Healthy Food for Different Parts of Our Body


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Healthy Food

It is never late to opt for a healthier lifestyle! So, start with simple foods to set a start for better and healthy life. It is important to treat your body with healthy foods, which help in good functioning of your system. Take care of every part of your body, by learning which food helps which part. Such as foods in red are good for heart and green foods are for the lungs. So follow the various parts of the body and foods described for it.

Various Healthy Foods for Various Parts of the Body



Sardines, walnut, salmon, tuna and oils like soya beans, walnut, pumpkin oils are some of the best foods you can nourish your brain with. They help in good circulation and as well improve your concentration.



The best food for your lungs is green veggies. Veggies like sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and leafy vegetables contain vitamin K, which helps in cleansing lungs. So, treat your body with these foods at least twice a week.



Treat your skin with foods that are rich in antioxidants. Salmon, green tea and blueberries help in the improvement of your complexion and flush toxins away from your body. Also, add dark chocolate to your diet containing high levels of flavnoids.



There is much more than carrots for eye nutrition. Cold-water fishes like salmon, sardines and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These foods help in boosting your eye health and also help in protecting against sight threatening diseases. Along with the cold-water fishes, eggs and corn are also rich in nutrients to treat your eyes with care.

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For a healthy heart, pay attention to fiber, eat a fish couple of times a week and also limit unhealthy fats like Trans and saturated fats, as well reduce the intake of salt. Add red fruits to your diet, as they help in pumping blood in your heart. Food for heart means filling your plate with vegetables and fruits.



Foods which are rich in nutritional fiber are good for regular bowel moment. Add oats, banana and prune juice to your diet. Also, you can add yogurt in your diet as it protects you from urinary infections.



Celery, milk and fruits like oranges and lime that has vitamin C are good for your bones. They help in protecting your bones and make them stronger, especially in children.

-Nikisha Uddagiri

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