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TV Series

Well, it is snowing there in the US and now is the time you can catch up on all the series. While India is still in the winter season, it is hard to get up and go to work, right? If you are taking a long leave or if you are on a long leave, there are certain TV series that everyone should be able to watch. These awesome Tv series will make you look at life in a totally different way. It has happiness, sadness, sorrow, drama, intellectuality and a lot more. English series are always filled with a lot of things that Indian serials don’t give at all. What is the point of watching Tv and the same old boring shows if you have Tv series now to watch all the new and interesting series?

You will fall in love with all these Television series and since we are giving you a lot of options, you may choose from this and watch one or two episodes. Once you start binge watching TV series, you will get used to it and wouldn’t stop until it is over. So, all you single women, bored housewives or young girls who are sitting at home, start watching these top best Tv series of all times and enjoy your holidays.

Amazing TV Series to Watch During the Holidays

1Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

If you love to watch crime or classic characters, then this is your one stop series! You can definitely find honest characters and the Victorian setting will blow your mind all together. The actors, the sets and most importantly the beautiful screenplay will make you go crazy with the characters. The only problem with Sherlock is that, you may start thinking a lot like that if you keep seeing it. But yeah, you will have all the mystery solved within minutes if you start watching this TV series because they tell you how to solve all the puzzles and teach you how to solve a mystery too. You never know! You may become a mystery solver very soon.

2The fosters

The fosters

This is definitely a beautiful drama oriented Tv series that talks a lot about a same sex couple who go through a lot of struggle with their biological and adopted family. The thing about this is that there are a lot of secrets and attractions. There are also enough drama sequences that are sometimes a little frightening because of the abusive situations. But if you are looking at pure drama, this is a classic one to binge watch!

3Modern family

Modern family

Well modern family is a beautiful story about 3 families who are interrelated to each other and the happenings of everyday. It is not a great continuation, but is one of the best family shows so far. You have everything in this series. Most importantly, it has drama, fun, jokes, morals, breaking the rules and a lot like that. There is always a smiling end to this series after every episode. So, if you want a mild-soft hearted and a hearty laughing time, you can definitely opt Modern family as your choice. There is an inter race marriage, teenager fun, gay couple handling situations and a lot more in this particular show. You will definitely end up loving the ‘Pritchetts’.



If you haven’t seen friends, then you are not going to have a peaceful life at all. Let us make it very clear that FRIENDS is one of the oldest yet most loved TV series of all times. No matter who you are, whether you like the TV series or not, at least once in a lifetime you have got to watch this Tv series. It is about 6 different people who become friends and how they get connected to each other and how their lives take a turn and twist. A wonderful light and funny comedy series are the best to have a binge marathon. If you love your friends, you will love this show, no matter what

5Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is very serious and a very dramatic medical series which concentrates more on medicine and personal lives of the doctor working in Grey Sloan Memorial hospital. It is basically about one main character Meredith Grey and her life that revolves around the hospital. It is the struggle of five doctors and how they move into the world of medicine and much more. It has dark side, happy times, fun, serious, adventure and everything in it. If you are looking for serious drama, then this is the best serial you have to watch, the only issue with this serial is that, there can’t be one episode that can go by without weeping or crying. Once you get engrossed in the characters, you will start loving them and feeling from their point of view.

62 Broke girls

2 Broke girls

2 broke girls is a very funny, quirky light hearted story about two girls, Caroline and Max who are both waitress. Caroline loses all her money because of her father’s fraudulent business and lands up in Brooklyn’s restaurant. Both of them become friends and start a cupcake company and their struggle and day-to-day activities is the crux of the story. It is a fun and a very jolly time pass kind of a series. There is nothing serious in this at all. So, you can crack open a beer, get yourself a bucket of popcorn and start watching this series.

-Pavithra Ravi

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