Genius Hacks To Style Fine, Flat Hair Perfectly


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Flat Hair Perfectly
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Having fine straight hair can be a pain sometimes, especially at a time when you want to just have those perfect beachy waves and other hairstyles that just don’t want to stay on your hair. But, the good news is, that with a few, fine hair styling hacks, you can achieve your ideal hairstyle and also keep your fine silky straight hair. So, having those lovely fine hair turned out to be a blessing in disguise after all. Here are the best style hacks for fine hair.

Styling Tips For Fine Hair-

1. Hair Wash-

Hair washCurly hair is usually dry and frizzy, So for curly hair women not washing hair often can be beneficial as the roots produce oil and it can nourish their hair. But sleek and flat hair tend to be nourished and hence more build up of oil at the roots will make it look limp and weighed down. Wash your hair regularly around 3 to 4 times a week to keep your hair fresh and bouncy and maintain the fluff and volume.

2. Shampoo-

For ladies with fine hair, you should go for a more volumizing shampoo that can make your hair voluminous and easy to mold into styles. These shampoos contain drying agents that keep your scalp from producing excess oil and hence keep your fresh washed looked perfect for a longer time.

3. Conditioner-

Although conditioning your hair is greatly important for both curly hair and fine hair women, but if you have fine hair make sure that you absolutely do not apply conditioner to your roots. Apply it from mid-length to your ends. The build-up of conditioner in your roots can make your hair fall flat and look even thinner than it is. These limp hair will easily become greasy and look really limp.

4. Drying your hair-

Always dry your hair out completely before stepping out of the house. Even though drying fine hair is easy but completely drying out the scalp before tying your hair up can give you an extra sense of volume and fluff. You can also use a blow dryer from below to dry it quicker.

5. Blow dry-

If you are using volumizing products like the volumizing shampoo you should always use a blow dryer to set your hair. The heat from your dryer will activate your volumizing products and give you better long lasting results. On the plus side, you can use it to make waves and other hairstyles.

Blow dry
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6. Texturise your hair-

To instantly reduce your scalp oil layers and add an element of texture to your lipm hair, Just add a little texture by using dry shampoos and texturizing sprays. These shampoos can build up in your hair and give you an instant lift from the fine limp hair.

7. Backcombing-

Backcombing can be a quick fix for all the fine hair ladies who want some salon-like hairstyle for a special occasion. Backcombing will give you a faux sense of dramatic volume that looks extremely good for hairstyles and buns. Although a great instant fix chose this way of styling only for reserve occasions and places. Backcombing can tangle your hair and be very difficult to remove. It can Cause stress to your thin hair and make them to break or fall.

8. Haircut-

Unlike curly hair ladies, Women with fine hair have to be very careful with their type of haircut. The lack of volume can be a great restricting factor for some really trendy hairdos. Do not opt for lesser hair length bangs as cutting off a good section of your volume for bang will leave you with even lesser hair to style. And since fine hair is prone to get oily, it can make the bangs look really limp and scattered.

9. Hairbrush-

Always use a soft bristles brush and not a general plastic comb. The plastic comb will generate static electricity and make your hair fly in the air, Use a metal comb or a paddle brush that will be easy on your hair and not charge them to fly. Always pull all your hair down and brush from base. Then flip your hair and brush the crown. This step will give you great instant volumising style.

10. Hair colour-

Colouring your hair in highlights can make your hair look more voluminous and bouncy. It adds an element of depth to the hair making an illusion of a texture, thus making it look fuller. Also colouring your hair will make it go a little dry, this will be a boon for ladies with fine hair as it can make they otherwise flat hair to stay free.

Other than following these little fine hair hacks for styling, fine hair otherwise requires very less care and maintenance. Having fine hair is a great advantage as it can make you face look sleek and classy. You can style it in various trendy haircuts and use any kinds of accessories, unlike the curly heads. And with a little help from all of these hacks, we are sure you would fall more in love with your beautiful fine hair.

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