10 Classic Makeup Removal Mistakes, All The Women Are Doing


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Makeup removal mistakes
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Applying makeup requires skill, the perfect base, a well blended eye shadow or even a nicely done cupid’s bow on your lip. The more you practice the better we get. But removing makeup seems easy, We shouldn’t need special skills to remove make up. Right? But that’s not true. Even though the simple task of removing makeup doesn’t need skills, women tend to make so many make up removal mistakes that end up having side effects in the long run. We came across 10 classic makeup removal; mistakes, all of the women doing and most of us were guilty of doing those. Are you also committing these makeup removal mistake? Read on to find out.

Most Common Makeup Removal Mistakes

1. Forget to remove it at all

Forget to remove it at allThe most common and one of the classic makeup removal mistakes is not removing makeup at all. A lot of time we tend to feel really tired after the party ends and all we want is to just lie down on the bed and doze off. But as tempting as it looks, do not forget ladies, that even a single night of sleep with your makeup on can actually damage your pores and rob them off their moisture. Not to mention even block them. This can cause severe breakouts and for women who regularly do this can have very early signs of aging. So please, it may take 5 more minutes but your skin can actually breathe after your makeup is removed.

2. Using wipes to remove makeup

Another quick fix makeup removal mistake that women are guilty of doing is using just wipes, to clean off the makeup. Although the wipes available for cleaning away makeup can do a great job, it still cannot completely remove all traces of makeup embedded on your face. Wipes can be a great first step to a two step makeup removal method. Always use a cleanser to clean your face thoroughly after using wipes.

3. Leaving your hair open

Leaving your hair openA lot of women forget to tie their hair back every time they head over to the washroom for removing makeup. Half way through you may realize you have left your hair open, but by then you’re already covered in your makeup residue to even care. This makeup removal mistake can be really bad for hair, since it can collect the makeup bits and also make it difficult to remove the foundation applied near your hair line. Use a simple tie to put your hair back in a high pony and use a head band to keep strays away.

4. Single makeup remover for entire face

Women tend to buy just one makeup remover for their face without considering the different compositions of their makeup products. Using just one type of makeup remover can sometimes make it difficult to remove special makeup products like waterproof mascara or oil based kohl etc. One of the most common makeup removal mistakes, this will make your makeup removal less efficient by keeping traces of mascara or other cosmetic product stuck in your eye for a long time. You should ideally have one cream based cleanser for removing base and kohl, a bi-phased remover for eye and lip makeup removal and also a clarifying remover for mascaras.

5. Rubbing your eyes for mascara

Rubbing your eyes for mascaraWhile removing eye makeup, especially mascara or eye shadow, you should avoid rubbing your eyes in order to scrub it off your eyes and lashes. This scrubbing, tugging and pulling can cause stress to your eyes and over tie develop wrinkles around your eyes. Also your lashes can get weak and be broken if you try to rub it in all the directions. The best way would be to dip a cotton pad in remover and start swiping out the mascara in outward motions and wiping off the residue after it is done.

6. Using a single pad for entire face

Another common makeup removal mistakes women do is use a single pad for removing the makeup of the entire face. When you remove makeup a single pad can transfer the makeup from your lips and eyes to your face and vice-versa. It can also transfer the dirt all over your face and make it even worse. This not just reduces efficiency of makeup removal but also gives your skin unnecessary stress.

7. Not cleaning properly

Not cleaning properlyLadies, we agree you’re in a hurry, well mostly. After your amazing party night all you want is to just get your makeup removed and rush to the bed. But in the hurry o lot times, women tend to leave behind makeup not cleaning all of the face properly. This can not only cause you to break out but can also potentially ruin your sheets.

8. Forget cleaning your neck

This makeup removal mistake is so genuine that even we have found forgetting to clean the neck. We concentrate so much on the lipstick, the mascara and the pesky black kohl that we tend to forget removing all the base we had put on our neck. Cleaning the neck is really important, the heavy amount of foundation we put on our jawline to carve out the perfect contour, can remain around for the night and cause your skin pores to block. Make sure this doesn’t happen. Apply a good amount of cleansing milk all over your face before you start rubbing everything off so that you remember in the end to wipe your neck.

9. Using the wrong products

Using the wrong productsWomen do not tend to pay attention to the ingredients in the skin products while buying, but for healthy skin you should be aware of what suits your skin and what doesn’t. Using makeup remover that doesn’t suit your skin can be really bad decision. A woman with oily skin should keep away from creamy and oil based cleansers it can increase the chances of breakouts. Make sure you know all the ingredients well before purchase.

10. Forget moisturizer afterwards

Definitely a makeup removal mistake we are all guilty of. We finally come out of the washroom feeling victorious of the fact that we just successfully removed all traces of makeup and enjoying the clean fresh face, but we just head over to doing the normal stuff the moment that is done. A lot of times we forget moisturizing our faces post makeup removal. This can make your face dry since makeup can rob your skin off the natural oils and depreciate your skin moisture. To keep your skin soft supple and moisturized, make sure you use a good night cream or a moisturizer every night before going to sleep. Also don’t forget to apply a lip balm.

Forget moisturizer afterwardsSo there you have it, 10 most common makeup removal mistakes all women make. And even though earlier you had no idea you were doing it wrong, now that you have read all about it make sure you remove our makeup correctly and nicely. For further skincare and health make sure you use a good moisturiser and regularly exfoliate, tone and wash your face. Hope this piece of information helps.

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