15 Fancy Hummingbird Tattoos- Connect With Artistic Nature


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The expression of creativity with body art is an interesting idea. The fusion of this interesting idea is beautiful when natures inspires someone. If you are agreeing to what I said, you must check out the humming bird tattoos.

People have different motives when to get a tattoo. If yours is fashion or nature attached motive, then you will love hummingbird tattoos. These tattoos are artistic to display your passion for nature.

You can be spontaneous when you get the idea of getting inked of something feminine and sensible. Here you have adorable hummingbird tattoos.

Hummingbird tattoos

1. Hummingbird tattoo on wrist


Wrist tattoos are trendy for the simple designs. Drawing a colourful tattoo on small space of your body is simple attractive.

A hummingbird tattoo on your wrist looks like a miniature art. Getting this little glory on your hand is an ultimate way to show your love for nature and art. This nature inspired art is stylish and adoring.

Am sure that you will lock your eyes on the mini wrist tattoo after getting inked.

2. Colour splash hummingbird tattoo


Dashing the colours for a beautiful paint is art ideally. The colours make the art realistic and put in life to it. So, get such realistic art of hummingbird in the form of tattoo. If you are a fan of watercolour tattoos, then you would love this idea.

The fusion of vibrant and pale colours make it a charming bird. It looks like the hummingbird is spreading colours flying around. I feel this is a mesmerizing tattoo for modish women.

3. Shoulder spread hummingbird tattoo


Intricate elaborate tattoos are awe-inspiring. If you have decided to get an intricate tattoo which is also nature inspired, then why don’t you go with this idea.

Spreading the design on shoulder is- just out this world. It is a bold idea too!

You feel extremely pretty to let the hummingbird add the feminine style. You can have a look at how shoulder spread hummingbird tattoo appears. A fashionable woman, a dreamy girl and nature lover would definitely think about this tattoo. Are you thinking to get it done?

4. Tiny ear hummingbird tattoo


Another miniature tattoo is here for you. The little munchkin with a long beak and tiny feathers fits on part of your ear or around.

The tiny tattoos are much visible with the dark ink and bold design. If you want the tiny hummingbird to peep out for stylish show- then you can ask your tattoo designer to fill in glitter or colours. It is a cutest hummingbird tattoo!

5. Hummingbird with floral designs


Floral designs being part of the tattoos is common. Most the feminine and intricate tattoos get the floral touch. Filling out the tattoo with flower art around hummingbird is a brilliant idea.

It is a happy tattoo where bird surrounded with flora. It looks like some scenic art when the cute hummingbird peeps out hiding in the flowers. It is an extreme feminine design for fashion loving women.

6. Flying humming bird tattoo

Src, Src

If you are looking for variations in hummingbird tattoo, you can check this tattoo. A free bird with open wings.

When the birds are flying open with freedom, it will be the most beautiful scene to watch. As you cant capture it closely in real, you capture with body art. The colours added to the wings make it a spectacular tattoo.

7. Two Humming birds tattoo


If you want to multiply the style of your tattoo, then get two hummingbirds. A couple of birds make your tattoo look prettier. Looking at the tattoo, you will feel it is dreamlike.

You can also have a mother and child hummingbird like shown in the above image. Two hummingbird tattoo portrays the bird talk. You will fall for this tattoo when sighting it each time.

8. Black hummingbird


Black tattoos are for minimalistic style. The darkest outlines and shaded designs with black make the tattoo stand out. You can check out the black hummingbird tattoo is fascinating.

The tattoo is a blend of black and grey which highlight the beauty of hummingbird. You will adore this little black beauty.

The delicacy of the bird is clearly shown in black colour. You can also get triple hummingbirds and the trio tattoo is extra pretty.

9. Hummingbird with quote tattoo


When you add quote to the tattoo, it becomes more expressive and meaningful tattoo. If you feel that just hummingbird tattoo is not a great idea- then think of a suitable phrase or quote.

You can choose a short phrase to add to the hummingbird tattoo. This kind of tattoos are to set an identity with statement and art.

10. Hummingbird tattoo with music notes

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Musical hummingbird is apt for music lovers. Someone who wants to stay connected with music and also want to express passion for music would want this tattoo.

The tattoo appears attractive with the music notes. Your tattoo can also go with the fusion theme of nature elements like flowers. The designs that are added make a mind blowing tattoo.

11. Hummingbird tattoo with name


Dedicating tattoos to someone is precious. Now, make this dedication even more special getting a hummingbird along.

Hummingbird along with name tattoo looks sweet. It also shows how special the name is for you. You can check out out the hummingbird tattoo with name from above- it is versed into the bird design.

12. Hummingbird stuck to flower tattoo


We generally set the beautiful clips on our phone wallpapers. This is a kind of tattoo which is a meaningful and lovely looking clip. Hummingbird getting stuck to flowers is all colourful.

A mini sized bird attacking the flower, this is an artistic reality. The above image shows the beauty of the said art. The blend of colours and the bird beauty is elevated well and you can also go with such hummingbird tattoo designs.

13. Hummingbird on tree tattoo


Birds fly into the sky and land on the ground but they go back to the trees when it time to rest. If you want a realistic hummingbird tattoo, then let the tree do it.

The black shaded tree and a cute hummingbird is what you can see in the above image. You can have a colourful tattoo with the same idea which looks extraordinary.

14. Hummingbird with long tail tattoo


Hummingbird with a long tail is a fancy tattoo. Do you think is a fictional creation? In real, there are thousands of hummingbirds spices and with long tail is one of them.

The colourful long tail with feathers looks extremely beautiful. You can get this pretty giant tattoo on your forearms or back.

15. Segmented hummingbird tattoo


Are you looking for quirky tattoo designs? If you are thinking how a hummingbird tattoo design can be quirky, you must look at the image attached for you. It is segmented and well designed to make the hummingbird picture.

You can also call it a geometric designed tattoo. The combination of segmented lines and colours make it a gorgeous minimal tattoo.

When you get an idea to get inked, you would browse for designs. Now, you may find a tattoo that you are looking for. A theme, an expression or a thought, anything can be an element of hummingbird tattoos.

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