Hassle Free Hairstyle for the Dynamic Lady


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Hassle Free Hairstyle

These hassle free styling tips may also be called , the no heat do ups, as you may let go off your blower, curling irons and the straightener, in order to get these on the go hairstyles. These styling tips not only save you loads of time, but also keeps your hair healthy. After all applications of heat over a period of time leaves the hair drastically deprived of natural sheen and structure. Read on about these hassle free hairstyles for the dynamic lady, she who exists inside of every woman.

On the Go Hairstyles without Heat

1Beach Waves

Beach Waves

This hairstyle is perfect for a busy day at work, while you may still get to flaunt your resplendent hair. All you need to do is twist your dampen hair, and hold them overnight. The morning is sure to find you with your beach waves on.

2The Classic Bun

The Classic Bun

It does not get sleeker, smoother or more sophisticated than the sock bun. It is pretty easy to achieve even for an absolute first timer. You may take the orthodox sock bun a notch higher by rapping the base of the bun with a retro braid.

3Sock Curls

Sock Curls

With this style you may tell the people you meet along the day, that you literally woke up with the hair. All you may need are a few socks to fold up your hair in and leave overnight.

4Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids

It is as extravagant as it get, for the name this hairstyle has got. Although it is easy to achieve for those who have mastered their braids. You may want to separate your hair into two halves and make each half into a braid by your side. Wrap the braids around your head in order to get the classic milkmaid’s braid.

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5Twisted Half Up

Twisted Half Up

You may choose to adorn it for a special occasion, or you may choose to wear this style on a regular basis. This style, particularly looks chic on a second day hair. You may choose to sock curl up your hair in order to add texture. Take a portion of your hair from the sides. Separating the portion in two you may want to twist the masses inward from both directions. Pin up the rope braid mass across the falling cascade.

6Rope Braid Bun

Rope Braid Bun

If you are bored with your everyday bun, then you may choose to get this hairdo inspired by the ballerinas. Tie the entire mass of your hair into a rope braid, by twisting two sections of the hair in the opposite direction. Once you have completed your rope braid, you may tie it up into a bun by twisting the braid over it.

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7Braid Wave

Braid Wave

You may choose to add some volume to your beach waves by adding a numbered few french braids on the entire mass.

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