5 Ways to Choose Perfect Hair Color


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choose a perfect hair color

Having the same hair color throughout the year, while comforting can also be kind of boring. If you are coloring your hair regularly, then you have to ensure that the products used are of best quality. In this article, you can learn how to choose a perfect hair color.

Tips to Choose Hair Color



The first thing you should see in your product are the ingredients. A lot of hair color products contain Ammonia because it helps the color penetrate into the hair. But ammonia based hair colors often have a strong odor that can irritate the nose and the eyes. It can also lead to dry, brittle, unhealthy hair that’s prone to breakage. So, look for products that are ammonia free. You should also check on ingredients which are good for your hair.

2Color Stay

Color Stay

Ideally, you should do a hair color touch-up every six to eight weeks. So, you should always choose a hair color that’s long-lasting. Always look for products in which it’s written “Long Lasting Color or Permanent hair color” on the product packaging. If these words aren’t on the packaging it’s probably the semi-permanent hair color. And that fades away quicker.

3Box Packaging

Box Packaging

When it comes to the type of hair color product to use, always choose the product which is easy to measure, mix, apply and store. While you are mixing your hair color, if you feel you are the little bit short, you can add some more. We all see commercials on TV, magazines where girl applies hair color and her hair looks amazing vibrant and colorful.

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4Meet Your expectations

Meet Your expectations

So, you have colored your hair, and after a month also it still looks gorgeous. But your hair is still growing. So, when your hair is getting longer, it’s actually the root going outward and pushing the rest of the strand down. Obviously, the new hair is not going to have any color and will be gray if you started graying which can look a bit weird. So, that’s when you need a root touch up is making your hair look fresh and new again. When getting a root touch up done, select the same color shade you used last time you colored your hair. And the application process is pretty much the same.

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5Hair Color Shades

Hair Color Shades

There are a lot of great colors out there every product photo has a model with colored hair which looks amazing. But you have to be smart about this. Remember that this color will be yours in the next month and it needs to look good on you and you need to feel good in it. Pick a hair color that suits your skin tone, style of dressing and of course your overall personality.

Hair color can either enhance your entire look and complexion or work totally against it. Since most Indian skin tones fall on the warmer side colors like burgundy work very well as they add a hint to red or plum neutralizing the yellow. However, if you want a softer look instead try using different shades of brown. Now if you are not sure what hair color will be the best your skin tone, here are the options;

Brown: If you have a cool skin tone; opts for mahogany. If you have a warm skin tone, then choose ash brown.

Burgundy: If you have a yellow or olive skin tone,then this is the right choice burgundy is the best choice.

Red: The best hair color for fair skin is copper. You can also go for a lighter shade of red. Never go for orange. If you have olive skin tone choose reds which are blue-based.

Golden: Indian women’s skin, can go in streaks and highlights in a combination of brown hues.

Black: Dark brown is the best option if you like dark colored hair.

Hair coloring is a really cool way to redefine your look and helps to show off that amazing personality.