Ways to deal with sexual harassment at work place


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sexual harassment

There are a few things you should do when you find yourself in an awkward situation and that is to just trust your gut and take a call on what your tactic has to be. There are a hell lot of cases of sexual harassment and it is a reality that unfortunately a lot of women and men are filing cases against their companies. The intensity keeps increasing month by month and year by year, so if you are one of them, there are certain things you should be doing to handle it. You just have to be very brave but also know that you are not alone in this. There is this entire big system that can support you and help you come out of the trashy place. There are strict laws in India that can prevent the harasser from continuing to harass you. So, take up the law in your hand and act accordingly. It doesn’t matter who stops you or how much you are being threatened, all you need to do is file a case against the guy who has been harassing you for quite some time now. It is officially your right to do so and you cannot deny that thinking that you will fall in trouble.

Sexual harassment can be anything that can be verbal or physical. The verbal ones are not very prominent, but you need to provide proof and evidence even for verbal harassment. Remember that your harasser can be anyone, so you have to be extremely strong and gather all the courage to fight against the system and the person.

If you are being groped, teased, sexually harassed by asking sexually involved favors or any act that is sexually irritating, then there are chances that you are being harassed by the authorities. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, if it doesn’t have a stop to it, you have got to put a stop to it, no matter what. There are many reasons why this happens and some of them include even women’s involvement. If the sexual favors are mutual, there is nothing you can do, but if they are from one side and you are the victim, there are a lot of things you can line up for. So, here are some ways to deal with sexual harassment at workplace.

Ways to Stop Sexual Harassment at Workplace

1Tell someone

Tell someone

It is very important that you tell someone about the sexual harassment. You may not know how to proceed because you might be threatened by the superior authority. We are saying superiors because they are the most involved people and they don’t mind being reported too. In India, the sexual harassment cases are increasing day by day. So, the first and foremost thing you should do is, first talk to a person or your friend and ask what you should be doing. Confronting the person who is harassing can be later. But let someone know that you are being harassed because you need proof when you are questioned.

2Know what the rule says

Know what the rule says

Every office has its own harassment policy, so know what the policies are. Supreme court of India has issued statements for sexual harassment of Women at work place, act 2013. The case can get very serious according to the level of intensity as it goes. It is called the Vishika guidelines and you have to know the guidelines to take any action against the concerned person. You can be anybody and that doesn’t matter. You can be client, employer, employee, daily wager or even a receptionist. Your post in the workplace has nothing at all to do with filing a case against the person.

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3Be Rigid

Be Rigid

Well, it is very important that you are firm in the decision you make. It involved two people’s futures. So, draw a line between flirting and a casual talk. Of course as girls, every one of us are aware what flirting and casual joke is. The line is very thin and any time a guy can take advantage of that. So, if he goes physical, be very sure to shoo him away from your vicinity so that you get sexually harassed. Anything related to touching unnecessarily or without your permission even on your shoulder or arm is wrong and punishable.

4Talk to the guy

Talk to the guy

It is important that you talk to the harasser because you have to tell him that you absolutely hate what he is doing and it could lead to multiple consequences. It is very important that you address the problem to him first before taking it to others, because only when you tell the harasser, he will know that you do totally not like it. Even after that if he does it, you can definitely go and report to your concerned person.

5Warn and write to him

Warn and write to him

It is also important that you give him multiple warnings before you take it up to the board. This is because you have to defend yourself so well that the company believes you. Your harasser can be the manager himself; he can be the CEO also, so you do not know how this could go. You need to have the guts to take it forward and fight for your rights. So, either drop him an official mail saying that his acts are disturbing you or warn him several times. We say several times because every person needs to be given one or two chances before you file a complaint against him. So, warn him and be considerate. But he doesn’t fall for any of this, then you can very much go ahead.

6It is fine to take the witness

It is fine to take the witness

Sometimes, when it is the ultimate boss, no one will tend you believe you easily. So, if you can take witnesses. It needn’t have to be just a person or a friend. You can very much record the conversation or put your phone on video mode when he comes near you. This way you will have enough evidence to show to your lawyers or the super superiors. People may not believe you if you give a verbal statement and they will ask for evidences. So, collect your evidence and then hit him with law because that way you have all the proof that the guy is a perfect cheat.

7Speak to your family

Speak to your family

It is important that you address the situation to your family and friends. There is nothing to be ashamed off and you have not done any mistake in this. It is the harrasser’s mistake and you need not feel bad to talk about it to the family. If not family, please make sure that you talk to your close friends and let them know about it. It is always good if close friends know about all this, it will help in going with you for all the case hearings and other law related hearings.

8Be sure and positive

Be sure and positive

This is not a joke and it definitely isn’t a play that you are putting up. You are taking things seriously into your hands and you need to know that no matter what, you have to stay positive and sure about things. If you get unsure, you are going to fail drastically. There is no reason why you should be scared or worried about your job. All you have to do is to be confident and sure that you are doing the right thing and the rest will fall in place automatically. You don’t have to worry about anything as long as you know that you are not at fault. The person involved will be prosecuted and actions will be taken against him. So, your job will not be under qualms as long as you haven’t done anything wrong in this.

9See a shrink

See a shrink

Such things can cause dramatic influence and trauma to you and you may lose the interest to get into the office every day. This is one reason why you should seek some professional help and security so that you get back on your feet. Be sure to see a shrink so that you can talk out your feeling and let go off the emotional part of you. You can talk about what you are scared of, what you disliked and what all harassment you went through. Such professional advices and help goes a long way. So, don’t hesitate on that.

Remember that even if the act of harassment doesn’t occur in the workplace, but occurs right outside office, you can file a case against the guy. You just take it up directly to your Human resource manager and then to your immediate boss. It is important to inform your immediate boss about this because he/she will also be involved in the enquiry. Make sure that you have a strong support system before you go ahead and file a case because if you don’t have people to back you up on this, then there is no use of filing a case at all. Be safe and don’t worry!

-Pavithra Ravi

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