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Coffee Facts

For a lot of people including me, coffee is like a heaven place. Drinking coffee in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening is the most important beverage that we do on a daily basis. It indeed is true that the hot piping coffee can brighten up your morning or make your evening more exciting and lovable. Well, there are a few facts that people out there might not know about coffee. So we are going to bring out all the beautiful and unknown facts about coffee.

If you are one of those coffeeholics who love to taste and feel the freshness of coffee every morning, then this article will be a great place for you to know the inside facts about it. A lot of people think that coffee is all about roasting and grounding only. This article is going to prove everything wrong. There’s so much more to that which people don’t know and since it is one of the famous beverages in India you should know the legacy of coffee. Keeping the legacy in mind and the love for coffee for India’s, here are some really good unknown facts about coffee.

Top Facts About Coffee That Are Unknown

1Coffee’s Legacy

Coffee's Legacy

Did you know that coffee was never found in India? Well, it seems to be that a man called Kaldi was a goat herder who lived in Ethiopia. He had many goats with him and he used to take these goats to feed on food in the forest. That is when he noticed that when the goats fed on these coffee berries, they strangely danced to some rhythm and were always excited about feeding on coffee berries from then on.

He then discovered that these berries had some kind of smell and taste that gives more enthusiasm in animals. He wanted to test the same with humans as well.So he took a few coffee berries back home and tried to make a good drink out of it. Once he drank the drink, he was unusually enthusiastic, happy, energetic and jittery as well. That is how he decided to brew coffee and give the berries an important aroma with his touch. This is one of the most important legacies and this is how coffee berries and coffee came into our lives.

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2Coffee was eaten

Coffee was eaten

It is believed that earlier in the 80th century, coffee berries were considered to be energy bars, instead of a beverage. The African tribes used to make energy bars out of coffee instead of making a beverage. They use to grind and mix up coffee berries with sugar and gave it to young men to test on how the coffee berries turned into energy bars.

We all know that coffee adds extra energy and enthusiasm, as a beverage. So think about it when it was plainly grounded and directly eaten! This was one other time that happened in the 80th century. Until very recently the beverage coffee was never a beverage. It was more like an energy oat bar which could be eaten and chewed.

3What time suits the most?

What time suits the most

Apparently a scientific research has found out that the best time for a person to take caffeine or coffee is averagely 2 hours in a day. This happens to be mostly in the morning from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Researchers have also found out that an element called cortical is produced in a human’s body and these hormones are responsible in alerting our body. When cortical level is the lowest, we need to drink more coffee to alert us and wake us up from being dull and lazy. The cortical levels are always lowest during the morning time, right before we go to office or workplace. That is why, as a myth every morning happens to be the best time to drink coffee so that we can wake ourselves up. Now that is a lot of fact, isn’t it?

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4The most expensive coffee

The most expensive coffee

Did you know that elephant poop (potty) is used do ground coffee? Ew, isn’t that a little gross? Well coffee connoisseurs have actually testified that Black Ivory Coffee is the world’s best and rarest coffee which is also very expensive. Elephants in the African Community are fed with Thai Arabica coffee berries which the elephant chews for a very long time. The semi digested coffee beans are then pooped out by the elephant’s after nearly 17 hours.

These berries are then handpicked and ground into proper Black Ivory Coffee. This is not just gross, but changes the whole idea of drinking coffee, isn’t it? One cup of ivory black coffee is easily 50$ and is not found everywhere in the world. The combination of gross + expenditure gives me chills!

5Coffee can make your die

Coffee can make your die

We all know that coffee gives a lot of energy and certain kind of highness. It is very important that you don’t overdose yourself for a day with coffee. A minimum of 1 cup and a maximum of three cups a day is enough for you to be energetic, even during the nights. If you are a coffee lover, you have to know that if a person consumes hundred cups of coffee in less than two days, it can lead to death.

The extralethal dose off Coffee can make a person choke immediately. Coffee is basically to make you feel energetic and alive. But, the foolishness of extra dose cankill you and make it fatal. Be very careful when you have an extra dose of coffee.

6Coffee holiday

Coffee holiday

People around the world have loved coffee so much that countries like Japan and Ireland have declared one day as coffee holiday in their calendars. This is the day where people can just go out and drink a lot of coffee and feel happy about doing so. It has become a trend around the world and this day is called a coffee day for its specialty and for coffee lovers. Well now that sounds a little extreme isn’t it?

-Pavithra Ravi

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