Top 10 Ideas for Affordable Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Now a Days destination weddings have become very common. People who are rich wish to choose a unique and exotic location for their wedding. They spend huge on the guest accommodation, functions, different cuisine and lavish decoration. But if I tell you that you can have a grand destination wedding on a low budget. Here are some of the ideas for affordable destination wedding.

Tips for Low Cost Wedding



The most important in a destination wedding is the location. Always choose a location which is cheap and where your relatives, friends and well-wishers can come easily. So, when your budget on a location instead of choosing an expensive one, you tend to spend less. You will also get cheap packages, travel cost will be also low.

So, if you want to more narrow down your budget on location, you can opt for destination wedding packages which are quite cheap and you will get almost all what you need in a wedding included in a package.

The more close you choose a location which is near to your actual place of living, the more you can save your money.

2Guest List

Guest List

Now, what is more, important in a wedding apart from location? That is, your guest. The plus point in a destination wedding is that you don’t need to invite all unnecessary people. You can invite selected people whom you want in your wedding. So, the less number of guests you invite, the lower the budget will be.



Many married couples tend to spend the huge amount on honeymoon it. See, you need to understand. The honeymoon is about you both not about the location or money you spend. To save your money what you can do is combine both your honeymoon and your wedding location. Instead of travelling to some other location for your honeymoon, why don’t you choose a location where you can marry and spend your honeymoon too.

For example, the Bahamas is a very cheap location for destination weddings. There are more than 700 islands. So, what you can do is choose one island for your wedding another for your honeymoon.



In weddings people more focus on how good the decoration can be. From flower arrangement to your guest sitting area. You want everything to be perfect. But, if you want to budget for your wedding, opt for minimal decoration. Don’t overload your wedding location with too much of expensive flowers. If you have chosen a beach wedding, then enjoy the wind, beauty of the beach.

5Wedding Dates

Wedding Dates

Don’t finalize your date when it is peak season in that location. You will have to pay the huge amount. That is why choosing a date when it is off season and there is less number of tourist. There you will get good discounts too. Also avoid you wedding dates getting clashed with any kind of holidays, festivals, or spring break. The dates should be in such a manner that you can enjoy the weather and also the facilities.

6Group Discounts

Group Discounts

When you are going in a group obviously you would like to have some discounts. Ask your travel guide to give some discounts in flight bookings and also hotel stay. By doing this you will be able to enjoy your cheap budget wedding. As much discounts you get, that much money you can save on your destination wedding. Ask your travel guide to even provide some complementary stuff like breakfast or some free tour around the city.



Now that this modern days there are many designs of invitation cards people spend lakhs on them. But have you ever wondered how to waste your money goes because at the end of the day those expensive invitation cards are seen in a waste only? So, if you are a creative person you can make yours on customized invitation cards.


Online Shopping

Usually, the woman loves to do makeup. And when it is about their special day, they spend the huge amount of makeup artists. But, if you want to save your money, you can ask any of your friend who is good to do your makeup. If you are capable enough to do your own makeup for your wedding it is a better option.

9Online Shopping

Online shopping

When it comes to shopping for the wedding, you travel from one shop to another for all the stuff you need for a wedding. But sometimes you don’t get all the stuff you need. The better option is to buy all the necessary stuff online. Online shopping nowadays is quite cheap and the material is also original. You can shop from e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

10Music Playlist

Music Playlist

Instead of hiring a DJ, you can create your own playlist of your favorite songs. You can plug in your iPod of a phone to the music system available in your venue. By doing this you will save a lot of money and you will have control of what you want to listen in your wedding, reception or cocktail party. You can also have a musical group or an orchestra, which doesn’t charge much.

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