Know How To Make Your Life Fulfilling As Well As Joyous


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Achieve Fulfilling And Joyful Life

How to make life fulfilling? How to be joyful? How to be a joyful person? Is the most common question everyone asking to for them self, every single day. No matter where ever you are, you look for simple ways to be more joyful and positive in life. Everybody has a tendency to find joy in the challenges.

These days, where all of us are stressed, tensed, and working 24*7, we feel that we are missing many events in life. Events like being happy, spending time with the family, spending time with love, the joy of being with the family, etc. When you see instructions labeled, like, “Wash, Rinse, and Repeat” or “Open box, Try and Assemble, Remove Contents”, we do whatever is written, as well as our brain interprets these set of instructions, and we go according to the rules. Everybody is coming up with the own formula for finding happiness. But, here, are some of my tips you can follow to achieve fulfilling and joyful life, for a happy living.

Ways To Have A Joyful And Fulfilling Life

1“Way finding”

The most ancient art of figuring out, on where you are going when the destination is unknown, is called “way finding”. Well, literally “way finding” requires a direction and a compass, to find a way out of the wilderness. But, when it comes to life, there is no compass in “way finding”.

You just have to pay the attention to the clues in front of you, as well make the way forward with the tools on hand. The very first clue to find a direction are engaged as well as energy.

When you learn new activities that are reliable and engage you, they can discover and articulate something helpful in thinking about the future. Tracking the part when you are not engaged, can help you discover, what isn’t really working for you.

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2Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Many of us will always over analyze and look for the most complicated ways of doing things in life. Sometimes, life was meant to be simple, just like, a walk through the park, a simple yes or no in answer, or a quiet evening with loved ones. Try to avoid clutter your life with unnecessary decisions and by making everything complex and complicated.

3Figure out your flow

Figure out your flow

In this state of being, time stands still, you will be totally engaged in the activity, and the challenge of this activity will match your skills. You will be neither bored nor too anxious, because one is too easy, and another one is too hard. Many describe this state of engagement as “euphoric”. It is like a play for grown-ups.

People who go with the flow, generally have characteristics like; A sense of ecstasy and euphoria, Being in totally at peace, Complete involvement, the Great inner clarity that is knowing just what to do and how to do it, Feeling like the time stood still or just disappearing in an instant.

After the engagement in the way finding, the important part to look for is the energy. We engage in all day long, physical as well as mental activities. Some of these activities sustain our energy, whereas some drain them. We must track those fluctuations.

When you know where the energy goes, you can start redesigning the activities to maximize the vitality. Life designing is basically getting out more out of what you have currently.

4Learn to understand people

Learn to understand people

It is not compulsory to love everyone you meet or encounter, so you can try to like them. Especially those people who are different from you. You might not agree on everything they do like, their beliefs; but you can learn to get along with them with an open mind for a change. This critical trait is, so very much needed in today’s world.

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5Live and let live

Live and let live

Have you thought that, whether it is necessary, or not to know what a person on the other part of the street, wants to do with his life? Or whom does they wants to share their life with? No, right? So, the main part is to learn about living your life to the fullest and also let others to live their life to the fullest. No one is above anybody else, and no one should think that they are allowed to dictate another persons life.

6Have a sense of humor

Have a sense of humor

Every now and then, try to laugh and joke. Laughter has been the best medicine to live longer, reduce blood pressure, and also help them to relate to the other people.

7Practice objectivity

Practice objectivity

Try to be objective in the decisions you make as well as the risks taking. Always know the facts, and avoid letting the social, racial or any other bias influence the decisions.

8Tolerate own mistakes

Tolerate own mistakes

It is always a fact, that you will make mistakes. In fact, so many mistakes that you won’t be able to list all of them. Learn that mistakes do happen and the thing to do is learn from them. Don’t waste your time in dwelling the mistakes you have made. Learn from them and move on.

9Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself

Stop stressing over something that happened in the past. Things that you have done, and haven’t done, doesn’t matter anymore. In short, make peace with yourself.

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