Different kinds of Food that cause acidity


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cause acidity

Many a times our body changes itself according to the food we consume and intake on our regular basis. Acidity is a common complaint in most of the children, youngsters and even infants. For obvious reasons elders have acidity because they move less and do not have active exercise in their body for them to digest their food. But, acidity in younger generation causes only because of the variety of food that is being consumed. Here are some of the foods that you need to avoid consuming on everyday basis. These 5 foods that cause acidity could be really harmful for children if consumed regularly. Here are the different kinds of food that cause acidic reflux.

Top Foods to Avoid Consuming on Everyday Basis



As much as it tastes amazing, the bad news is that chocolate could cause acid reflux in the human body. Chocolate lovers should have to not eat it regularly, otherwise it can cause various side effects. To start off with, chocolate has caffeine, which will make you get addicted to it. Secondly, it also has a stimulant called theobromine, which causes acidity. Needless to say, the chocolates contain heavy dosage of fat and since it contain cocoa, the acidity level risk is on the higher side. But, the one good thing about chocolate is that, dark chocolate is way better than milk chocolates or nut chocolate because dark chocolates have lesser fat content and do not increase the risk of acidity.

2Colas or Sodas

Colas or Sodas

The beverages that you drink obviously causes acidic reflux and probably this is a known fact. Everybody who consumes soda knows that it isn’t a very healthy drink since it has carbon-di-oxide in it. The bubbles inside the drink are heavy dosage of CO2 and are one of the main ways in which body becomes weaker day by day. Those sodas that have caffeine are even worse. You could go in for fresh juices or canned fruit juices that are less carbonated or no carbonated when compared to sodas. This only increases the acidic nature in your stomach and makes you fatter day in and day out.

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3Fried food

Fried food

Did you know that most people who eat fried food every day are prone to die sooner than those who eat it in minimal? Yes, junk or fried food can be super fat sticking element that does not leave the body without making sure that it adds extra side effects for you. Without even your knowledge, fried food can give you cholesterol increase and chest pain from esophageal reflux. Acidity in the esophagus increases and makes a rupture into your heart. Deep fried foods or any junk like Pizzas, burgers, French fries, bajjis, bondas etc are in the bad list of items that cannot be eaten every day. Even consumption of extra chips can lead to an acidic rupture. The different kinds of food involving fried items can be the main cause of heart attacks also.



Like how sodas are harmful for health, alcohol is considered to be 40% more harmful than sodas. This is because the drink is very raw and there is not enough water mixture in it. The most acidic is beer and wine, which is why many men put on weight only in their stomach because they drink more beer than the ladies. Not many alcoholic beverages contain acidic content like Vodka or Whiski, but the alcohol is believed to relax the heart valve which is why the esophagus comes into play. If you are a regular drinker, you should definitely check out a shrink for the same. If you are an occasional drinker, you might want to avoid the acidic prone drinks.

Otherwise, you can always take the easy route of drinking a cocktail or a glass of red wine. Wine makes your skin better and whiter. Drinking wine is better than a beer.

5High Fat dairy items

High Fat dairy items

High fat foods do cause all the acidity and creates the reflux easily. You cannot debate that cheese is better than butter or butter is better than curd and so on because all of it isn’t good for health. You definitely should eat the dairy products, but use it in less quantity. Anything taken less will not affect your body much. So, it is important for you to remember that you can eat dairy products, but don’t fill up your sandwich with choose, butter, pizza and mayo toppings which may not be a healthy meal.



All the items above items can be taken in lesser quantities but one thing that the doctors don’t prescribe for teenagers is drinking even one cup of coffee. Well, youngsters nowadays have a lot to think about like their assignments and projects. This leads to a headache and so they end up consuming coffee shots. One cup a day is fine, but you can’t keep filling your stomach with caffeine, which will be the first cause of acidity. Chamomile, which is an herbal tea can keep you healthy in all kinds of situations and remove pressure off your head. Green tea or even normal tea is way better than coffee or any caffeine related items.

-Pavithra Ravi

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