12 Durga Puja Fashion Outfits For Women – Rule The Festive Fashion


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Durga Puja Fashion Outfits
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The colours of Indian festivals are seen in home decors, food and clothing. Traditions and culture are the priority after the devotional time during Indian festivals. The most happening and celebrated festival is Durga Puja.

During Durga Puja there is no place for casual outfits and routine foods. Women style with traditional outfits, accessories and anything that add the festive essence.

We have given the styling tips and fashionable ideas for Durga Puja 2018. This year again you get to rock with the trading outfits and styles. Let your simplicity go with ethnicity taking our fashionable ideas for this Durga Puja.

Traditional Is Trendy With Durga Puja Fashionable Outfits

1. Ethnic Jacket

Ethnic Jacket: Durga Puja Fashionable
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Jackets are moved to traditional side more these days. You can pair an ethnic jacket even with your simple kurti. The ethnic jackets are making a special outfit for festive times and big occasions.

If you want to keep your outfit traditional but chic for this Durga Puja, then just wear an ethnic jacket over your kurti. And you will love welcoming the guest to your house as you will be getting compliments for your dress.

How to style?

You can clutch your hair with a clutcher. For an ultimate traditional look during Durga puja, you cannot miss bangles. So, wear the colourful bangles that contrast with your dress.

2. Ethnic Maxi Dress


When you have to visit someone’s house during Durga Puja, you would not just miss out your fashion senses. But you also cannot skip on the traditional look. So, you must find an ethnic fashionable outfit for Durga Puja.

An ethnic maxi dress is a syncing outfit with trending style and traditional look. You can choose a traditional colours like yellow, maroon to fit into the festive appearance. Look at the asymmetric traditional yellow outfit that is attached above. The golden and yellow combination is rocking for Durga Puja. On other side, you can see the cream colour ethnic maxi outfit which is equally voguish.

How to style?

Let your hands get on an elegant bracelet. If you want to let the traditions flow in your appearance, then you can wear few golden bangles.

3. Traditional Dupatta

Traditional Dupatta: Durga Puja Fashionable
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A traditional dupatta can do the styling you need for Durga Puja. Choose an embellished or solid printed dupatta to match with your kurti. You can make a stunning appearance wearing a dupatta even with a casual kurti. You can also choose a banarasi dupatta which is perfect for a traditional look.

Every classy women would love to go this simple style. This is a no fuss outfit that is trending for this Durga Puja.

How to style?

Accessorize your Durga Puja look with long earrings. You can drape the dupatta in your favourite style. You can also casually wear the dupatta and let it flow as shown in the above image.

4. Long Choli with Lehenga

1, 2

If you want to a bright look with royal dressing for this Durga Puja, then you can pair a long choli with lehenga. You can make a super grand appearance with a long choli and lehenga combination. If you want to choose an embellished dress, then that would be much fashionable for Navaratri.

A long choli can also be a long kurti. The long cholis also come in peplum top style and various beautiful styles. One of the long choli styles can make you look simply traditional for Durga Puja. Every woman who is part of biggest Durga Pooja celebrations can go with traditional trending outfit.

How to style?

Do a bun hairstyle for an alluring appearance for the day of Durga Puja.

5. Ethnic Skirt with Shirt

Ethnic Skirt with Shirt
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You can make a fabulous appearance with ethnic shirt and skirt. This combination is for western outfits which is newly trending for traditional look. If your invited as a guste for Durga Puja, you can make a fashioanble guest appearance with this semi ethnic outfit. This is one of the trending outfits of Indo-Western styles for women.

How to style?

Keep your ethnic shirt tuck with your ethnic skirt. You can go with a French braid or wavy curls hairstyle.

6. Top with Dhoti Tops

Top with Dhoti Tops
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This is an outfit for pretty young girls. The girls who want to keep their Durga Puja look chic and traditional can wear this outfit. Dhoti is men’s outfit that is also trending in woman’s clothing. You can look extremely traditional and voguish with a traditional top and dhoti pants.

The young girls get confused with the outfit selections. Now when you are shopping, just pick a trendy top and traditional dhoti pants.

How to style?

