Why are Bengali girls celebrated among most guys

Bengali Girls

Bengali girls or women are absolutely delightful to look at, isn’t it? Well, you may get intrigued by their sense of beauty, style and most of the all the culture they follow. No matter what, a Bengali girl looks beautiful in a saree and the big bindi. The big bindi, eye makeup, red lipstick and a red saree is enough for the Bengali girls to flatter any girl in India. They are the most amazing looking girls. Not to disappoint other girls, but guys do have a thing for the Bengali girls per se.

But, getting into an argument with them can be counted as something you shouldn’t do much because they really are up or it any time. They can just talk on an don about Robindor Shongeet or
Satayajit Ray for that matter. They will bring up facts you wouldn’t know and talk about random yet famous people and intimidate you. But everyone will accept one thing in common and that is the love of a Bengali girl. So, here are some reasons bengali girls are loved so much or celebrated amongst most of the guys. Are you are Bengali girl, then feel proud of yourself! That said, don’t give the guys a tough time with the love!

Some Reasons Why Bengali Girls Are Much Preferred Amongst Guys

1Being feminine

Being feminine

While Bengali girls are bold and brave, they are not loud and noisy. They aren’t women who talk with words, but they are women who speak with eyes. Bengali girls are extremely feminine and know how to flaunt their feminity. They won’t let you feel a bit better about yourself if they know that you trying to hit on them. Well, they are one of the most bold and confident women in the country who can handle their problems on their own and won’t involve family or random people into their issues.

2Open minded

Open minded

Bengali girls are out right open minded people. They don’t care about what you think about them and don’t really bother about the judgment factors. Your opinion doesn’t matter to them if they think you are not the one to be consulted. They are open to being socially acceptable and interactive. They are one of the many people who believe in free will and do things according to their wish and whim. The free thinking was promoted in their entire clan and they are very proud about that.

3Good appetite

Good appetite

They have a very good appetite and they are not the skinny ones that think being skinny is the best treat. They are never on a salad diet, they like to be amazingly beautiful from the inside and don’t really care about the outside. They are extremely appealing when it comes to looks and they are proud of not being skinny. They eat a lot and love to eat too.

4Beauty in saree

Beauty in saree

That is it! You have no one else to compare her with. A Bengali girl will look just so beautiful that you can never feel the same way about any other girl. She will look drop dead gorgeous even in a simple saree. That will be Bengali girls’s beauty and their love to embrass the occasion time since they get to wear a lot of sarees. They will have amazing fun during the puja time and they can navigate through the lanes properly to celebrate the puja festival.

5Sea food love

Sea food love

They will prepare the best fish – may it be salmon, crab, shrimp or any kind of seafood. They will know how to cook, how to taste and how others will like it. They make the best seafood and of course, how to forget – Rossogulla! There cannot be one single function that can pass without this awesome dessert.

6Big eyes and pretty smile

Big eyes and pretty smile

Invariably, all Bengali girls have big puppy dog eyes. They are so big and their smile is so enchanting. Every guy goes bonkers for Bengali girls definitely for a reason and this is one of the main reasons amongst all others.

7Self reliant person

Self reliant person

Bengali girls are definitely not clingy and they do not depend on you for everything. They will not ask for recharge, they will not say they want you to pick them up or anything of that kind. They are on their own for everything and it is what they like too. Be independent and enjoy the perks of it is their policy!

8Bong girls love talking

Bong girls love talking

They can talk hours together, even about something that is remotely related to them. They will tell you stories so beautifully that you would want to listen to them again and again. They will explain everything well and will tell you why they love to talk also. Pretty cute girls they are!

-Pavithra Ravi

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