How to be a funny person


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Nobody is born funny, charming, beautiful or witty. It is all that one becomes in the due course of time. If you want to be witty, funny and cheerful in front of your family or friends, then try to always look and observe. A lot of us observe in our young age and pick up traits and tricks from our parents, uncles or grandpas. It does work really well if you bring those tricks and traits out in front of your people. Being funny is not about reciting jokes all the time. If it was like that, then talking parrots could have dated a hundred fellow parrots. It just doesn’t work like that! A funny person is one, who is genuinely happy at heart, and uses situations to his best.

If you aren’t a funny person at all, but are attempting to be one, there are some things you ought to keep in your mind.

1. You can’t please everyone, so don’t take it too personally if they do not laugh.

2. It takes quite some time to get funny. If it doesn’t come naturally, it will happen someday.

Remember, when you’re trying to become funnier, you’re changing your whole personality and becoming a better charmer. And that’ll definitely take time.

To start off with, if you are wanting to be a fun riot, try to change the way you look at the world. Negative thoughts can never make you sound or look funny. It will only put you into a sad, confused state of not knowing what you actually are. Try to be involved in conversations and add up to what they speak if you think you want to contribute. There is a limit and everyone knows it. If you touch the boring limit, try to cover it up by talking something else or by changing the subject. Happy and fun people always have a better life. They have more friends, and people always bond better with them instantly. After all, funny people are memorable people.

We aren’t going to read about how to become funny instantly, because to become one, you need to take baby steps into becoming a better person by yourself. So, here are some great tips that can make you a charming person from inside

9 Ways To Become Funnier – Tips For Charming Personality

1Think positive

Think positive

Thinking positiveis one of the main attitudes a person should possess, when you think about becoming a better ‘you’. Being optimistic is the key answer to being cheerful and charming and keeping people happy around you. So, try to focus that on yourself.

2Have a cheerful laugh

cheerful laugh

This may not be the top priority, but when you have a cheerful laugh, that kindles smiles from others. That is your first step to becoming a funnier person. When you have a pleasant smileplastered across your face, people around you would feel like smiling at you and eventually hang around with you.

3Accompany the fun ones

Accompany Fun

When you accompany the fun people while going out or while eating dinner, you can observe and pick up that innate quality of being fun from the inside. Spending some quality time with strangers who are funny can help you be a better person. The goal here is to hang out with more people who you think can be you one day in the future.

4Watch a lot of comedy

Watch comedy

This goes without saying. If you attempt at doing something funny, try and get inspiration not only from observation, but also from some visual aspects. Watching one or two comedy shows per day will improve your outlook towards life. Just like how autobiographies of successful people can help you achieve more in life, watching stand up comedy or comedy flicks will definitely make you a funnier and happier person.

When you are watching the comedy show, don’t pick up only the funny lines, but look at the way they behave, talk, pose, look at people, how active they are, how witty their lines are etc. After all, being funny isn’t all in the lines you say. The way you behave can make a huge difference to tickle your funny bone.

5Leave some mystery


When you are surrounded by people, always try to leave some mystery. Let them be more curious as to what you are attempting to say. Do not give out everything because that way, the fun factor will be lost too soon. Funny people have some mischief in them lingering around. They like pulling someone’s leg or having a laugh at something funny around them. Mischievous people always see a double meaning in any conversation. Try to think out of the box and see the funny side inside of you.



This may develop in due course of time but confidence is the key to everything you do. You need to start liking the person who you see in the mirror before others start liking you. If you are confident and believe that you’re a funny person, everyone else will feel the same way about you too. And another pointer to remember, funny people get funnier the more confident they feel.

7Work on your intonation

Work on your intonation

Understand when to pause, when you pull words, when to stretch lines and even when to breath for that matter. Read a paper loud every day to develop your accent and modulation. This way you can gauge your performance. It all depends on your tonality.

8Know your world

Know your world

Be aware of what’s happening around you. Funny people are funny because they already know the serious answers to questions about current affairs, and they twist the truth and say something funny instead. Remember, a funny person is also a very smart person who knows what’s going on in the world.

9Don’t give up

Don’t give up

Yes, it takes a while to be a funny lady. Yes, it is difficult to make someone laugh at your jokes and yes, it is very annoying when people don’t laugh at that joke you thought was going to be the talk of the night. By all means, do not give up anywhere in this process. This is the most important tip you need to remember. We must all learn to walk before we can run. And just like that, you’ll learn to get funnier as time goes by. Don’t be disheartened if your funny lines don’t work at first or if some people don’t get your jokes.

Finally, being funny is not about repeating a silly line now and then. It is about how you can make that funny line a really successful hit in a witty and sarcastic manner. It is about changing your whole personality and the way you look at things around you. Use these tips and you’ll definitely be able to do just that!

-Pavithra Ravi