Indian Directors and alternative career options


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Indian directors

Every director in the Indian Cinema is known for their own diversity and their niche approach to making movies. Think of this – What if these Indian directors hadn’t chosen direction! What would they have become? So, this is going to be a dreamy article on what other than directing could have been their prospective career for these Indian Directors.

Some of the Ideal Career Choices that Could Have Been an Alternative

1Mani Ratnam

Mani Ratnam

Well, according to us, we think that a director like Mani Ratnam could have become a marriage or relationship counselor. Wondering why? Because right from one of his early movies, Mouna Ragam to his recent most – OK Kanmani, the director has always been right on the cord about love and relationships. There is no one who can portray a relationship better than this legendary director. He makes sure to mix both reality and dream and give out such beautiful yet realistic stories. If he can do that on screen, then being a relationship counselor would have been the best and easy choice of career for Mr. Mani! Who wouldn’t want a movie like Alaipayuthey/Sathiya to be their story in their real life?

2Imitiaz Ali

Imitiaz Ali

The man has taken every opportunity to showcase his movie in the most wonderful location as possible. There is a very close element of the journey, wanderlust in his movies and that is what becomes more noticeable than his storyline. The director would have made a great travel guide or a travel photographer as his eye for traveling and journey locations are impeccable and perfect. In fact, the director himself when interviewed had said that he would love to do the job of a travel guide since he likes to travel and photograph places. The best thing about him having this as a career alternative is that, he loves it and he likes to show a million stories from one single one. He is one of the Indian directors who can turn magic on screen with just locations and scenery.

Here are some important lesson we learnt from the Bollywood industry in 2015



There is nothing more appropriate for director Bala to have become than being a Human rights activist. If you want to feel sympathy and watch a movie that will move you, then you can sit in front of a Bala’s movie. With a budget of a shoestring and a brilliant crew that does everything he expects, he makes movies that revolve around human rights, their emotions, the inner meaning of life and death. He can smoother your ego and make you shut up to his beautiful story and his meaning of life. A wonderful director that he is, if he hadn’t done Sethu (his first movie), then being a human rights activist would have been the next best thing for this talented director

4Gautham Menon (GM)

Gautham Menon

Keeping him as the protagonist for most of his movies, Gautham Menon wrote a lot of movies which was a reflection of himself. He is one of the very few directors who has learnt the art of respecting women in his movies and gives the women protagonists an important role than just dancing or using them as a sex object. Guatham Menon could have made an amazing lecturer who can speak about his life, teach values and women’s rights to children and youngsters if he hadn’t chosen direction as his first choice. It is very important that out Indian schools and colleges have a person like GM who believes in the future, young and mainly strong contenders (women) to teach and steer the youth in the perfect direction. Being a lecturer, the director would have done an amazing job.

5Rajkumar Hirani

Rajkumar Hirani

If you go a little deeper than originally, you will find that Rajkumar Hirani is a director who has made a lot of socially active movies. His brilliant case study movies like 3 idiots, PK are a few to back up the statement. If Rajkumar Hirani hadn’t taken a direction in his hand, then his alternative career could have been a social activist because of his noble eye for social causes. He very much care about the society and his movies are a reflection of the same. People don’t understand something like not taking bribes or littering, unless it is put on an enjoyable or a funny manner. Hirani’s approach of telling the public about all this in a comedy and pun intended manner is his success. So, he could have made a great social activist or had a social activities group for himself if he hadn’t done direction.



The man who turns everything into gold, glitter and glamour is known for just that! Shankar is one of the very few directors who took Indian cinema to a new height, which is not very reachable by other directors in such short span. Though he has been in the industry for the past 2 decades, he has directed only 12 movies till now. Even with such short movie listings, he has pushed the envelope a lot higher with his grandeur locations and sets. Everyone knows that he is the god for Exotic locations, shimmering and superlative sets and of course world-class technology without compromise. These are the very little things without which, you can’t imagine a Shankar’s movie at all. When he can do so much with movies, he sure would have been a brilliant wedding planner too. The second richest and grand event after a movie is a wedding. Just imagine him handling a wedding and planning for it. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he turns the wedding hall into a golden ball, right?

We love these directors and no matter what and how they make movies, there is a special fan club for each of their unique styles. This was an imaginary article and not to hurt anyone’s feelings at all. So, let’s take it light and if you have any more suggestions, let us know in the comment box, below!

-Pavithra Ravi