Different kinds of Wedding hairstyle – Part 2


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Kinds of Wedding hairstyle

Women can try out different types of wedding hairstyles. This article is a continuation of previous bridal wedding hairstyles for all types of hair. Here are some examples.

1Beach wedding hairstyles

Beach wedding hairstyles

Most brides wouldn’t compromise on their wedding look, even if it is happening in the open air, amidst sand on all four sides and a beautiful set-up on the beach. Yes, beach weddings are beautiful vacation for the bride and the groom who can spend a lot of time enjoying and reliving moments from their past. There is magic, serenity and definitely love in the air. So, let’s not forget that beach weddings can make you stand under uncertain weather conditions as well. Salty air, water, sunny weather and a lot more can be in store for a bride’s look. You can tone down the elaborate hairstyle look when it comes to a destination beach wedding.

Going for a simple yet elegant hairstyles like Neo romantic one sided curl, headband curly hairstyle, edgy wavy open hair hairstyle, messy up-do, short locks, mermaid braided half up-do, high up-do, curly locks, roll up curls will give you a very breezy and beach look. If you have a doubt with any of these hairstyles, go in for a simple bee hive pony tail. A ponytail can never go wrong! You have to trust your gut and style your hair when it comes to beach weddings. It is the confidence that matters, so rock the wedding with a breezy wedding hairstyle look.

Different hair style for Women

2Curly wedding hairstyles

Curly wedding hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are beautiful, trendy and full of elegance. It is believed that in Greek culture, curly hair is a symbol of freedom, independence and activeness in the society. Curls in fact are a blessing from God as well. If you have curly hair, consider yourself lucky because you don’t have to style your hair all over. Speaking of god, you can definitely look goddess like in your wedding ceremony if you opt for curly hairdo. Curly hair looks amazing on any hair length, whether it is long, short or medium in length. We are going to give you some samples of curly wedding hairstyles for brides with all kinds of hair lengths.

If you are looking for volume and natural looks, go to curvaceous side down do, half up curly look, V-shaped curly down do, curly bob hair style, messy bob curly look, side swept wavy look, retro curls for short hair look, loose curls up-do, messy curl bun, vintage curls braided bun up-do and so many more. There are many more ways to wear curls for your wedding that can make you look charming and attractive. Curls look goes well with added accessories like flowers, hair accessories and mainly a dash of your confidence. Look good and enjoy!

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3Simple wedding hairstyles

Simple wedding hairstyles

Braids, twists, buns? A lot can be confusing. So sometimes, brides may prefer to look simple and keep it clean because complicated hairstyles may take more time and energy. Simple hairstyles indeed make you look good, neat and definitely presentable. All you have to is to pick the right kind of hairstyle for yourself. The best thing about a simple wedding hairstyle is the fact that you can actually do it by yourself. You needn’t even hire a hair stylist for your wedding if you know how simple and easy these hairstyles can work for you. You just need to know the perfect hairstyle for your face shape and even if you don’t have the mad hair skills, you will be able to create a whole new fancy hairstyle by yourself.

Try the triple braided bun, side swept curls, messy French twist, bouffant bun, retro pin curls, easy twist up-do, five strand braids, doughnut bun, vintage up-do and so many more are easy, simple and trouble-free. You can always accessorize your hair with a bandana, flowers or a beautiful colored veil. All you need to do is research a little bit and learn the techniques. End of the day, looking simple is the best way to look elegant too!

4Wedding up-do hairstyles

Wedding up-do hairstyles

It could be extremely difficult to choose the best wedding hairstyle for your wedding. Yes, wedding is the most wonderful occasion and choosing what the best hairstyle will make you not only look beautiful but will also enhance your confidence. A good hairdo always gives confidence and lets you smile. In fact, an up-do hairstyle and a traditional white gown is enough to make the day special and make you look delicately beautiful. You would have planned your hairstyle from the day one. So, we are going to tell you some classic wedding up-do hairstyles which are practical and easy to handle too.

It doesn’t matter if you have long, medium or short hair, a wild wave up-do wedding hairstyle will never go wrong at all. Stick a pearl hair accessory and create an up-do with fringes and waves to make your hair look marvelous. Other up-does like dressing down hairstyle, beehive drama hairstyle, classic rolls hairstyle, Side part up-do, weave braids up-do, side chignons up-do, side swept bangs up-do and so many more are just perfect for a wedding look. All you have to do is to just pick the right one for your face and off you go to look beautiful and pretty on the special day!

5Short wedding hairstyles

Short wedding hairstyles

Is there something more important for a bride than her dress? Yes, her hair style and the way she carries her hair during the wedding comes as a priority. There is no choice for a bride than to look beautiful on the most important day of her life – her wedding day! Everyone thinks that a voluminous, long thick hair will add beauty to your wedding look. No, that isn’t always right! If you have a short stylish hair, you can still obviously rock the hairstyle because there are many styles for short hair too.

Modern wedding hairstyles are pretty simple these days. The stylist makes sure that you have the right look and you are ready! Short hairstyles bring way to accessorizing your hair with a veil, headband or a side flower too. So, if you have a short bob hair, there are many styles you can experiment with. You can try the loose wedding up-do, Lacy curls wedding hairstyle, flying locks hairstyle, wedding coquetry hairstyle, breezy curls hairstyle, bun inspired hairstyle, vintage hairstyles, French twist hairstyle and a lot more. The stereotype of long hair-beautiful bride is too old now! So, rock your wedding day looking chic, stylish and beautiful!

-Pavithra Ravi

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