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A lot of women who are on the curvy side think that clothes are not the best forte considering the possibility of looking fat in all the attire they wear.Well, let me tell you something ladies, if you are on the curvy side and if you decide that you are going to pull up your skirt and not wear something that is revealing, then you’re doing the wrong thing.

The first thing that you should probably do is embraces your body and like what you look like. If you don’t feel nice about your body and if you don’t think that you look sexy, people outside will not think that you are sexy too. So being curvy is like the new black. If you have been having doubts about how you look or if you have been thinking that you look fat and ugly, then shove all those feelings down your throat and face the reality.

Ladies, if you are ready to switch up your look and look exactly stunning and chivalrous, we are going to give you some important style tips for that can fit your needs. Here are some amazing style tips for curvy women.

Top Style Tips For Every Curvy Woman

1Choose the right lingerie

Choose the right lingerie

Choosing the right kind of lingerie will make a big difference in the way you look. Women don’t understand that lingerie plays a very important part in enhancing the structure of your body. The curves are beautifully hidden under the layers of lingerie and hide the extra day in your body. Investing in a good pair of bra a panties, can help you fix your body structure. Professional measuring of body is required when you pick out your favorite lingerie. If you are a size between two given size, then look for a bra that is the exact size. You don’t have to necessarily adjust or compromise the size of your lingerie.

Also, remember that the right kind of shape wear can enhance and define your body curves. A couple of pounds can be easily hidden under proper lingerie and make you look thinner than you actually are. So, don’t take lingerie as a easy-shopping technique. Don’t compromise on your lingerie thinking that it’s one other clothing that is hidden and not seen outside. Pick ones that are super sexy and hot too, that will give you the confidence about your body and yourself.

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2Not large, nor clingy

Not large, nor clingy

Women generally make a huge mistake when it comes to covering their curves. They think that they can hide their curves with large or oversized clothing. Well, that’s a big no! The perfect way to make your body look appropriate is when your clothes are not too tight or not too lose. If you wear loose clothing, you will end up looking heavier and larger. It is important to show off your curves and feminine shape sometimes. You don’t have to exaggerate about it, but also don’t close off everything.

Choosing well fitted clothes is what makes you look appropriate and sexy. If you are heavier on the top, then enhance the look of your waist and legs. If you are heavier on the bottom, a little cleavage is fine. If you big on both ends, the enhance both appropriately. Try tailored blazers or skirts, buttoned tops, a normal dress, etc., to achieve a perfect look.

3Its fine to show a little cleavage

show a little cleavage

Don’t be shy about showing off a little cleavage. Because, ladies, that can count as an asset to you in times like these. Don’t wear collared clothes, high necklines. Prefer wearing low neck lines, V sizes because that will elongate your shape and give a flattering figure. If you’ve got them, there is no shame in flaunting them! But, remember that you should wear an appropriate neck line. Overdoing it may look slutty and vulgar sometimes. So, always make sure you have the perfect neckline.

4Belt can do great help

Belt can do great help

By dividing your body into two, your curves are enhanced. The smaller part of the body is given more importance. Yes, it is true that a belt comes as a great help to your body, if you are curvy women. Try to go for bigger belts when you wear a shirt and a skirt and slimmer belts, when you go for a dress. When your curvy part of the body is cut with a belt, the importance given is lesser than you expect. Your body will not draw much attention to it since as you expect it to. A good belt brings balance to your shape and definitely makes you lookbeautiful and trendy.

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5Pick the right dress

Pick the right dress

Layers are something that can bring some difference to your body type when you wear dresses. Yes, choosing the right kind of neckline, waistline, hemline and color is very important for curvy women. If you don’t choose the right dress, you may end up looking fatter than you expected. A drapery fabric can go a long way in embracing curves and shapes. Wrap dress is an amazing alternative to chic short dresses if you are on the curvy side. Don’t worry at all, because a right dress can make you feel flawless. Concentrate in the size, height, fabric and color!

6Bold colors are a huge yes

Bold colors are a huge yes

You can always say yes to bold and bright colors. Curvy women can definitely look more beautiful and less heavy on a bold color.Embrace the colors like fluorescent, orange, flashy green, etc. In fact, you can also go with junk jewelry and loop earrings to suit your look. On the whole, a bright Beautiful color can go a long way, if you know how to carry it. Don’t worry about what people would say because a chunky bright color can enhance the beauty in you!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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