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When you are on the road of penny-pinching, you can do two things to avoid it. One is to save money by not spending a lot and the other one is by earning more money to save more. Though both are a good way of saving up for our future, you will achieve when you have two different jobs and increase your bank balance. It will also elevate your long-term goals, whether it is to pay back your student loan or for a dream vacation. Coming up with a side business plan is a great excuse to earn more money than you expect.

But the question now is what business should you do? There are literally a thousand of options out there, which can earn you easy bucks. Some jobs require significant time, experience and some are easy to get in. Here are some options you can consider to start a side business

Some Side Businesses Ideas To Start

11. Public lectures or speaking


For this particular side business, you need to know what you are good at. When you figure out your specialization, it is easy to come up with an idea and outline for the same. You might want to check for your target audience and their area of interest. If you are good at communication, then conduct a lecture on ‘How to communicate, effortlessly’, which will be helpful for school and college students. This way, you will have people coming in.

You are obviously on a pressure point where you have to make the speaking interesting. If you get popular on this, more and more offers will knock your way. It is an easy way to make money when you target your audience perfectly.

22. Tutoring


Like public speaking, tutoring can also be a key factor that can target children. It is not only a great way to earn money, but is also a very satisfying job. You are imparting and transferring the knowledge in your to another person. If you are skilled in a certain area like math, science, social, why not take advantage of the same to make more money. You can very much stick up flyers around schools, neighbourhood and notify your friends so that they can spread the word. This could be one of the best ways to start a side business. Once you start tutoring with a few students, it is easy to go ahead through referrals.

33. Child life coach


No, this isn’t a made up job! This is absolutely a kind of side business job that needs no previous experience! It comes out of what you have learnt from your childhood. Parents are so busy with their office work, that they often don’t get the chance to teach their kids, basic skills like playing a baseball, pee training, bike riding, skipping etc. So, they hire a child life coach who gets to teach the kids whatever they want to learn. It needs no special credentials and comes with experience. The parents are willing to pay up a lot of such a job. So, when you are bored, why don’t you make some money?

44. Personal assistants to seniors

Personal assistants

A personal assistant to seniors is also a huge satisfying job that involves helping older generation. Many seniors live alone and struggle by themselves to work, cook, go to the grocery store. You can be their helper. This is more or less an easy way to earn money. You might want to be sensitive when you ask for your fees from elders. 10-20$ per hour or per work you do. This will also make them feel satisfied that there is someone who takes care of them.

55. Freelance writing

Freelance writing

Freelance writing can be a great way to earn easy money without doing much. If you already have a blog or a writing experience, you can easily apply online and get a copywriting job. Blogging is also a good start to becoming a writer, if you align yourself with an established blog spot. The competition in this sector is fierce and you would have to be great at what you do. A skilled-worker is what everyone is looking out for. You are going to fight your way into this market by proving your skills. But, the good news here is that, quality writing never goes out of trend. So prove your skills to get a niche audience to read your blogs or writing.

66. Catering


This is the most creative and an easy field if you have the desired skill to work your way. Catering is a good start to a bigger picture. Cooking at home and not working for a restaurant pays you more than you actually think. Try to figure out what you are best at and focus on one line of catering. Are you great at making cupcakes? Go ahead, make a dessert or a cup cake sample for your clients. IF they love it, they know where to find you. You can always use Google as your best friend to explore and learn new dishes. This way you and your business grow.

77. Egg donor


Ladies, did you know that your egg can make you earn is thousands of dollars? If you are fairly young and have a good health, then you can keep this as an open option to earn big bucks. But, you should keep in mind that this involves a lot of emotional and physical consequences. Make sure you are ready for something this big. This is also a process that, once you’re accepted into an egg donation program, usually takes 3-5 weeks, or longer.

If you have good health conditions, there are high chances of it looks brighter. Families that seek egg donors will also require you to pass on a medical certificate and would ask you to undergo a psychological test to make sure everything is a green flag for them. As you might imagine, college students are usually the most coveted group.

Ladies, here are a few ideas that can churn in some easy money for yourself. Do try what you think you are good at. If you make money, go ahead and look at the larger picture. If you fail to do so, you have your permanent job anyway to back you up!

-Pavithra Ravi

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