10 signs he is definitely not interested in you anymore


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10 signs

There are a number of signs in a relationship, you should consider when you want to find out if the guy you have been dating has lost interest in you. There are a number of times when the relationship goes out of the hands where the guy loses interest and has been waiting for you to find out. Girls generally are very choosy in what they want to hear. They sure would find out that something is wrong, but to actually open up and see that, is a whole new game. If you have been flapping around this, here are the sure shot signs that the guy is just not into you anymore and that you should move on.

Signs That The Guy Is Not Interested In You



Most of the times, the relationship’s downfall is clear when there is no or less communication. This would be your first sign. If your guy doesn’t text or call back when you need him, that is when you got to understand that he is just not into you anymore. You might find excuses for him thinking that his connection is lost or he has a low battery, but that is not it! He has lost interest in youand you got to open up and see for other signs.



There are always availability issues? Fighting a lot lately about that? Well, yes! Then, gobble your feelings for him. You man is always busy with other appointments, friends, family and not setting aside time for you. He is always into making excuses and that starts to irritate you. This is the signyou should consider seriously. He will never make plans by himself. It is always you make plans for the day and end up feeling cheated and bad when he says he is busy. Wake up and realize that he is avoiding you.



‘Sorry baby, not today’, ‘I have classes to attend’, ‘Have to meet my parents’! Have you heard all of this lately? Ummm.. Isn’t it a given that he has been trying to shun you? Most of these reasons leave less or no room for arguments because everything seems unavoidable. You can’t fight with him for this. But, he is just being clearly clever when he is giving out random yet believable reasons. Honestly, he would be finding a solution to the problems between you and not excuses.

4Commitment issues

Commitment issues

They have commitment issues. But they always want you to be the ‘dead fish in the floating river’. ‘Let it flow’, they say. This is where you should know that, they are trying to keep you aside and sideline your thoughts. You get confused if he is ready or not and won’t be able to answer your own questions. So, here’s a thought! Try to talk and clear it out because that way you can move away if you know what he thinks of the relationship.



Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of any relationships. If that is lost, then consider your relationship dead. Intimacy strengthens your relationship and if it stops, then something is definitely wrong. It is painful that your guy doesn’t want to spend close times with you, but this could be one of your signs. Sometimes what happens is your guy is either not close to you, or comes to you only for intimacy. Either way, he has totally lost interest in you and you should stop seeing him too.



If, your guy isn’t calling you for social events or if he is reluctant to meet your friends, then you ought to reevaluate his interest levels for you. The other sign could be if he is keeping you as a secret. There is no reason why your boyfriend should keep you as a secret. Get to know if his friends or at least his colleagues know about the two of you. He will keep you as a secret if he doesn’t want anyone to see him with you. This will lead to lesser or indoor meetings.

7The way he talks

The way he talks

Most of the times, guys who are sensible watch their tongue. If a guy doesn’t like you anymore, he wouldn’t hesitate to talk to you in any manner. The way he talks and what he talks can tell if he is interested or not in you. If he talks to you like how he talks to others, then you got your answer! This does not include if he tries to flirt with you. This only means if he tries to act way too normal and casual, even when you are alone in a locked room. That’s when the real signs are seen.

8Other women

Other women

If your guy has been doing bird watching, then it might be confusing for you. Out of the blue if he is talking about other women or he has involved himself in look change in an obvious way, you should start thinking if he has been watching or liking other girls too. When you see this sign, it is time to let go.

9If he disappears

If he disappears

When your friends or family asks about that one person who you think likes you, you are not aware! You don’t know what he has been doing or about his whereabouts. This is where you might have to think if you like what you are feeling. If there is no clue about him, then consider yourself out of his life already.

10Your instincts

Your instincts

Follow your instincts, which will tell you the truth. For once, try to step aside and see for yourself what is happening. If you see a future in the lost present, try to go ahead. If you see that there is no future, then come out of the love circle and step aside. If you are still confused, try to consult your friends. They are best ones who can help you with such situations.

However, these signs can be very subjective from person to person. You might want to consider the level your relationship is, by calculating how many of the above signs you are facing. If you are still unclear, it is best to ask the guy himself. Do not be the last piece of the cake for him. You are well off without a person who doesn’t tell you in your face about his interest levels. So, stay away and enjoy single hood!

-Pavithra Ravi