Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks


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Makeup Tips And Tricks

It’s wedding season and as a bride, you are excited about your D-day. When it comes to bridal makeup, you have to understand one thing that it’s your skin and anybody’s advice regarding makeup isn’t good for you unless it comes from a professional makeup artist. So, all the brides out there must go and seek advice from right people either from retail counters or from dermatologist or makeup artist. Here are some of the important makeup tips and tricks for all brides.

Makeup Tips And Tricks

A Clear Skin

A Clear SkinA definite thing to do as a bride is cleanse, tone and moisturize your face. It doesn’t matter if you are two weeks away from your wedding or ten months. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are key for skin care. This is most important from all the makeup tips and tricks.

1Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water. It helps to cut off those toxins and gives your skin a glow. No makeup product can give you the natural glow which you will get by drinking water. So, cut down the caffeine and opt for water.

2Do Not Experiment

Do Not Experiment

Thinking of trying out a new hair color or a hair cut? Don’t be too adventurous to experiment right before your wedding. Although a hair color can be corrective but a haircut may take longer to grow. And for those who have short hair and trouble growing the hair out try out natural extensions. They look great.

3Book Makeup Artist in Advance

Book Makeup Artist in Advance

Booking your makeup artist is as important as choosing your wedding dress. Your dream look will not be complete if you leave out makeup and hair and only focus on your wedding outfit. Just like everything else make a list, go for trails, zero in on a makeup artist that makes you feel comfortable. Of course, you don’t want to look different person at your wedding. Most professional makeup artists are way too busy during the season to offer trails. So, if you want an appointment, book them ahead of time so that you have the best available artist for your wedding.

4Talk to your Makeup Artist

Talk to your Makeup Artist

Talk to a makeup expert about colors that you like and colors that you cannot stand. Talk about your hair, skin or any apprehensions that you may have. Pick out few lip colors that you like and would be applying.

5False Lashes Look

False Lashes Look

False lashes are one, no matter how fluttery, they really make a difference if not for anything else but for the pictures. But if you are one of those false lash fans, then do get a trail.

6Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

So, every bride-to-be wants to look beautiful and glamorous on her wedding. When it comes to skin you would opt for facial, cleanups etc. But make sure anything that is abrasive on the face has to be done way earlier before the D-day. If possible go for all these face treatments 2-3 weeks before wedding. If you do these just a day before your wedding, then you are bound to have a breakout.

7Prime Your Face

Prime Your Face

Primer is very important to your makeup on your wedding day particularly, because you tend to have to keep the makeup on for very long time. Primers keep moisture locked in and release that moisture slowly onto the surface of your skin. So, it’s very important that all the nutrients that you used in your cream stay locked in and there is a slow release on the period of time you are wearing your makeup.

8Use Little Foundation

Use Little Foundation

Just because it is your wedding day, you don’t have to wear more foundation than you normally would. A little foundation can also go a long way. Just make sure you are carefully applying it. and set in the right place.

9Match Your Bridal Look

Match Your Bridal Look

It is important also along with clothing you have to decide what kind of look you want. Try not to stay too far away from what looks good on you. Even if you want to involve the trend in your makeup make sure you worked it before and it looks great on you.

10Avoid Too Much Shimmer

Avoid Too Much Shimmer

Another important thing for makeup for brides is to understand that shimmery makeup is not that only makeup to wear all the time. In fact shimmery makeup, if you wear the lot of reflective foundation, reflective eye shadow, reflective blush, reflective lipstick you do end up looking slightly fatter than you normally be. Because what reflective makeup or surfaces do is bounce off the light so you tend to look rounder. Not to say that shimmer should be avoided completely but it is beautiful when applied at right places.

11Invest on Waterproof Products

Waterproof Products

Some brides are crazy about waterproof products. And if it is the wedding day, the demand is more. So, make sure you invest in tested reliable recommended waterproof products.

12Sweat it out

Sweat it out

Sweating is a big issue for brides because of tropical climate. So, to avoid that the solution is powdering. The best choice is translucent powders v/s foundation powders. because foundation powders will add the layer over layer. Most people think that compacts as they misunderstand it. So, even if it is compact make sure the product that you buy is a translucent powder in a compact. If you are a kind who don’t have time to layer a foundation, there are blotting papers available. They are the fantastic tool. You can also opt for blotting powders as well. The only problem with blotting powders is they are loose they might be little hard to carry.

13Prevent Makeup

Prevent Makeup

So, if you are in a ritual where you have to sit before a havan (fire), make sure you have soft tissue which you can just dab off your makeup so you don’t get the makeup or product off your face.

14Eye Drops to the Rescue

Eye Drops to the Rescue

Usually, marriage ceremonies are very lengthy. So, eyes tend to get dry. So, it is always very handy to have eye drops with you.