Ways to nail the floral fashion trend


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The floral fashion is the talk of the town now and there are some amazing fashion tricks you could use to nail the trend. The heat waves have now slightly gone down now and it’s now time for you to chuck your summer cotton plain clothes and change to floral prints. Yes, we understand that changing your wardrobe could be a pain now. But, if you nail the floral prints, the beautiful colours and the stylish look, you will be in for a better looking season. So, keeping all that in mind, we are going to give you some fashion advices on how to nail the floral fashion trend that is ongoing now.

Ladies, remember that if you want to get this trend right, there are a few things you need to change about your dressing style.Anyway, here are some ways you can make yourself look better this season.

Top Ways To Get The Floral Fashion Trend Right

1The colour choice

The colour choice

Every one of us know that floral prints go great with pastel shades. If you pick the right kind of colour, you are in treat for amazing looking ‘you’. Pastel colours are extremely feminine, pretty and very simple. They will make you feel very beautiful and they do definitely have some kind of beauty that adds to your looks. There are millions of choices of choices out there and you just have to find the one that will look great on you.

Well, to start off with, you can pick a basic colour like blue or pink blouse and contrast it with a floral printed skirt. Or, go for a dress that has half printed designs so that you don’t look fully floral. Mix and match always works when it comes to floral prints. Go and pick the best footwear that you have, maybe a brown boots or a black strappy sandal. Remember to choose elegance over anything else. Not to forget your hair too. When you wear a floral print, you could also include amazing floral accessories that will make you look really pretty.

2Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Always remember that if you have prints overpowering your look, then that could be a fashion disaster. You can concentrate on simple floral prints and emphasize more on the accessories that you choose. The perfect way to actually get the floral fashion trend right is by keeping it slightly lazy. When said lazy, it just means that, you don’t have to look stunning and decked up all the time. You can look simple yet beautiful. If you are going shopping, or you have a lazy Sunday and plan to meet a few old friends, choose some colour that is pleasing and a print that is very simple. You could always have the option of making it strong with the choice of your accessories.

Go ahead with jazzy junk floral accessories or wear a statement jewellery to keep it exciting. Go ahead and carry your flashy and floral tote bag. The secret to keeping your style intact is when you actually mix simplicity with fashion. The combination is definitely impeccable.

3Try the festive look

Try the festive look

Do you know what a Woodstock festive look feels like? Everyone in the fashion runway is now wearing this style and it hasn’t gone out of style ever since. The Woodstock style is very feminine, billowy and makes your appearance fun. The best part is that you are in comfort almost always wearing these clothes. The whole idea of this festive look is adapting the sixties or the seventies style and bringing in the hipster look with it.

Floral designs are something that will make you look totally chic and yolo when it comes to hipster look. So, follow the sixties and get some flashy printed clothing. Wear it with a bandana, a floral headband and look how pretty and girly you will look in no time. A maxi dress or a funky jumpsuit is enough to make you look totally cool.

4Vintage look

Vintage look

The best thing about floral trend is that, you can include the vintage look without trying too much at all. Do you know that the floral trend was a huge fad in the thirties and forties era and the ladies back then carried it flawlessly? It was then the floral trend became a great fashion mark and the ladies back then nailed it perfectly.

If you want your vintage look to stand out, try skirts with pastel petticoats or halter neck floral tops. Of course you have the famous pin a form dress and the pastel floral printed dresses until your knee length. These are the best way to carry a vintage look flawlessly.

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5Be ready to experiment

Be ready to experiment

There is nothing more fun that actually experimenting with your fashion look. All you need to do is find out the on-going trend and mix and match it according to your fashion needs. If you follow the same floral print, you will be one out of the many. Turn the trend upside down by trying some regular clothes with floral prints. Throw a cardigan in the picture or a waist coat. If you think that you look totally different from others, that probably is what will pick up as the next trend.

Ladies, don’t worry about your shape and size. The best thing about floral print is that they suit every shape and size and it is very easy to look beautiful with floral prints. All you need to do is find the best and comfortable clothing and go ahead with it without doubting your instincts. If you think you have nailed the floral fashion trend, write to us on how you achieved it.

-Pavithra Ravi