother application on the lips. But make sure you don’t overheat the lip liner tip as this might burn your lip and also damage the product.

9Check on Expiration Date

Check on Expiration Date

Make sure you keep a check on the lip liner. If you find a white film formation on your lip liner’s tip immediately discard it. The White formation is a sign of expiration. It is best if you discard the lip liner pencil as it is not good to use and it might damage your lips.

10Contrast Shades

Contrast Shades

If you want fuller lips, try applying contrasting shades. Use a darker lip liner colour to define the cupid’s bow and middle of the bottom lip. After applying, blend it with a lighter lip liner.



Those who want a non-defined shape to the lips, opt for anti-liners. Anti-liners are clear lip liners which help to provide a base to your lipstick without magnifying the colours.

If you are beginner in using eyeliner, these beauty tips will help you become a professional in using eyeliner.


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