4 Easy skincare tips for young brides

young brides

One of the most important things in everyone’s life is marriage and when the marriage comes, so does many other things like make-up, beauty products, hairstyles, etc. Biggest Day is yet to come and there is something that you are missing on your schedule. Yes, when you are preparing yourself for this big day, you should remember that herbal make up or make up that is used on your face should be well designed for sensitive skin. You don’t want patches or pimples in the last minute, right? There are so many things involved in this. Your dream day is here and you would definitely want to take good care of your beautiful skin. Natural beauty is something that never fades and doesn’t bring you any kind of problem at all. All you need to do is to take good care of your beautiful skin during these pressure filled days.

Yes, these exotic bridal makeup packages put a lot of pressure on your beautiful skin. You would have to go for a trail and you have to set your makeup according to your skin. But before doing any of this, remember that there is something more important than these make up the trails. Your skin is very important. So, we are going to give you some easy skin care tips that can help you get through your skin with ease. Just follow these easy tips and you will start gleaming and glowing on your D day! All you have to do is just take some extra effort and baam, you will look marvelous.

Some Easy Skincare Tips for Brides

1Say no to soaps and face wash

Say no to soaps and face wash

Soaps and face washes are good enough and every ad keeps telling you that they are herbal filled etc., etc. But, don’t believe anything that comes in a packet or anything that is packed. All you have to do is to take some home ingredients into your washroom and apply them on your face.

Yes, every house has besan and turmeric, right?Mix besan and milk in a small bowl and carry it when you go for a bath.

It works great if you add turmeric to the wonderful mixture. This mixture will make sure that your face become smooth and starts glowing.

The best thing about this mixture is that it will eliminate all the impurities on your skin and make it look very fresh and beautiful.The besan and milk mixture hydrates your skin and turmeric helps in removing all the dirt and keeps your face fresh and clean. You can also use it as a face wash agent. It has no side effects and is perfectly safe and nice for your skin.

2Remove tan from body

Remove tan from body

It is very easy for you to remove tan from certain areas. Many people think that it is a difficult process. All you have to do is to remember not to firstly get tanned. Yes, do not go under the sunlight in peak hours. Try to stay away from all the sunlight, heat and pollution. These are some of the effects why your body and skin becomes dry and dirty. So, avoid it all together.

Even if you get tanned by chance, use curd and apply it in those places. Also, use good sunscreens that are high on SPFs (1).

There are other ways of avoiding the sun. You can take an umbrella, always wear sunglasses or try to take the car wherever you go. This way your skin won’t get repaired or won’t get tired. Applying curd everyday during bath will help your skin in getting hydrated and will easily remove the tan.

3Befriend moisturize at all times

Befriend moisturize at all times

Whichever season you get married, remember that a moisturizer comes a long way in helping your skin. It helps your skin, keeping it hydrated and makes it easier for you as well. If it is the winter season, a good moisturizer that has extra herbal elements is a must. Also, remember that a moisturizer keeps all your rashes away. So, carry a moisturizer wherever you go.

Olive oil (2) and a perfect moisturizer is enough for your skin.Massage your skin everyday with these two ingredients. If you don’t have any of this, you can also try honey massage. Use a night cream, a foot cream or simply a face pack to avoid rashes on your body or face.

4Herbal facials are good

Herbal facials are good

It is important for you to go for a good kind of facials. There are bleach facials, random fruit facials. Avoid all that and go for herbal facials that involves good exfoliating and hydrating factors. You can also use homemade facials using fruits and herbs. If you can make it at home, there is nothing better than that. These skincare tips are a huge help for a lot of young brides. Enjoy your courtship period with a lot of these beautiful tips from us.

-Pavithra Ravi

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