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Not many Indians know a lot of things until it has hit the news or until it is made into a movie. Yes, there are so many cases that are underlined and that are not in the limelight. If the news or if moviemakers hadn’t made movies out of the real situation, a lot of us wouldn’t have known real life incidents like Arushi Talwar, No one killed Jessica and maybe even Neerja for that matter. Neerja is a bold attempt by one of the leading directors who showed how in 1986, an air hostess who was brave enough to sacrifice her own life to save 359 people during a hijack in Pakistan.

On September 5th, 1986, a brave heart lost her soul who was devoted to her work, to her country and especially to the citizens and her profession. Thanks to the media and the movie stars who enacted the real life incident so beautifully, that puts a beam of satisfaction in all our hearts. After thirty years, the movie still moves us, makes us numb to the knees and lets us weep like a baby. Neerja, the brave soul of India needs to be applauded by all the citizens and that is one of the main reasons why you should watch the movie Neerja without fail. Wonderfully acted by Sonam Kapoor, this movie is definitely special and needs to be given a lot of recognition. Also, here are reasons why you should watch the movie Neerja.

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Movie

1Reality is truer than fiction

Reality is truer than fiction

Yes, when the reality is truer than fiction, you wouldn’t want to miss something like that. When you know that there has been something that has happened in the society, to a fellow citizen, you wouldn’t want to not know about the brave soul, right? The nail biting events, the reason why she saved everyone and the real story of Neerja has been untold until this movie came out. So, people this is one main reason why you should watch the movie. Not because, it is going to be an entertainment, but because you need to see the inside of what happened in real life. This will indeed make all of us realize how precious life is, and how in a minute she threw her life in front of 359 people’s lives.

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2Because of Sonam Kapoor

Because of Sonam Kapoor

If you are a fan of Sonam Kapoor, then Neerja would be a delight to all of you. We have seen her in very girly, mushy and the regular kind of acting and for a change, this movie is all about empowerment of women. A brave girl that Sonam is, has pulled out the movie very well and has made audiences applaud for her wonderful acting. It has been a week and more in the cinemas and people like her more than ever. Her recent movie before Neerja was Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, that also gave her the much needed recognition, but the movie Neerja will bring her laurels for her bold and charismatic attempt. Simple make-up, look alike dresses and a humble character makes Sonam Kapoor a perfect match for the movie and as Neerja herself.

3Shabana Azmi is a latest entry

Shabana Azmi is a latest entry

We have always known Shabana Azmi as one of the most critically acclaimed actresses in the Bollywood industry. Well, let’s not hold it just there. We are ready to open the red carpet for her in this movie for her voice over for the movie Neerja. The way she narrates the movie, the way she lures the audience with the story is so gripping that it would hurt not to watch it. So people, rush to the movie theaters just to hear her and see how gracefully aged she has turned.

4Visual medium is far better

Visual medium is far better

Every knows that a seeing something will have more effect on us than reading or hearing something. Yes, since we get to see the movie, I think it is one of the most effective mediums where you can feel and understand the pain gone through by the people, by Neerja and her family. This is almost just like a sample of life in 2 hours. Do not miss watching the precious sample in theatres.

5It contradicts about women

It contradicts about women

Yes, the entire logic behind womanhood is contradicted in this movie, beautifully. Who says women are the weaker section. Please, in 1986 itself Neerja had proved that women aren’t the weaker section, but are one of the most amazing and sacrificing a lot. Yes, if women aren’t mentally and physically strong, everyone else will become emotional week. This movie has proved that straight and right to our face. So, for all the male chauvinists out there and for all the beautiful feminists, this movie is a must watch.

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6For the love of music

For the love of music

The movie has heart wrenching music and rightly said by the director, Ram Madhvani, music has reached the integral part of the movie. The song ‘Jeete Hai Chal’ to ‘Gehra Ishq’, every track is compelling, soul stirring and will let you think about Neerja Bhanot for years to come. The music is compelling and makes you think about life in a deeper way. Every movie needs music to be the integral part, but for this movie, the music was a support system that requires a lot of attention and gripping scores.

The movie on the whole is a package and you need to watch it for the beautiful narration, acting and its worthy story. So, guys and girls, if you are doing nothing this weekend, please go and watch the much acclaimed beautiful true life story – Neerja because you owe at least this to the country. Watching the movie, knowing who Neerja and promoting peace is what brave hearts would definitely want to do.

May Neerja live long in our hearts!

-Pavithra Ravi

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