How to Wax Underarms At Home Easily and Properly?


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Wax underarms

Waxing your arms is one tedious process that we women absolutely hate getting done. Every few days the stubble appears and it becomes instantly a pain since it restricts our choice of clothes to almost half. And while it may not be a time consuming procedure after all but still, at times making that one trip to the salon for getting just your underarms waxed can be really annoying.

But what if we told you that waxing at home was a much easier option? And that with simple tips you can wax underarms at home with ease. We know you are already delighted. So, here is the guide to the perfect home waxing tips to remove underarm hairs easily.

How to prepare to wax underarms at home?

We can wax underarms at home following some very simple steps mentioned below

  • The hair length should be perfect because if the length of the hair is big it will be painful to wax it and if it is too small the waxing will not be able to clean the underarms completely as the wax will not be able to hold the hair. Thus long hair must be cut short but not too short before applying wax.
  • Make sure you regularly scrub the underarms to remove any dirt before applying wax as it will make the process of hair removal simpler. This makes the process a bit less painful.
  • The underarm waxing cannot be done on wet skin. The wax does not hold well on wet skin. Thus we must surely dry the skin before waxing. It is recommended to wash it with warm water before waxing as it will soften the hair and make it easier to pull the hair off. We can even take the help of powder to dry up the moisture from the skin.
  • Women who find waxing underarms at home painful and tough to do it all by own self, can also take medicines which work as a painkiller to reduce the pain while waxing. There are even solutions to apply that do similar work as painkillers, but be cautious since it may result to be allergic for certain users.

How to wax underarms at home naturally

wax underarms at home naturally-Hair on chin

Waxing following the right procedure is tremendously important.

  • Firstly we need to stretch the skin of the area that needs to be waxed. The skin is held tightly to ensure no hair gets left out in between the skin folds.
  • Whichever type may it be hot wax or stripe wax it is necessary to apply it in the same direction of the growth of hair. It is advised to wax small parts at a time.
  • Pull in the opposite direction of hair growth in one jerk movement. The hair will be easily pulled off in one motion. Take only small sections at a time.
  • It is generally recommended to wear loose fitted clothes after waxing underarms or else irritation might occur in the waxed area due to rubbing against tight clothes.
  • Another procedure to neutralize the pain while waxing is rubbing ice on the area that had been waxed
  • A moisturizer or aloe vera is most welcoming after waxing the underarms or a lotion to protect against any infection that might occur due to waxing.
  • You can scrub the area of waxing after approximately one day from waxing to clear all ingrown hair.
  • Last but not the least we should keep in mind not to apply deodorants, powder or perfume or any similar products for few days after waxing.

Underarm waxing tips

Underarm waxing tips-Wax underarms

Hair in the underarms can be removed by different methods like by applying creams meant for hair removal or by simply shaving or by waxing. Many people prefer shaving and cream applying methods over waxing as they are painless but there are several underarm waxing benefits. Waxing leaves the skin waxed neatly in just a few minutes.  Whereas shaving or cream removal can cause the skin to darken look chapped and wrinkled. But these problems do not exist in the waxing process. That to this process will not take much time.

Underarm waxing at home involves cleaning the skin by scrubbing out dead cells from it. These results in a smooth underarm skin that we would love to have. The hair regrowth also takes much more time.

Normally people are very worried about waxing the underarms as they are very sensitive and soft areas. The pain felt in this part due to waxing is excessively high compared to any other part. However, the correct procedure will result in a much better experience that too causing less pain.

Is it better to shave or wax underarms?

shave or wax underarms-Wax underarms

The process of waxing your underarms is obviously much more painful as compared to shaving. The results apparently look similar to the first few days but gradually the hair when shaved grows back much faster than waxed hair. The hair when waxed comes back only after about four to six weeks. The pain involved in waxing can be reduced when done following the right way and a wax of good quality the best wax for underarms.

Waxing underarms side effects

Waxing underarms side effects

More and more individuals are coming forward to get their hair removed through waxing. Even though this process involves pain while removing hair still, it is growing famous among users as it cleans the hair from the roots and the results are long-lasting. The waxed hair grows back only after 4 weeks to 5 weeks.

We get a smooth skin after waxing. Sill there is few disadvantages of waxing which might be faced by its user in long run.

Will the skin get wrinkled and loose?

Will the skin get wrinkled and loose-Wax underarms

Using hot wax for waxing can result in the loss of elasticity if used for a long time. The process includes applying a layer of wax on the skin and pulling the hair off from the skin. This procedure when performed incorrectly over and over again makes the skin lose and wrinkles might also start occurring. This is called the premature aging and can take place in case of repeated application of wax. Eye area like eyebrows being the most sensitive part is the first one that gets affected by waxing. We should make sure to visit or hire a well-trained technician for brow waxing. These types of technicians will be well trained and experts in performing the process of waxing. They will know how to and where to hold the skin in order to give it minimum stress. This is why we must look for trained professionals in case of facial waxing. The underarms skin is fairly strong and no such severe effects can be seen in this case.

Some important preventions

Some important preventions

Nothing should be left of fate to occur. Chances should not be taken as that may lead to unnecessary and unwelcomed embarrassment or problems. To avoid such problems we can take the following steps beforehand.

  • We can easily consume a painkiller or an anti-inflammatory medicine someone to one and a half hour before getting the waxing done. There are several medicines available on the market nowadays that works to deliver the same effect as a painkiller. They will neutralize the pain of waxing the soft places like underarms. This medicine also deals with bruises.
  • The area of the skin that is the underarms that will be waxed needs to be exfoliated one day before the scheduled waxing. This process should be kept following to get rid of ingrown hair.
  • It is very important not to go out in the sun after waxing it will burn the skin and have a huge side effect on the skin. Steam baths, tanning beds, and similar places should not be visited after waxing. Therefore there are many experts who recommend us to do the waxing at evening or night time when there is no chance of getting burnt in the sun.
  • The wax that is extra on skin needs to be removed using oil followed by cold water.
  • Waxing should be immediately followed by application of ice packs or ice cubes directly to get rid of redness or itching. We can also apply aloe vera as they are helpful for the skin.

By now you may have realised How to wax underarms at home easily. It is a very simple procedure once who have practiced it well. You can also use homemade underarms wax as it will be natural and cause no harsh effect on the armpit hair wax. No one will want to have irritation on the skin due to waxing thus some precautions are important to keep in mind and followed. We hope this helps you take care of the unwanted armpit hair effectively and you don’t have to worry about the salon visit more so often.

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