What do attractive women do differently?


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Attractive women just know what to do and how to make men fall for them. It isn’t about what they do, but it is about how they do it. Yes, attractive women are very sure about their own worth. They have no time to please the men in their lives, but that also doesn’t mean that they throw the men and not care about them. Indeed, it is a balanced act that they do and do it very well. Is it so easy for women to fall for men with power and money? If no, then why are they doing it again and again to prove themselves at the lower and weaker group? Well, that is something that is done differently by attractive women. An attractive woman knows how to handle men and knows how to speak or act for them. If you are attractive, if you are confident and you know what you want to do, then why go behind men. You can do everything so differently and beautifully that men should want to come behind you.

Being independent is the key here. There is a secret you must follow to make men your person. Yes, if you are not confident about your body, looks or the way you feel, just throw all that behind you and try something new. With confidence comes the energy to do something nicer and better. With that level of energy comes something called independence. When you have tasted the freedom, you wouldn’t mind living alone. The secret is going to be revealed or unveiled by me in this article. So ladies, if you have been obsessing for ever about the slavery system or about not getting enough independence, you have been doing it wrong the whole time. Here are some practical things attractive women do to make a guy fall for her. There are certain things you might have to do differently and here are those secrets.

Top Things Attractive Women Do

1Men don’t rule them

Men don’t rule them

If you have just met a guy and he looks good and everything, don’t fall for him just like that. Don’t reply to his texts immediately, don’t meet him every day and don’t cancel your plans with your best friends because he asked you to meet him. Yes, it is normal to feel like he is the man of your life. But, when you give him importance and let the other things go away, then that is when the man takes that to his advantage. Don’t prioritize him over your work or your friends because you have worked for a long time or short time now before you met him. The work defines your commitment to something. Your friends define your ability to be and spend time with them. If you leave all this just for a man, he may not respect you as much as he will if you don’t give much care to him. Men always like the opposites. If you give them importance, they will want space and if you give space they will want you more. So, do the latter and make him want you more. Staying firm in the starting of a relationship is very important.

2They appreciate men

They appreciate men

Well, as much as you want to keep them under your thumb, you shouldn’t be treating them as slaves. Men are ‘bastards’ is a poor statement and an old adage to not liking their personality. Well, nowadays men are super smart and they know what they want or what they do. The men you see everyday are also humans and they need to be given respect and treat them with intelligence. Complimenting a man doesn’t mean that you are appreciating him. The real appreciation happens when you let them decide certain things, give them the liberty to talk to you, let them make decisions and when you acknowledge them is when you are really giving them their much needed appreciation.

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3Touching the men

Touching the men

Actually speaking men or boys don’t really feel comfortable with the words. They are a weird kind of clan that don’t believe in what you say. If you want to mean it, you have to touch them to prove that you really mean it. If you tend to touch their hands or shoulder, men tend to relate to you faster and in a better way. If you touch a man’s back, they know that they should trust you in a sexy way. If you want to be an attractive woman, try to touch the man on his arm or shoulder and make him feel like he is one among you. He will respect you in all the ways you want him to.

4Make them feel good

Make them feel good

Do you sometimes want to hug the man in your life? Well, if that is normal, then he wants sex from you is normal too. It is very easy and a simple logic. A man wants sex because he wants to feel closer to you and share everything with you. It isn’t bad or anything. Of course, I am not saying that you should have sex right in 2-3 months after you meet a guy. I am just saying that making them feel good is also important. Dress up for them, groom yourself, wear good clothes and good lingerie. Getting offended about a sleazy comment will make him feel away from you. Appreciate the sex and make him feel good about himself and then you know how to feel good about yourself from then on.

5They have people skills

They have people skills

People skills are very important when it comes to feeling attractive. If you are going to be quiet, not talking a lot and making no comments about anything, it isn’t going to be like you at all. People would not want to talk to you or interact with you. So, don’t be like that. Talk to everyone around you without having a stuck idea that men might not like you. Don’t ever think about that at all. Just be friendly and that is what men find more attractive than anything else.

-Pavithra Ravi

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