11 Makeup Products Mirror Deepika Padukone’s Look


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When we have to describe a person beautifully in words- we search for the best adjectives. It is ever tough to describe some people as we go speechless at their beauty. Let me ask, how would you describe Deepika Padukone? It is going to be endless- her confidence, fashion, appearance and smile. Isn’t it? We are going to talk about her makeup for now.

What all makeup products does this diva uses? You must have thought of it. I wonder looking at celebrities. Always had a doubt, if they use makeup products that we use. So, lets clear the doubts and know the secrets behind Deepika’s breathtaking looks.

I think Deepika adds little shimmer and blush along with her confident attitude. So, first we must admire at her confidence, elegance and raw style. Then, it becomes easy to imitate her appearance knowing the makeup products she uses.

Makeup Products To Look Flawless Like Deepika- The Diva

Deepika taught us fashion lessons and also gave some makeup goals with her appearances. These products will helps you get the final flawless makeup look.

1. e.l.f. Cosmetics Expert Liquid Liner


Deepika always kills us with those dark expressive eyes! You can also get those killer eyes with this amazing eyeliner. If you want to try other shade of it- then check out the 5 shades that are available. I guess, Deepika well explores the shades for her eye makeup.

The product is smudge proof and also waterproof. Since this is a liquid eyeliner, you may opt it out. But the firm, soft and thin bristles allow you to give precise strokes. Once you apply it on the liner, it will dry quickly. Over everything, this product is available easily and affordable too.

Available Here

2. Estee Lauder – Pure Color Envy – Sculpting EyeShadow 5 Color Palette


If you want the favourite metallic eye makeup like Deepika, then you must get this eyeshadow palette. You have 5 different shades which are lightly shimmered.

The shades are well pigmented and blend into skin easily. The texture of the eyeshadows is a extremely soft and creamy. The staying power is great and it also stays on without irritate your eyes.

You can get that neutral stunning makeup which is classy on Deepika Padukone. Imitating her eye makeup is simple with this super product.

Available Here

3. Nyx Professional Makeup Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade


After setting everything well, are you still feeling something is not missing from Deepika like eyes. Then, it must be tinted brows. So, here is a product to fill in and colour your eyebrows.

The shades are highly pigmented. The tint is creamy and glides on with smooth texture. If you want to try various shades, you can. Experiment all the shades and see what suits you better.

It is easy to use even as beginner as you can effortlessly blend it. The tint lasts on for 5-7 hours. It is a waterproof product. You cant even skip this product for it’s price as it is affordable.

Available Here

4. NYX Micro Brow Pencil


When you want to keep your look all perfect, you cant miss to draw your eyebrows. The dark eyebrows contribute heaps for stunning eye makeup. I don’t Deepika leaves her brows without darkening them. Now, for that precised dark eyebrows, become an expert to shape them with NYX brow pencil.

It goes easily even on bushy brows. The ultra thin tip of the pencil makes it an easy to use product. It gives your brows a natural finishing. To define your brows with dark shade, this is the best one.

Available Here

5. Maybelline New York Hypercurl Mascara Waterproof, Black


The curled up lashes open the eyes big. Then, why would any woman skip mascara which also highlights the lashes with dark pigment. Mascara is a must have even for Deepika. You can get the that perfect eye makeup with this brilliant choice.

The mascara stays on through out the day. Even the curled lashes hold up as is. Some mascara are too heavy to hold on your lashes. This is different from such heavy wear. It is light and comfortable to wear which gives you a natural looking lashes.

The applicator is a well designs with a slight twist which curls the lashes really well. As the bristles are soft, short and firm, you will be able to cover all your lashes with it. You can pick this mascara for intoxicating eyes like Deepika Padukone.

Available Here

6. MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick – Ultra Darling


Do you want blush pink lips that Deepika shows off beautifully? If you are wanting such lovely lips, then try this shades. It is a little glossy with very light shine. When goes on lips it blends in with your skin tone. It is nude pink shade lipstick that suits most of the Indian skin tones.

The lipstick also plays of role of lip balm. It keeps your lips hydrated for few hours. If you have noticed Deepika- The Diva, she pairs the nude lipsticks with smokey eyes. So, you can try out the same makeup look- natural pink lips and smokey eyes is enough to look flattering.

Available Here

7. M.A.C Matte Bronzing Powder


How perfectly Deepika contours her face features! Even you can be that perfect at contouring your face features. You will need M.A.C bronzing powder to frame your face as you needed.

The product has decent pigmentation. You can give your face matte natural contour. What contributes to make it natural is- the shade and pigmentation. The lasting power is around 5-6 hours which can be considered as a pro. Finally, we can say it is a wonderful product to define your features.

Available Here

8. Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate


Makeup Revolution highlighter is a perfect product to give your dewy makeup look that Deepika mostly appears with. The shade is champagne gold which is perfect for evening parties.

The highlighter got the tiny shimmers that makes your makeup sheen. It blends into your skin. The lasting power of this product is great. You need not worry about- loaded shimmery look. It gives a natural touch that you can confidently go with.

Available Here

9. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock, SPF 50


Sweat proof and waterproof products make women feel carefree. They don’t have to worry about washing off the applied cream when they sweat. So, here is one of excellent sunblock from Neutrogena.

Excessive sun exposure a threat for skin. Sun burns, pigmentation, tan and freckles are the effects of sun on skin. Deepika relies on sunblock product which protects her skin better than anything. So, you can try this out product which non oily. This lightweight moisturizer saves your skin from harmful sun rays.

Available Here

10. Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation


Deepika’ makeup is polished and decent with flawless finish. Every woman would dreams and tries to get such makeup finishing. For that you must collect the right makeup products. So, here is a makeup must have from Bobbi brown.

If you are looking for lightweight evening out foundation- this is great for you. It is not heavy like regular foundation as it is serum based. It gives a medium coverage with thin layers that makes your everyday makeup natural. As it contains SFP40 it will be a bonus for you choosing this product.

Not messy and not cakey- just makes your makeup natural.

Available Here

11. Inglot Matte Lipstick 425


In an Instagram post, Deepika captioned why red is a special colour. She says “red attracts instantly”. If you have the same view about red, then try the above look of Deepika. For that you need a outstanding red lipstick and here is one of the best one that can match= Inglot matte lipstick.

You must try your hands on this lipstick- if you have dusky skin complexion like beautiful Deepika. Wearing hot red lipstick with dusky skin tone is a lovely and you can see how flawless Depeika is looking in the above picture.

The lipstick contains of vitamin E and apricot kernal oil which moisturizes your lips along with colouring. It is also a paraben free lipstick.

Available Here

Now, you can collect all these makeup products to finish Deepika Padukone look. All these products are easily available and most of them are affordable too. What else stops you from looking a diva.

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