Reasons why you should talk to your dad more

talk to your dad more

Do you realize that most of us are closer to our mothers than our dads? Well, they say that daughters are close to dads and they tend to gel well. But, somewhere along the way, we tend to maintain a gap and move away from our dads. We approach our moms first and ask them to help us in all the situations that come our way. We often don’t understand that the man who gives cold stares, is the backbone of our family and is actually expecting you to talk to him more. Yes, dads don’t express much, but when it comes to their daughters or sons, they would want to be a protection and a shield. He work relentlessly day in and out and what do we do to him in return?

We tend to ignore him, we tend to not pay too much heed to his words and sometimes even ignore his calls. Well, father’s day just went by and I happened to read so many ‘I love you dad’, ‘You are the best’ statuses on Facebook and Twitter. I thought to myself – Do we say all this on other days to their face that they are awesome? Of course, we don’t! So, let’s just spare ten minutes of our day, sit with our dads and talk to them about things they would want to know. So guys, try to get down your high horse and just show the man how much he means to you. Here are some reasons why you should talk to your dad more.

Top Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your Dad More

1Because he actually wants to

actually wants to

Well, we assume that our dads wouldn’t want to talk to us because he might look like a tough nut. Of course he isn’t going to be like the moms of the house. Moms don’t have inhibitions, moms don’t care and moms know everything about you. Even if you fail to talk to her one day, she will somehow get to know what happened and she will understand.

Dads don’t initiate. Yes, they just don’t try to initiate because they don’t know how to. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to know what is happening in your life. He very much would love to have a tea with you and discuss things. But, he won’t ask for it! Just quietly come and sit next to him. Even if you don’t start the conversation, you will see your dad picking up a topic to discuss within 5 minutes.

2He definitely knows more

He definitely knows more

Let’s just face it! The man has seen more winters than you have, so he obviously knows a lot more! You just cannot underestimate his knowledge or his vision. Well, there could be various reasons why he might not understand what Tinder, Snapchat or BBM is. But, he can definitely offer the advice you might need from his life experiences. You can talk to him because he will be able to figure out a way to all your problems.

Dads are both sensitive and stern. So, you can’t pull the rant of talking about your boyfriend. Talk to him about your career, what’s trending in life now or maybe how tough it is to adjust in the new workplace. He will guide you through it and will be able to suggest decisions for you.

3Because the man cares a lot

man cares a lot

Have you noticed how your dad goes behind your mom to ask about you after you’ve had a major conversation with her? Ha-ha! At least my dad does that! He will slyly try to keep an eye on me whenever he thinks things aren’t going great in my life. Yes, they don’t show the care and love like our moms, but they sure care a lot. Your dad could be rude, but maybe that’s just the way he expresses his concern and love for you. Most of the times, we don’t understand and end up assuming that he just doesn’t give a damn about our lives. He sure does and that is why you should actually talk more to him.

4Because he has given you everything

has given you everything

Well, we have everything that we need in our life, isn’t it? A bike, a car, money to hang out with our friends. We shop whenever we feel like and just don’t tend to care much about the source of these things. Well, let’s just say that dads have worked their ass off to get everything we want. Our upbringing was definitely not easy.

Our education wasn’t inexpensive, nor were those demands. Your dad probably pulled a shift or two extra to cover all those demands. He made sure you got the best. So, the least all of us could do is to talk to him more and give him the feeling that he is important to us.

5You are still five for him

You are still five for him

No matter how old you grow, no matter how many kids you have or it just doesn’t matter how experienced you get, you are still that five year old daughter running here and there for him. I remember how uncomfortable my dad was when I told him that I am traveling alone from Singapore to Hyderabad. Yes, he was worried, he came to the airport an hour early to pick me and called me a gazillion times after the flight landed. So basically, your dad probably will never outgrow the fact that you are old enough to take care of yourself. Its sweet, isn’t it?

6He will just be there for you

just be there for you

He might not be a loud-mouth, he might not support every decision you make, but he will just stand there silently next to you. He will support you even if he doesn’t completely agree. He will fight all the battles with you and make sure that you win them successfully. After all, all he wants is for you to shine.

When your dad realizes that you spend time with him or take that special effort to converse, he will feel like the hero of the universe. He will feel over joyed and he will proudly share his experiences and his failures with you. Make that happen often and you will see a different dad!

Here’s to my dad and all the beautiful experiences he has given me till date!

-Pavithra Ravi

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