Some reasons why you should be friends with a blunt person


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befriend a blunt person

Well, not everyone embraces it, but there is a piece of bluntness in every one of you. While you all know what is right and wrong, you may certainly end up preferring to mask on how you feel or who you are because of societal perceptions and sentiments. Or simply may be you are not bold enough to stand up to what you feel and are afraid about it.

Well, you should very much know that what distinguishes this in regards to blunt people is that blunt people are expressive and are not pretentious about who they are or what they do. They actually don’t care about what others think of them or rather have a clear perception about what should be right and wrong. They are not subjected to anything or anyone. You would love it if you have such a person as a friend who will only reflect purity, honesty and clarity. This could also be an advantage for you because you don’t have to be afraid to look over your shoulder every time you do something, because they are there to tell you what is behind it even before you ask about it. Here are some reasons why you should befriend a blunt person.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Blunt Person as a Friend

1She is fearless

She is fearless

Well, all said and done, she is also a very bold person. You may not be that person, but you should always prefer to have a blunt person with you, just in case, you know! If you are not-so-bold types, then having such a person in your life will surely builds confidence in you.

2She respects your views

She respects your views

Just because your friend is a blunt person, doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t accept what you have to say or respect your views or your way of life. She will know all the grey areas and after she has given you a piece of her mind, she will know when to step back so that you can take your own decisions. She will be there to tell you what is right and wrong and in a very simple and straight manner. That will make you understand where she stands and where you stand in both your lives.

3There is no flattering business

There is no flattering business

The good thing about a blunt person is that there is no beating around the bush or flattering you because she just loves to tell you the way it is. You should understand that she is the best person to give you an honest opinion about anything you ask her. Well, there is also this other reason that, she really wouldn’t sugarcoat a fact just to appease you. She also loves to tell you the truth because she doesn’t really care what you think about her when she tells the truth on your face. There is definitely no beating around the bush and so her identity becomes blunt, frank and sharp.

4She knows what is right and wrong

right and wrong

Get well equipped before you make friends with a blunt person because she might have high moral standards. A blunt person definitely and exactly knows what should be done and what should not be done. She would never act or even be pretentious about it. Instead, she will just know and simply would do what is right and hold no guilt over it.

5She is definitely fun to be with

She is definitely fun to be with

Let’s face it! Isn’t a blunt person fun to be with? She will make you smile, you can do all the crazy stuff together and make it interesting and exciting. A blunt person has a great sense of humor and makes sure that she lights up the place just like that, even without trying too hard. A blunt person never thinks a lot before doing something, because pondering about something is not what she will do. She is spontaneous which gives you all the reason to do crazy stuff and enjoy. You both can see the things you haven’t seen and enjoy the things that you were always worried to enjoy. A blunt friend can make life easier for you and you can enjoy the privileges by just showing the love and care for her in return.

6A blunt person apologizes

A blunt person apologizes

Everyone thinks that a friend who is blunt or frank have been often rude and can’t accept or apologize for her mistakes. Well, that is not quite true! Not everyone who makes mistakes offer apologies or acknowledge their mistakes. Whereas, a blunt person knows that he/she is subjected to have hurt you or your feelings by being blunt with you. She can go ahead to apologize and accept her mistakes, if at all she feels that it has hurt you. But if she doesn’t think what she did was wrong, then there is no looking back and she definitely wouldn’t look down to say a sorry at all. That’s the difference!

-Pavithra Ravi

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