You can pair the dhoti pants with cute peplum top, short kurti. Coming to hairstyle, go with a puff hairstyle for this Durga Puja trendy outfit.

7. Traditional Suit with Palazzo

Durga Puja FashionableTraditional Suit with Palazzo

The palazzo pants are not just for casual and formal wear. The traditional palazzos can make a stunning outfit for Durga Puja 2019. Anyways, a traditional suit would be part of your outfits choice. So, just team up with a palazzo.

Palazzo pants with traditional embroidery designs makes it an ethnic palazzo. A woman who cannot get over the trends with traditional look would love to wear this outfit.

How to style?

You have many hairstyles that suit this outfit. You can make a half up braid hairstyle. Wear the sleek earrings with your suit and palazzo outfit.

8. Hand Painted Traditional Saree

Hand Painted Traditional Saree
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Hand printed sarees are lovely to trend up with a traditional look. Women love to wear saree but not heavy and too embellished. A hand painted saree is lightweight that can syn with the festive look. Choose a hand painted saree that comes with traditional colours like red, yellow or green.

A hand painted saree for Durga Puja gives you a way to style with traditional accessories. You can go on adding the accessories and still not look over styled as the saree is simple.

How to style?

You can wear the the heavy long earrings long with your hand painted saree. You can wear a bun hairstyle with side curls. If you want to be minimal styled, then go with loose hair.

9. Ethnic Bright Cotton Dress

1, 2

Cotton dresses are can be perfect for Durga Puja and it is not going to look too simple. You must choose the bright colour and classy designed cotton dresses. The traditional prints and designs of the cotton dress makes it suitable for festive times. See that you cotton dress for Durga Puja is filled lovely work like embroidery. You can also go with the beautiful painted cotton dresses.

Cotton dresses are comfortable to wear and easy to style. You can rock your appearance as shown in the above images of cotton dresses.

How to style?

You can wear the embellished bangles to accessorize your simple cotton dress. The long golden jhumkas can make your appearance stunning and bright.

10. Mirror Work Dress

Mirror Work Dress
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Mirror work sarees are often seen and the new trend is mirror work dresses. As you would want to look bright and shiny, you can cheerfully pick a mirror work dress. The delightful appearance is a must for Durga Puja and this kind of outfit let you be the stylish lady.

We are not making it specific for you with the type of dress. Mirror work is lovely on skirt, tops, and lehengas. You can also simply pick a dupatta with mirror work to pair with your kurti. You can check out the mirror work dresses that are suitable for Durga Puja 2019, in the above attached images.

How to style?

As the your dresses is already bright with mirror work, you can keep your accessories simple. The traditional multi layer earrings can be paired with your mirror work dress for overall attractive look for Durga Puja.

11. Georgette Saree with Gold Work


Looking sleek and stylish in a saree is simple when you have a georgette saree. It can be golden embroidery for a georgette saree. The golden sequined work on georgette saree is also something ruling in fashion which is great for Durga Puja. Every high class woman must try wearing the georgette saree to mesmerize with the appearance.

The reason we are listing georgette sarees in the list is- they are lightweight, fashionable and traditional too. Georgette saree with gold work is going to give you a sheer look. The Indian traditional colours and combinations can make a georgette saree suitable for festivals.

How to style?

Let your accessories be long hanging earrings, a beautiful necklace, giant pendant finger rings for your georgette saree.

12. Zari Border Dress


Still looking for zari border sarees? Forget zari border sarees and go with a zari bordered dress. The sleeves, neck and bottom of the dress can be attached with zari fabric. This going to be an awesome fashionable and also traditional dress for this Durga Puja.

The zari border dresses can be completely customized. The midi dresses, maxi dresses and kurtis also can get the zari border. You can look at the above image how simple and fashionable the zari border dress looks for Durga Puja 2019.

How to style?

The simple matching earrings and a thick bangle can be your accessories this dress. Get ready with a simple braid hairstyle of wavy curls.

We know that you are just waiting to doll up wearing your favourite trend and fashionable dresses. This list of Durga Puja fashion and trendy outfits is gives you an idea to make a mesmerizing appearance.

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