Different teas and their benefits for your body

Tea Benefits

Tea has been the human help since thousands of years and it is believed to have been found in China at first. There are different kinds of tea out there in the world and they do bring in a lot of benefits to your body. There are two types of tea. One that gives you a flavour and taste and the other kind that gives you benefits for your body. These different teas grow in different parts of the world and they are perfectly cultivated to keep the tea growth happening.

Who doesn’t love tea, right? Everyone around us either is addicted to it or drinking it when we need some answers, when we are under a lot of pressure, when we need breaks and most of all when we want to feel soothed. That is why tea is used as one of the main drinks up till date. We would never really know the origin of tea because a lot of countries claim that they inherited the tea leaves. So, we will not dwell in the history of tea. But, what we know is tea is an extremely useful drink for all of us and we as humans have the tendency to start making varieties of things from one single thing. That is why we now have so many varieties of teas.They say that tea was also used for medical purposes before we have medical assistance in those days. So, with no further delay, I am going to tell you the different benefits of types of tea for your body.

Top Kinds of Teas and Their Benefits

1Green Tea

Green Tea

There really cannot be one person who hasn’t heard the term ‘Green Tea’. Well, green tea is one of the best kind of teas that we have and we just know that green tea is used to reduce body weight and burn fat. There are so many benefits of green tea that we actually don’t know. You should know that drinking green tea will give you great immune system.

Green tea has special antioxidants that will help your immune system in getting stronger. Your body will produce the immune system by itself and you will be able to fight the infections if you start drinking green tea. Green tea also has inflammation properties that can control the swelling internal. This can cure your digestive system and keep your stomach, fresh and clean. It also makes sure in reducing the cholesterol levels, kills the unwanted bacteria inside your body and helps in reducing acne on your face. The best thing about green tea is that it is super healthy and improves your body’s metabolism. So, drink away my friend. Go green!

2Ginger tea

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is a very useful beverage too, but it is mostly consumed in Asian countries. Since most of the western countries don’t really depend on tea, they don’t drink ginger tea. But there are more than two benefits to ginger tea.

The first and foremost benefit of drinking ginger tea is that it reduced nausea. Ginger has all the qualities in it to reduce the nauseating feel. So, if you are pregnant or if you feel like puking, with no further delay, you can definitely take ginger tea when you start to feel uncomfortable. Ginger tea gives heat to your body when you are undergoing a flu or fever. Your body needs to slightly have higher temperature that can kill the infections inside you. Since ginger is the main component, your body will also fight the fever and break it sooner. Having this tea will a soothe sore throat or throat related infections as well.

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3Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea

How many of you have had a hot steamy cup of chamomile tea? If you haven’t had it, please do go down to one of the coffee shops and have it right now. Every slumber party would have a chamomile tea to make you sober. But apart from just this, there are so many other health benefits of this tea.

Chamomile tea, in fact, makes you calm down and heals your mind. It relaxes you and breaks the anxiety attacks that you can have. Internally, this tea can also soothe indigestion, as it has components to cool off your stomach. If you have throat irritations or cough, drink a cup of chamomile tea! Since this tea is also called as the calming tea, it helps you release your anxiety and soothes your lungs. Next time you feel agitated or have anxiety attacks, think immediately of a chamomile tea.

4Echinacea tea

Echinacea tea

A lot of people don’t really know about this tea. Well, fair enough, it isn’t one of the most popular kinds of teas. But there are a lot of amazing health benefits of Echinacea tea.

Echinacea tea helps you reduce your stomach aches. When there is a wound hurting you or when you have immense pain from your regular periods, you should take this tea as it soothes your stomach and makes you relax. Not just this, this tea also enhances immune system and prevents your body from sick viruses and enzymes.

5Arnica tea

Arnica tea

Arnica tea is not something you get in the stores. You need to have proper medical supervision before you take this tea.

Arnica tea helps your body in so many ways. It acts as an antibacterial agent, anti-inflammatory agent and most importantly, it also releases muscle cramps easily. This tea can be taken when you have wounds both internal and external as it heals faster. If you have any kind of bug bite, don’t worry at all. A cup of this tea will do the magic for you.

You don’t really have to always depend on man-made medicines. There different teas can do the simple trick of soothing and also has so many benefits for your body.

-Pavithra Ravi

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