How to achieve the Cycle Of Married Sex Life


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Married Sex

Knowing marriage sex has stages, which help to relieve stress and anxiety during times of difficulty. One of the most thrilling things about accepting the stages of having married sex is that you can set a course for having wanted you want. It also helps you to make corrections along the way.

Stages of Having Married Sex

1DAY 1

Stages of Having Married Sex

That wedding night sex is either completely amazing or you don’t bother and simply go to sleep. Either it’s your wedding night, which means you might look forward to this for a really long time or you have already had so much sex that you are so exhausted from your wedding day and be like you can do it in the morning, big deal! Its fine, many of the married couples do that. But, if this is your first time, you are running on curiosity and pure adrenaline and, congratulations on having sex!

2DAYS 2–10
Honeymoon Sex

Honeymoon Sex

Honeymoon sex is pretty good as it gets. The only reason people go to the beach or sightsee is that they need to give their junk a break. Its kind a code for boning somewhere cool and maybe ride jet-skis.


home sex

At-home sex, when you get back to your place from honeymoon, you are still in that honeymoon sex mood, except for the place. During orgasms, you even scream that you’re so married!

Exploratory at-home wild sex

home wild sex

This one applies if you did not live together previously and you start exploring the truth, that you don’t just have sex in bedroom. You have sex on the sink, shower and also you are likely to check out the kitchen. Moreover, this happens with every room.


married couple

As a married couple, you are in a panic that you missed one day of sex. You don’t want to be one of those couples who never have sex. You may even scream and start stripping your clothes off. Its fine, it’s going to be okay though.


wedding sex

When you finally give up on trying to juggle work, family events, social life, and daily boning. Eventually, you realize that you have to compromise. It will start to taper off. You may have a busy week and you might be exhausted, or just many weekend plans. Your post-wedding sex blitz comes to an end. However, it was a good run.


regular scheduled sex

This is a real married life! So yes, welcome to your regular scheduled sex life. It’s different for each couple, it could every other day, twice in a week or even once in a week. Sooner or later, you’ll fall into a natural rhythm that you’ll be happy with.


have sex

The brutal torture is your first sex deficiency. You might get too sick to have sex or away on a business, which is a real problem. All of a sudden, you realize that you are not having sex and feel disappointed.


Sex deficiency

Sex deficiency is over. You hit the week with a passion. You may think that it’s weird, as you refresh your sex life as getting married, but simply push it back of your mind.


regular sex schedule

Now return to the post deficiency, regular sex schedule. Yes, this might confuse you, but ultimately you get back into your old sex habits.

11YEAR 1.5

going out

You discover that going out to somewhere make you to have sex constantly. Might be because of vacation or new environment or the fact, room service changes the sheets each night. It may not be as sex-crazy as your honeymoon sex, but you will still go nuts on each other.

12YEAR 2

marriage equilibrium

Now that you have reached the marriage equilibrium, the circle actually begins again. Now, like the circle of life, the cycle of water, the married sex life cycle also begins and renewed with crazy home sex.

-Pavithra Ravi