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Surfing over the internet to obtain the stylish and funky body art (tattoo) designs, then here are the few tremendous tattoo design ideas. Find these tattoo designs for women can get that are cool and funky go everywhere in the body.

Funky Tattoo Designs for Women

1Fire Tattoo designs

Fire Tattoo designs

Fire tattoos represent an array of varied meanings. Fire means passion and the idea of getting fire done as a tattoo is exciting and thoughtful too. Fire can be transformation, it can be conversion, it can be religion or it can be enthusiasm. There can be different ideas and meanings that you can draw from the whole concept of fire and flames. Fire transforms everything in its path and it makes sure to destroy what is not supposed to be there. So, if you are willing to take an interesting turn in your life and burn down the past and inspire yourself with the present, this is your one stop.

There are a number of fire tattoos that you can get done like creative fire tattoos, dragon fire tattoos, sun fire tattoos, music fire tattoos, eagle fire tattoos, cross winged fire tattoos, flames tattoos and so many more. You can use this tattoo to symbolize passion, integrity, desire, energy, sexiness, heat and so many more other meanings. If you want a transformed life and you want to make sure that your tattoos screams out some meaning about your personality, try and get a nice fire tattoo done!

2Frog tattoo designs

Frog tattoo designs

A lot of people nowadays are having a craze for frog tattoo designs. Well, tattoos are always a symbol of something and when you get a frog tattoo imprinted on your body, you would like to know what and how it is related to the feelings of the humans. Well, if you are a nature lover and if you believe in magical powers like water and rain, then frog tattoos make a lot of sense to you. Frog is a symbol of luck, charm, wealth and rebirth. The Frog goes through a lot of similar stages in life like humans, so there is a core connection between the frog community and the human community.

If you want something good to happen, something that you are expecting to happen or if you want good luck to come your way, you can consider getting a frog tattoo done. It all comes down to symbolism and the sentimental connection we have. There are a variety of frog designs and tattoos like the frog and dragonfly tattoo, frog peeled tattoo, maori frog tattoo, Kermit tattoo, purple cartoon frog tattoo, flower and frog tattoo, nature frog tattoo and many more. You need to pick the right one and wait for the good luck to knock your door!

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3Hawaiian Tattoos designs

Hawaiian Tattoos designs

Hawaiian Tattoos represent the culture, the deepness and the seriousness of the heritage that they follow and most importantly the elements that are associated with the culture and tradition. That is one main reason why men and women of this culture love to show off their tradition using tattoos as their means. Some Hawaiian tattoos are used to cover the entire body with designs that signify the importance and sometimes there are hidden stories in the designs that are carried in the form of tattoos by men and women. They are very symbolic in nature and Hawaiian tattoos stand for bravery, devotion, heritage, rights and so many other things.

There are many popular designs and tattoos in the Hawaiian culture, but one main tattoo called the Gecko is believed to have supernatural power in it. Even nowadays women and men believe that getting this tattoo needs courage and a lot of devotion to the culture. Other Hawaiian tattoos like Tiki, Sharks, Shells, Orchid, Sea turtles, dancers, volcanoes are very symbolic oriented. They give a great inner meaning to the people of this culture and that is why they love to carry over the heritage and culture in the most creative form.

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4Hip tattoo designs

Hip tattoo designs

Hip is a very seductive area of a human’s entire body. If you are a woman and are looking to enhance your sleek hip and make it more attractive, than getting a tattoo on your hip is not a bad idea at all. Even if you are getting a basic heart tattoo, it gets converted to sexy heart tattoo when it is done on the hip. You could choose something that you have always wanted to and something personal too, since you are getting it done on the hips. It is one of the most personal parts of the human body and if you want yourself to get a secretive tattoo done, then hip is your place!

There are different kinds of hip tattoos ranging from size, type, height and even colors. Your hip is very small and if you want a bigger size tattoo, you might have to extend it to the leg region or start from the upper rib region. Choosing a design could be difficult, but there are a million designs that one can choose according to their interest, personality and their comfort. Choose the right one and impress your loved ones with a sexy tattoo!

5Irish tattoo designs

Irish tattoo designs

A tattoo nowadays is all about style, trend, some religious belief and a mark of satisfaction. In those days, tattoos were a symbol of identification with the tribe community. That is one reason for Irish people wearing Irish tattoos. Yes, it is not only the sign of symbolism and community love, but also because they would like to represent the community and culture they come from. In fact, there is one main symbol that is very popular among the Irish people back in Europe, and that is called the Claddagh. Claddagh means safety where the tattoo shows two hands holding a heart. There are many symbols and tattoos that are famous among the Irish people like the Clover leaves, Celtic cross, shamrock, Irish flag. This is worn mainly to show how much they respect their culture, tradition and their country.

There are a variety of tattoos that represent the Irish community and these tattoos have become very famous in the recent years. Tattoos like an Irish flag tattoo, Tribal Knot Work tattoo, Chest Tattoo, meaningful tattoos, fighter tattoos, shield tattoo, Celtic Swan tattoo and so many more are some examples of what Irish people nowadays prefer. Europe is indeed rich in heritage and people love their country. Getting a tattoo prove that it makes even more special and amazing!

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