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Dating is fun and it puts you in a happy place. But what about all the heartaches that come after you are not feeling so great? It is great that you will get to feel amazing and the guy will make you feel like you are princess at first, but after a few days, it starts to sink and stink. It turns from being warm to feeling cold (if you know what I mean). Your relationship becomes stale and there is nothing much that you can do to enjoy the romance anymore.

Sometimes you start to feel that the love and care you got from your boyfriend shifts to other things. Of course you do deserve a guy who can tell you and who can make you feel good about yourself. If you don’t feel better in a relationship, you are definitely not supposed to be in one. Plus, falling in love and devoting your time and self in a person is not fun at all. It is serious business. So, if you are ready for that and a little bit of heartbreak, you should know what comes before the heartbreak too.

How do you decide if you want to break up with a guy? Well, there are signs all over about that. You will know it only after you get close to him. There are sometimes in your relationship that you would feel bad about yourself or your boyfriend. But that isn’t your mistake at all. All that depends on how your guy makes you feel in the relationship. There are various signs that can prove that you should break up with him. If you don’t know what they are, wake up, smell the burning bread and find out the reasons. So, we are going to give you a list of things that are break up material. If you find your guy doing any of this repeatedly, then you can definitely break up with him.

Also know that there are some times that can be very innocent, so pick the right moments. Don’t break up blindly. This is a huge disclaimer that you should know!

Some Signs That You Should Right Away Break Up With The Love Of Your Life!

1If he lies to you

If he lies to you

White lies are fine! Do you know what white lies are? Well, if your boyfriend has been telling you lies that don’t matter, then it’s fine. Like if he tells you that he is at work, when he is really playing cricket with his friend or if he is at home taking a rest, but tells you that he is out with his parents, then you can definitely chill. Because these are nothing compared to the real lies. These are something that even you do when you want a break from people or one person. Something that hurts you bad and you have been feeling terrible about it is a lie that can become a deal breaker. If he ends up lying about who he was with the previous night, or if he fakes his feeling, that is when you are supposed to feel disturbed.

If he ruins your trust or tells something you think he doesn’t really mean from the heart, then that is your first sign. Well, everyone is not perfect, so maybe once or twice is acceptable. Even you might have said something that you didn’t mean from your heart. So, always give the guy the benefit of the doubt or hope. But if it keeps continuing and if he keeps lying to you or hiding stuff that is important for you, then that becomes a serious deal. That is when you should know that he is not going to be true to you and the right thing to do is to break up with him.

2If he cheated on you

If he cheated on you

Well, this goes without saying! If your man cheated on you more than once, then that is your sure shot sign that you should break up with him. If you have proof that he has done something behind your back and that he has been sleeping or seeing some other girl, then it is something that is devastating for you. But remember that you know that he cheated on you for sure. Because, accusing someone, that to your boyfriend of cheating is not a small thing. It is a big thing, so if you have been feeling the ordeal, you should try to collect evidence about the cheating so that he doesn’t escape by just saying that he didn’t do it. If you have solid evidence and proof of the same, then there is no reason why you should stick to the relationship. Also remember that people make mistakes sometimes without thinking. If you think that you can forgive and move on, good for you. But if he is a chronic cheater, then you have to watch your back and break up with him.

3If he doesn’t support you

If he doesn’t support you

A man who doesn’t support or even understand your ideas or thoughts, is a man who will never understand you too. So, the best thing you can do is to try and change his perception about the way he thinks of you and your ideas. If he doesn’t try to support or even understand what you are trying to say, then there is no need why you should still stay in a relationship that looks meaningless to you. A successful couple is when they support each other and understand each other’s meaning for life. Your man should support and encourage you in so many ways that should suffocate you with happiness. If he doesn’t support or even encourage you, then why should you live with a man who doesn’t believe in what you believe! Isn’t’ it better to find a like minded person and one who can appreciate the small things and give confidence to you?

4If there is a lot of fight

If there is a lot of fight

Well, this can’t be measured, but without fights there can’t be any relationship happening. Everybody fights and it is a small way in which your relationship gets stronger and healthier. There is no relationship that can stay strong without misconceptions, fights or even misunderstandings. But, if the fights are regular and happens almost every day without a stop to it, then there is something that is stopping you both from loving each other in spite of the fight. If your guy instigates a fight or provokes the fight unwontedly even when you are trying to fix the fight, then that is when you should know that he is doing it wontedly to irritate you. This could be one way of trying to move away from you, so if he is doing it, then it means that he is trying to break up with you. Why should you give him the chance to do that? Instead, you break up with him even before he starts to tell you how much he doesn’t like you. Remember that you can never be happy with a man who wants to fight and have drama all the time.

5If he is an addict

If he is an addict

If you think or know that your guy is an addict to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, then that is the number one reason why you shouldn’t trust him! You shouldn’t be willing to be with a man who will sacrifice anything for the sake of his happiness. You never know how he will turn out to be. If you think that you can change him once you are married to him, then you may be wrong about that. You never know what kind of a drug addict he can turn out to be. Be very careful about this. If you think that your boyfriend is an amazing person, but is still addicted to something, try to get him into a group. That will make him realize how serious you are about him. If even that doesn’t work, there is no better way for you and him. Just move out of his life.

6If he tortures you emotionally or physically

If he tortures you emotionally or physically

The biggest problem of all is when the guy tends to emotionally or physically torture you. The first thing you should do is to leave him because you cannot be with a guy who keeps hitting you just because he wants entertainment. The women’s community in India suffers of physical abuse and torture. While this may happen in most of the uneducated families, you don’t have to be one of them. You are a literate and you are beautiful. You will get a better life and you can make that happen only if you leave your abusive boyfriend. If he physically touches you to hit, you can definitely file a case against him. So, leave him now if you are in such a situation.

7If the sex is bad

If the sex is bad

Well, this doesn’t really count as one of the reasons, but in the long run, even this is a real problem. If sex isn’t the way you expected or isn’t the way he expected, there are problems that could be raised in the long run after your marriage. Let us all be honest with each other! Sex and physical attribution is something that is very important for a relationship to last. All talks, no fun is not something that you can sign up for! When we say ‘bad sex’, it means – erectile dysfunction, not able to perform well in bed, always tired, not ready to embrace the womanhood, not able to satisfy you. These are the things we are talking about. If you have tried all ways to tell him that you are not satisfied and if he still doesn’t get it, then there is nothing more you can do that leave him. A man who cares about you will always try to make sex interesting and amazing for you even if he knows he can’t satisfy you. He will at least try! If nothing of that sort happens, then you better move on.

8If he uses just your money

If he uses just your money

There are many guys who use just your money and there is no return of love that they give. There is no gratitude, love, compassion or even a thank you. When you feel that your boyfriend has been using up all your money in the name of business or something or the other, it is time you start to think about yourself more than him. There is no need for you to give him any money because that is not why you are in a relationship. You can help your boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean he can take advantage of you or your well being. Remember, it is your hard earned money that you have saved from the day one. Just because he is irresponsible, doesn’t mean that you should give in for such stuff. Don’t budge when it comes to money. Every relationship has its own limits!

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9If you think you are settling

If you think you are settling

Remember that you should never settle just because the guy is handsome or has a good background. There is something more than any of this. That is called love. If you don’t feel the love in your heart, then there is something that is definitely not right about your relationship with the guy. Even if you fight, the fake break up or shout at each other, at the end love holds it together and gets back in no time. If you don’t feel that pull, then there is no reason for you to just stick around with someone who doesn’t bother about it too.

-Pavithra Ravi

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