Easy-To-Do Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Easy-To-Do Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Yoga can be really beautiful as well as soul connecting exercise. It has been practiced for more than a decade. It can promote better health not only from outside but also from inside. It can improve nervous system as well as benefit all the internal organs. There are different form on doing yoga, or you can say different types of yoga. The twisting as well as turning can lead to a good path for your body. So here are some easy-to-do yoga poses for weight loss, that you can do with the care of a supervisor and lead a healthy life.

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

1Viparit Karni or Inverted Pose

Viparit Karni or Inverted Pose
  • First be in a supine pose, then while exhaling and inhaling slowly raise both of your legs to 90 degree angle from the floor.
  • While exhaling raise your waist and hips from the floor and take your legs back over the head.
  • While inhaling place both the hands below your waist for the support and straighten the legs, as well as toes pointing towards the ceiling. The trunk of the body must be at 45 degrees from the floor.
  • Now gaze towards the toes and maintain this asana while normally breathing.
  • While inhaling slowly, try to lower the back to your floor, vertebrae by vertebrae, keeping your legs at 90 degree from the floor. Slowly exhaling lower both of the legs back to a supine position.
  • Try to relax and then normally breath.


  • Remember to keep your legs straight into the knees with the toes pointing to the sky.
  • The trunk of your body must be kept at about 45 degree from the ground.
  • Now head straight and let your eye sight fixed onto the toes.
  • Be sure that your body trunk is raised vertically so that your chin can comfortably rest against your chest.

Types Of Yoga For Beginners


  • Try not to bend your knees.
  • Try to avoid moving your neck or even overstrain.
  • Try not to bring your legs over the head when you are doing the asana. But remember not tokeep them completely vertical if it is causing tension.
  • Try not to raise your head from the floor.
  • Try not to tense your legs or even point the feet as it can contract your legs.


  • It can help to relax your tired, cramped feet as well as the legs.
  • It can give your front of the torso, back of your legs, and the back of the neck a very good stretch.
  • It can help to give relief from a mild backache.
  • This asana can help to soothe as well as calm your mind.
  • This asana can also give therapeutic benefits for the following problems:

a. Anxiety
b. Digestive problems
c. Arthritis
d. Headaches
e. Insomnia
f. High and low blood pressure
g. Migraines
h. Mild depression
i. Urinary disorders
j. Respiratory ailments
k. Varicose veins
l. Premenstrual syndrome
m. Menstrual cramps
n. Menopause

2Ashwini Mudra or Horse Gesture

Ashwini Mudra
  • First in the supine pose try to exhale and while you are inhaling, contract your abdomen. Slowly raise both the legs to 90 degrees from the floor.
  • While you exhale raise your waist as well as the hips from the floor and take your legs back over the head.
  • While inhaling raise your back and the legs up in a vertical position, placing your hands on the upper back for support.
  • The chin must rest against the chest, creating a chin lock.
  • While Inhaling and exhaling bend both of your legs.
  • Lower your legs from the hips by bringing your thighs towards the abdomen.
  • Your knees can stay together or can also be slightly apart. In this pose begin to contract and expand the anus muscles while normally breathing.
  • To release from this asana, first stop the contraction as well as the expansion of your anus. While inhaling straighten the legs from your hips.
  • While exhaling bend your waist and slowly lower your legs over the head.
  • Release your hands from the upper back.
  • Slowly inhaling lower your back to the floor, vertebrae by vertebrae, keeping the legs at 90 degrees from the floor.
  • Now, while exhaling slowly lower both of your legs back into the supine pose.
  • Relax the body and then normally breathe.

Yoga Postures For Weight Loss


  • This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of your rectum, large intestine as well as perineum region.
  • It is also useful to prevent the prolapse of your rectum and prevent piles.
  • It helps to improve the function of your abdominal organs.
  • The Jalandhar Bandha helps to improve the function of the thyroid, parathyroid as well as the pituitary glands. All the other endocrine glands are then regulated by these glands and so the overall function of the endocrine system is being improved.
  • The blood supply to your head area, i.e. in the brain, eyes, ears, nose as well as the throat is improved thereby improving all the function.
  • The lung capacity also gets increased.
  • Presence of toxins into the respiratory system are drained thereby improving the respiration.
  • It can prevent and cure the varicose veins.
  • It can detoxify the body because of the improved efficiency of the organs in the body which can lead to youthfulness.
  • It can help to normalize the body weight because of its effect onto the thyroid. The effect of this asana has on the hormonal system, particularly on the thyroid, can help to balance the circulatory, reproductive, digestive and the nervous system.
  • It is because of the increased blood flow to the head the mind gets tranquilized, stress as well as the psychological disturbances are also removed.
  • The increased blood flow can also be beneficial to those who suffer from headaches, avoid practicing at the time of headache.
  • With this exercise the thymus gland gets stimulated which can help to boost the immune system.
  • It also help to balance the parathyroid gland that can ensure regeneration and the normal development of the bones.
  • The flexibility of the nerves passing from the neck are toned.
  • The digestive system gets improved because of the increase in the blood circulation and drainage of the stagnant blood.

Yoga For Weight Gain For Females

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