Top tips in picking the perfect clutch


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perfect clutch

A clutch is helpful and very comfortable when you take it with you to places where you need to store your small things. Clutches are classy, fashionable and definitely has a lot of options in them. They have never gone out of fashions since decades because they are hassle free and very comfortable to store things. Do you want to store your lipstick, eye makeup and phone? Look nowhere! A clutch is a perfect option. There are different kinds of clutch purses and different styles too.

Here are some of the tips that you might need in knowing the tips for picking the perfect clutch fpr yourself. You can take your clutch purses and go into the streets without having to carry a big bag. Also, clutch purses are very safe because they can be hung around your neck or carried always in your hand. They are nothing like shoulder bags. If you are one of those who likes to go to parties with minimal accessories, then you should definitely buy clutches and rock the night. You can never go to a shop and not buy a clutch purse because there are hundreds of fashion options available in the market now. So, here are some top tips to buy a perfect clutch for you.

Interesting Tips for Choosing the Perfect Clutch for an Evening

1Size matters

Size matters

Clutches are smaller in size and can vary according to body sizes and shapes and can bring the most important feel to look proportionate to the person wearing them. If you are a short person, you can use a clutch that is medium sized and that do not have chains in them. This way you can keep it in your hand and not hang them around your shoulder. Taller people can use the chained clutches since they can afford to opt for a larger one. This is because, shorter person would look more short and like a school girl if she hangs the clutch on her shoulder. It is very important to choose a clutch that suits a person’s size.

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2Choose the right color

Choose the right color

A clutch is a thing that you would be taking to more than one place for more than one occasion. So, picking a color of the right choice is very important considering the fact that you will be taking your perfect clutch to many places in different attires. A neutral color could be the most preferred kind for most women because it will help you in taking the clutch to different places in which ever colored dress you are in. But some women like the totally off beat color even if it doesn’t match the dress. A lot of women now prefer black or brown because it will go with which ever dress you wear. Blue. Green are some colors that are neutral too. But if you want to take it totally off beat, go for colors like florescent pink, orange, yellow and blinger shades. If you wear a black dress and carry a florescent perfect clutch, you will definitely make a different and enchanting fashion statement amongst the other women.

3Versatility in clutch is important

Versatility in clutch is important

Pick a clutch that has various options in it because that is one of the best ways to shop for the money that you are paying. There is another option that you can try and that is picking many clutches in each color so that it matches every dress you sport. Have a zipper inside and outside the clutch because y ou need to make sure that you have to keep your money and your phone or important other things inside one clutch. If you can buy a clutch that can hold more than one thing at a time, you will have value for money and you will be satisfied with the range that you have gotten. This makes things easier for you. A perfect clutch should have at least 3-4 zips inside and should have options for it too.

4Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

A perfect clutch always comes with a quality tag. Yes, if you want to buy a purse that lasts at least for 6 months minimum, you need to make sure that you have a quality one. It doesn’t really matter if you are a rough or soft handler of purses. What matters is the quality because some leathers may not work best even for 2 months course period. So, more than buying too many clutches, concentrate on buying one perfect clutch that comes with quality. Try the croc leather clutch because they are sturdy and hard.

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Match your clutch with your accessories you are wearing. Remember that clutch is not just for keeping money, but is a fashion accessory that works best in front of your girl-pals. It is important to remember that when you buy a perfect clutch, you look for more options and fix on one finally. Remember that shining clutches are for parties and the regular leather ones are for everyday purpose. Mixing both on wrong days will be a fashion disaster!

Happy perfect clutch shopping!

-Pavithra Ravi