How to Attract Your Crush


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attract your crush

Few girls simply fix their eyes on their crush, longingly and happily. They might be scared of being humiliated, but also there are other girls who might want to reach out and impress that special guy. However, it’s always not that easy to attract guys. Here are a few tips that might help to attract your crush and love you back.

Tips To Attract Your Crush

1Make sure they know who you are

who you are

If your crush has no idea that you exist then it’s going to be a harder game. Try to get to know each other. You can do this by joining a club he is already in or by asking someone in common to introduce you two without letting your crush that you like him. If your crush is in your class/office talk to him before or the after work hours or in the breaks. You can comment on the work you have to do or simply move forward by asking for a help! It’s hard, but you will love it, once you make a move.

2Find common ground

Find common ground

It is easier to start conversations where you are in the same field. You have many topics to share, exchange ideas and also you can take opinions. You will also know which kind of person your crush is. You may possibly consider his interests, but don’t change completely for a person, while you just want to form an impression. If you have common interests, don’t freak out instead start a conversation about it.

3Befriend him

Befriend him

Before you get the whole ‘crush’ feeling in return, you have to be good friends first. You just can’t say hi and ask him for a dinner date. You got to do a little more work. Try finding some common interests to start a conversation, if not a universal topic such as assignments/office task. Once you get to know the person, you can probably tease him or even start flirting with him.

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4Wear comfortable

Wear comfortable

Don’t feel pressurized to dress, don’t bother about the brand name and do not worry if your hair isn’t polished. If you feel comfortable, people around will feel comfortable and protect your best self. Also, if the guy is into you, he will not care about the small flaws in your appearance that you might look in the mirror.

5Try to keep clean

Try to keep clean

You don’t have to flowery-freakish-fresh all the time. Just shower everyday, wear deodorant and possibly put some perfume to impress him. Being presentable or smelling good is pretty attractive.

6Be yourself

Be yourself

You don’t have to change yourself for someone else. No matter how funny, cute or amazing the person is, you should never lose your identity of who you are and what you’re known for. Giving a person, control over you is never healthy, it will probably end up hurting you. If your crush doesn’t like you, then simply deal with it and move on. Remember, you have many fishes in the sea. If he can’t see how amazing you are, then it simply means he doesn’t deserve you.

7Don’t always talk about you

talk about you

Give chance to others, so that even they can relate things to you and contribute their talks. Let your crush share his details too, just don’t talk always about you. The more you give a chance for others to talk, the more they will start considering you.

-Nikisha Uddagiri