Top 9 tips on Pet Photography

Pet photography

Pets fill our hearts very easily and make a special place. You are taking rounds with your pet, taking him/her outside to play and are making the best parent. But have you ever wondered how it is to actually take a series of pictures and enjoy the photo shoot with the little one? Pet photography is the new ‘it’ thing. Taking cute pictures of your little friend is not very easy at all. You need to invest time, space and a lot of patience. Pets are more like babies. But unlike babies, they are not quite, a lot of unexpected scenes would happen when it comes to photographing your baby pet. Here are a few tips we have put down for you to keep in mind while taking pictures of the little one.

Tips For Taking Best Pet Photography

1Firstly, Relax!


You need to relax and not be too anxious about anything. Remember that your pets can sense your mood. If you get anxious and tensed, they will get anxious too, and not be their normal self. A stressed out pet will give you a cornered eye, flattened ear and a sad look, which is not what you are expecting to click. Relax, take a deep breath and then proceed. It is one of the best feelings when you can have fun while clicking your darling pet.

2Focus on the eye detailing

Focus on the eye detailing

Remember that you can play a lot when it comes to eye detailing. Pets are curious creatures, so they are very expressive. You can achieve amazing portraits when you focus on their expressions. A well-timed puppy can actually look into the camera when you don’t expect and give the perfect expression you are looking for, if you wait and have the patience. Frustrationdoesn’t work with them.. Sadly!

3Get rid of the mess

Get rid of the mess

Even before you pull out your DSLR, try and check if your house is a mess. If it is, bid a goodbye to the photo shoot and keep it for another day. Do you see your unwashed plates, grocery items lying around and clothes in your pet picture? No right? Then, clean it up! If the element in the background doesn’t deserve to be there in the picture, just clean it and remove it. Aesthetic appeal is the most important because pets are not going to stay in one place and pose for you. They will keep moving and running.

4Flow in their flow

Flow in their flow

Capture their world and go with the flow. Don’t force them to be and react in your world. That wouldn’t work at all. Walk with them, run behind them and capture in what they look cute. Recreating a world for them inside your home is fine, but take them out and see what attracts them more. Capture them playing in the sand and explore their emotions. Finding out what looks good in their world can be challenging, but when you achieve it, the happiness in you will double. Teaching them some trickswhile training them would be a huge advantage when it comes to pet photography

5Pet photography is a pain

Pet photography is a pain

You need to accept the fact that pet photography is a huge deal that can cause you real aches after you are done with the shoot. Yes, let’s face it, investing a lot of time and body, you have to literally run behind your pets, capture what they see, what they play with. If you have been idle for a looooong time now, this could be your exercise. You need at least an entire weekend to achieve a perfect album dedicated just for your pets.

6Pay your pet with a little extra something

Pay your pet with a little extra

Every animal needs to be motivated to pay attention to you when you are asking it to pose for you. If you know the tactics on what they are interested in, your work becomes easier. If your puppy likes to chew the bone continuously, just give it to him and let him enjoy. He sure will listen to you the next time you ask him for something. For cats, you can bribe them using tuna fish, cat nips etc, but remember, unlike dogs, cats are not all that flexible. You have to know their pulse.

7It is fine to fool them

It is fine to fool them

Yes, when you know that you are not going to hurt him, it is fine to fool them sometimes. Pets don’t know that they are getting fooled. They think that they are decision makers here. Whereas, it is you who is deciding his actions by motivating or bribing him. Reward your models and create a concept out of it. Make a story and be creative when you want to be.

8Move slow

Move slow

With dogs, you can always make them move according to your speed. Dogs are loving animals who are more tolerable than cats when it comes to listening to you. Cats are not that easy. They need to tamed accordingly and in their own time. Moving fast with cats might get risky since they may not always listen to you. There are radical changes of expressions in cats, so moving slow here works better.

9Be patient

Be patient

You need to be extremely patient when it comes to pet photography. Yes, you might be super excited and then probably even shift from being excited to get bored on no improvisation, but patience is a virtue. He will get used to the fact that something other than you is looking at him and will start reacting slowly. So be patient!

-Pavithra Ravi

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